SERP Pokédrock (Pokémon Addon) | Eeveelution Update

Welcome to the world of Pokémon! This addon does not have a combat system, but it does have a breeding system, mounts and real evolutions without the need to turn on the experimental game mode!

(works both in beta and official version of minecraft bedrock on any platform)

-please read the installation guide

It is forbidden to redistribute this addon, if you will make a Review please give credits

Following the national pokédex, Pokémon will be added little by little. The addon will not have a combat system, or levels, or structures such as Pokémon centers or gyms. this to improve compatibility and play in true vanilla style

-bulbasaur is a cute and docile Pokémon, but when disturbed it can fight back. You can find it in all types of forest except the snowy ones

-charmander prefers hot climates, you will find it in the mountains and near lava lagoonss

-squirtleis a great swimmer! You will find it in rivers and beaches, although sometimes it visits the nearby villages.

-caterpie are very weak, but with patience and good training they can be the strongest companions!

-weedles are poisonous insects that you don’t have to be careful about as much as their adult versions, the beedrill. if you have one at your disposal, you have nothing to fear

-it is a plane? is he a super hero ?? no, it’s just pidgey. it may look harmless but well trained it can be a deadly weapon!

-rattata may be a pest, but well cleaned and fed they can be an ideal pet and, why not, a battle companion!

-if you see a wild spearow, you better run! because surely there are many more with him. If you take a Pikachu with you, the spearow won’t hurt you

-ekans are pure poison, but only when disturbed. inhabit swamps and wide open grasslands

-Pikachu is a nice Pokémon, but that his appearance does not deceive you! Well, it’s a very temperamental and dangerous Pokémon if it is caused!

-The Sandshrew are friendlier Pokémon that live in the desert, you will find them along with their evolutions: the Sandslash, which are very overprotective

-Nidoran poison poses a danger to your trainers as well as your opponents, use it well and watch your eyes!

-clefairy is a lover of moonstones. make friends with one and accompany him in his search for these rocks! if you give it one it might surprise you

-vulpix is ​​a wild Pokémon that prefers to be pampered before entering a fight. You can find it in the woods

-Jigglypuff is a star singer! he hits hard so you better not ignore him or fall asleep while he sings, you will surely find him standing on the rocks

-the zubat are rather annoying, they inhabit all kinds of caves. if you find one you will surely find many more!

-the oddish appear anywhere, they maintain a close relationship with the Bulbasaur! watch out for stun powder

-Paras is harmless and very useful, every few minutes it will release a fungus which you can grow or use to make mushroom soup

-slowpoke are sloooooooow-thinking, very human-friendly, and very fearful of shellder. you will see them on the warm beaches

Shellder, They live on warm beaches, with their shell you can make shulker boxes. if you take your slowpoke near a wild shellder, it will bite it

-cubone is a Pokémon that has suffered a lot at the hands of team rocket. you will find them in the savanna, they are very hard to find

-Lapras is the ultimate mount pokemon. they inhabit all oceans peacefully. they are bad on land but excellent swimmers

-Eevee, the evolution Pokémon is here! once captured, give him a water stone, thunder stone or fire stone and watch his fabulous transformations!

-the first legendary Pokemon has arrived! articuno is really hard to find, it only lives on top of frozen mountains and is very aggressive. you can catch it with the masterball!

-a very special legend is here! shadow mewtwo, the fighter of pokkén tournament. For now obtaining it is only possible through creative mode. but soon it will be added naturally along with its normal form

watch out! team rocket is here. These bad guys will appear on the map looking to buy your slowpoke tails and shellder shells. do not attack them or they will defend themselves by taking out a hostile Pokémon to attack you too

now Pokémon in the wild can be caught with any type of pokeball! the more effective the pokeball, the easier it will be to capture them (only wild Pokémon)

you can look for the shiny Pokémon!

slot machines Will take your money and in return they will give you many useful items for your adventure! From sticks and spider webs to diamonds and netherite ingots

Slot machine recipe:

berry trees can drop four different types of berry, which you can use to make different types of potions and the rare candy

-now some berry trees can give you their seeds after breaking them. when planting them you will have to wait a few minutes until the plant is mature!

you can speed up the process using mulch:

Mulch recipe:

the evolutionary mineral will appear in all caves, search well! By breaking it it can give you four different types of evolutionary stones which are the moonstone, fire stone, water stone and thunder stone 

The PC is an object that is used to buy and sell the objects you find in your adventure, some of the objects that the PC offers you cannot be found anywhere else!

To get the PC, you must follow this recipe. then you break the package and inside will be your new PC!

now you can craft two new items! the pokemon center healing machine and storage pc

to use the healing machine, you only need to interact with it using your trainer card, which only costs one coin in the PC store!

healing machine recipe:

you can use your trainer cards to take over the storage PCs! once owned only you will be able to see what it contains inside

storage pc recipe:

now you can evolve your pokemon more easily! if you give the bowl of rare candies they will evolve in one go

Rare Candy bowl recipe:

there are 6 different trainer card models! (not counting the basic card) You can choose the one you like the most, more colors will be added soon! (just use dye on the crafting table)

apricorns are berry-like plants. But when mulching them, they will produce a random fruit, which in five minutes will fall off the plant. said fruit can be used to create pokéballs

there are 9 different types of apricorns

-use the apricorns to make the base and caps of the pokéballs! follow the patterns to make the one that corresponds

-combine the bases, caps, and a stone button in their corresponding order to make the pokéballs!

More types of pokeball!

You will know that you have caught a Pokémon when the star particles jump, once that is done your Pokémon will follow you everywhere and defend you from your attackers

to store your Pokémon you have to interact with it using the corresponding pokeball

Shulker from shellder Shell:

now all Pokémon can sit down!

now to ride the Pokémon you will need the poke ride, which costs 128 poke dollars in the PC store!

When you catch a Pokémon, they automatically evolve over a few hours. But in case you are not very patient, you can speed up the process with rare candies!

now objects appear on the ground which, when broken, can release many different things! like money, potions, pokeballs, and more!

supported languages:




(new languages ​​coming soon)

It is forbidden to redistribute this addon, if you will make a Review please give credits

this addon was uploaded in MCPEDL, it is not associated with any application such as mods for minecraft pe or platforms other than MCPEDL

all the entities and objects of this addon are based on the characters from the video game series: Pokémon

Changelog View more

fixed a bug with the nidoqueen textures,

fixed a bug with capturing shinys,

the beedrill model and texture was changed,

the pikachu model was changed,

the nidoking model was changed,

the model and texture of the healing machine was changed,

Attack animation for Arbok was added,

the model and texture of storage pc was changed,

tame and enchanting table particles changed,

capture sound changed,

evolution sound was added,

the Rare Candy bowl was added,

machine healing sound added,

new loots for wild rattata, spearow and raticate

minor bugs fixed,

some additional animations added,

team rocket animation fixed,

berry tree loot fixed

fixed squirtle behavior,

Shadow mewtwo was added,

improved charizard pattern and texture,

articuno pattern and texture improved,

jumping and attacking animations added for Pokémon,

20 new pokeballs added,

number of entities significantly reduced,

lag decreased,

new recipes

Paras evolution line added,

Cubone evolution line added,

Lapras added, team rocket added,

all behaviors were fixed,

all hitboxes were fixed

the evolutionary line of oddish, slowpoke and shellder was added

objects slowpoke tail and shellder shell were added

Better animations for all Pokémon

the casino machine was added

all the textures of the objects were redrawn

optimization improvements

the PC of trade was fixed

Pikachu and Raichu attacks were fixed

Wild Pokémon were improved

attacks and health points were balanced

-fixed a bug with the capture of zubat

-fixed the translation to English language

-fixed the translation to the Portuguese language

-redrawn some items

-a new capture system was added

-the jigglypuff evolutionary line was added

-the zubat evolutionary line was added

-the Portuguese translation was fixed

-several textures were improved

-vulpix line was added

-the evolution system was improved

-several textures were changed

-the name of the addon was changed to facilitate its recognition

-many animations were improved

apricorns added

trade PC model and texture changed

mulch added

soil object added

various recipes changed

some directories updated

-added clefairy

-fixed the bug that some shiny did not drop the item that corresponded to them

-new translations

-new textures

Shiny Pokémon added

some damage values ​​changed

Ekans and Arbok spawning fixed

A base was prepared for a future update that will add more Pokémon

Added new and better icons for Pokémon

added to articuno

added mounts

new animations for all Pokémon

now PC is protected

new textures

various functions improved

The male and female Nidoran evolutionary line was added

the storage PC and the healing machine were added

6 trainer cards were added for use with the healing machine

various behaviors of the Pokémon were improved

Pikachu and Raichu models and textures were changed

Sandshrew evolutionary line added

PC and pidgey line loot fixed

some out-of-time sounds fixed

serp function added

now wild pidgeys drop fowl when defeated

Updated links

new models for some Pokémon

Pikachu now throws an electro ball to defend itself

new sounds for Pikachu

8 new Pokémon have been added

4 growth stages for the berry tree

new capture system

new particles

new models and textures for some Pokémon

improved translations and better compatibility with previous versions of minecraft bedrock. fixed wartortle and blastoise behavior


import resources and behaviors from your file explorer. Make a Copy of your mapa and open the world options and start playing from there. the changes will be saved automatically. (If you don't follow these steps, you may lose your items!)


Supported Minecraft versions


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508 Responses

4.83 / 5 (206 votes)
  1. eeekijlo says:

    I have no clue how to evolve evee .w.

    • Me encanta este complemento,posdata no se comentar por eso solo los pongo así,ahora si me encanta este addon y un día me encantaría ver una actualizacion basada en las pokémon turras o fósiles estaría súper genial,gran actualización.

  2. Mrbeastgamin257 says:

    is there any discord?

  3. Venomech460 says:

    The Berry trees don’t spawn at all pls fix this pls pls pls
    But the addon is Extreme

  4. Soheils27 says:

    I Love this addon! But i’m waiting for you to add dito and please make it transform please! I love having ditto in this addon! Thanks

  5. Ahmad Dani66 says:

    Can you add water pokemon for example Goldeen and Horsea please

  6. Ahmad Dani66 says:

    why can’t vavoreon swim? can you make vavoreon swim in the next update? please

  7. deathrose690 says:

    can you make this in linkverstise i cant use it in adfly and i love pokemon

  8. Please add alolan versions of pokemon. Such as alolan raichu

  9. XbaneMan456 says:

    Is there a shiny version of Eevee?

  10. Diezgin konoha says:


    Você aprimorar o sistema de combate fazendo com que alguns Pokémons usassem como ataque, flechas ou bolas de fogo do blaze! E adicionar um item/armadura que te deixa com a skin do Ash, e te dar o efeito de invisibilidade para sua skin não aparecer, assim os Pokémons não te atacaram!!!!


  11. Coolcat8986 says:

    Where dose eevee spawn?

  12. Crumpet says:

    Great mod just needs more pokemon

  13. Marckyblox says:

    It’s a great addon can you make all 898 pokemon? If you can you need to hire some people that know to code or design them to make it faster

  14. XNightmareX MC says:

    I really love your addon but can you add:
    Mega Evolution
    Eevee and eevee Evoluti
    Ghastly,haunter and Gengar
    And the bar on the left to see what pokemon you have just like the real one.and add more pokemon.keep up the work 😀😀😀

  15. Ryalator10 says:

    the berry trees dont spawn at all, apricorn and berry trees dont work at all, berry trees act like dragon eggs, apricorns cant be colected even with axes

  16. Ahmad Dani66 says:

    Bisakah anda lebih cepat dalam hal pembaruan karna setiap hari saya hampir setiap jam mampir kesini hanya untuk melihat apakah sudah ada pembaruan🥺😭

  17. Adammon says:

    Hey, amazing add on! My kids and I are having a great time with it and appreciate the content! We are having difficulties however finding any sort of berry tree. We have played almost 40 hours and still have yet to find one. Are there any suggestions you could offer that may help? Thanks again! Looking forward to any and all updates

  18. Real Justice incorporated Television says:

    add Porygon, please. He is from gen 1

  19. Pamcakes says:

    I gave you 4 stars because when I try to play your updated mod, minecraft crashed and I re-try it but it keeps on crashing and by the way, nice mod 😀

  20. Pikachu0assk says:

    Can you please add mew to this addon I love playing pokemon serp best
    Pokemon addon ever

  21. ERROR2401 says:

    This addon is great! I actually play most of my survival worlds with it… haha. But really, It’s fun to play with. I’m wondering though, will you do any scrapped pokemon, at least from gen 1? Well, there’s not much to go off of for a lot of the scrapped gen 1 pokemon, but maybe the one called Gyaoon would have enough, at least. Actually, Gyaoon is my favorite scrapped pokemon. I do know that it was in a couple concept sketches from the development of pokemon, like the cave scene, where it was behind the early main character, and possibly the fountain scene, where one would be at the fountain. Well, you might have noticed, but I’m obsessed with stuff like that, scrapped, cut content, and also glitch type stuff. Even if you don’t, it’s still a great addon!

  22. Hunkules says:

    Can you make it so fire types give a fire effect to enemies when attacked and psychic types give the levitation effect just like how you have it with poison pokemon? Great Addon btw!

  23. Javiercito3 says:

    Has una actualización a la versión 1.16.201 que sea para gama baja

  24. Ahmad Dani66 says:

    can you add water pokemon for example magikarp or goldeen i really like water pokemon please

  25. Jasonn says:

    If possible, can y’all make the PC work kind of like the ender chest; no matter what PC you access, it will have the items you stored in it before

  26. Evil Warrior Z says:

    Hola, una pregunta, una vez esté acabado el add-on ¿Tienes planeado añadir cosas como variantes de pokemon que no existen en los videojuegos principales como tal? Como el butterfree rosa que se ha visto en el anime, la forma especial de lugia shadow que se ha visto en pokemon colliseum y etc.

  27. ComfyMarrow says:

    Is there a way we can update the addon without erasing our progress from the previous version?

    • Im3ndy says:

      Yes, make a copy of your world. On the world copy remove the old version of the mod, and add in the new version. Then its all good to go, you make a copy so that you don’t lose your items or progress

  28. Ginely says:

    Love your addon but I think you didn’t leave the correct download link? It’s taking me to the old one with the bugs

  29. Coolcat8986 says:

    Creator i have an idea on how to get shadow mewtwo there should be a shadow orb that when used on mewtwo it turns shadow but i guess it is your choice on what to do but i cant wait for mewtwo to come out and arcanine to come out

  30. Im3ndy says:

    Hey Serp nice addon! me and my friends are enjoying it a lot, but is it ok if you add Snorlax? Me and my friends love the Pokemon Snorlax, so we would really love if you can add Snorlax. Great Addon!

  31. ReyesDJ says:

    Can you plss fix a bug about the flying pokemon because while they attack and take damage, they continue to go up again and again😢. I will rate it 5 star if you fix it but for now 4 stars.

  32. anonimo says:

    can i have a linkvertise or other(not ad fly)?if not i must to put 1 star because i can’t download

  33. FoxPlays395 says:

    This is just in case if you don’t speak English and you are using a translator.Esto es por si acaso no habla inglés y está utilizando un traductor. Me gusta el complemento, pero no me gusta el enlace donde te lleva a adfly porque hay muchos anuncios perturbadores que aparecen al hacer el proceso, así que si puedes cambiarlo, hazlo.
    Lo siento que ya

  34. FoxPlays395 says:

    I like the addon but I don’t like the link where it takes you to adfly because there is lots of disturbing ads that show up when doing the process so if you could change it plz do it.
    Sorry that I already said this in the first sentence but I LIKE THE ADDON IS THE BEST POKEMON BEDROCK ADDON EVER!!!

  35. Real Justice incorporated Television says:

    Great update but can you add more pokemon including Regular Mewtwo

  36. Coolcat8986 says:

    1 problem when the shiny pokemon are caught they disapear

  37. Coolcat8986 says:

    Amazing update

    • Heltyvoid.YT says:

      beautiful update, I was expecting the evolutions of evee, but I must say that what you just did is magnificent, I have not played it yet but I am sure it will be a remarkable experience.
      please can you answer these two questions🙏🙏🙏.
      1) how will the first generation fossil pokemon work?
      2) I would like to bring the mod on my small youtube channel, (helty void ita) I will not put links but I will do a tutorial on how to install the mod from mcpdl and I will encourage my subscribers to follow the mod, can I do it or not?

  38. KuroNekoAlola says:

    I love your pokemon add-on, but I don’t know if it would be too much to ask if you could add to eevee and its evolutions is that together with my friends was the first pokemon we used to fight in fire red and we thought it would be great to be able to do it again thanks to your add-on, by the way this is still one of the best pokemon add-ons that and seen , I hope you keep improving it whenever you can that I with my friends will be happy to keep adding it to our adventures

  39. Johnny_1268 says:

    Hola bro nomas queria decirte antes que lo hagas update puedes agregar musica de pokemon ?? Estuviera vien chido y no se sentira mucho a Minecraft.. entiendes? Porfa soy tu fan loll

  40. Coolcat8986 says:

    How rare is jigglypuff because ive been searching around my world and its like its as rare as articoono

    • if it is a little weird, it appears less than sheep and only in places with a lot of stone

      • Coolcat8986 says:

        Thank you and altough there are now other pokemon addons around you still have 100% of my suport 😉

      • NATI5907 says:

        PLEASE REPLY🙏🏼 Idk how to post a comment
        1. Can you add where we can use moves in battle and not just hit the Pokémon so they can battle like in Java servers.
        2. When we defeat a Pokémon can you add a way where it gives the Pokémon XP to level up
        3. Add More Pokémon
        4. Can you add our party on the left side of the screen like some servers have.
        IF YOU READ THIS PLEASE REPLY I WANNA KNOW. This is the best pixelmon add on in bedrock edition. Me and my friends play this for hours everyday.

        • Heltyvoid.YT says:

          1) you are really stupid, how can you ask for the creation of an addon equal to the pixelmon for mobile devices? !! 2) do you know that what you are asking is impossible ?, since the mod is not Java but bedrock, and this involves some restrictions. 3) if you want an addon like pixelmon Java edition, install pixelmon on your computer

        • to do what you mention I have to modify many things in the player. and I don’t want to do that since doing so loses compatibility with other addons, and I wouldn’t want that since my goal is to make all generations separately for further optimization.

          and no. Before you ask, I will not make a version that does have that modification and another that does not have it XD

    • ERICKR12DS says:


  41. JAYDEN DAVIS says:

    I have one question. How do you Breed the Pokémon? Also I love the addon! 10 out of 10. Best Pokémon Addon out there. Great work.

  42. Real Justice incorporated Television says:

    when is this addon being updated

  43. TwoAndAHalfFish says:

    I love your mod and me and my brother have spent a lot of time playing it. I dont want to bother you but do you have any idea when the next update will come out or if it will be updated?

    • Of course I am going to update it, but I have been very busy with other projects however I am also preparing a great update of the addon that will have new mechanics and some things that they had been asking me for a long time together with a new special Pokémon in collaboration with a Pokémon youtuber!

  44. PugLifeLouco says:

    Olá Serp então vc pretende fazer um addon focado em galar?

    • sim, minha ideia é fazer um addon de cada geração

      • Heltyvoid.YT says:

        hi, i wanted to congratulate you on the great result that the best minecraft bedrock edition pokemon addon is having. I would appreciate an answer to the following questions.
        after this generation is over, will you continue to update the mod with the next generation or do you create a new one for the new generation?

        I hope you keep updating the mod, and thank you for the effort you put into making this mod even better, thank you.

        • Hello Heltyvoid! I will make an addon for each generation. this because? since if I put all the pokemon in the same addon it will have a lot of lag and it will be very demanding and some devices will have problems with it. and if I divide it into generations everyone will have the option of installing only the ones they like the most and if their devices are powerful enough they will be able to run all 8 addons at the same time. of course I am also working so that all my addons are compatible with each other so in addition to the Pokémon you can play any addon with the name “SERP” in the same minecraft world without any problem

          • Heltyvoid.YT says:

            thanks for the answer in the first comment, I wanted to ask you (if you can), if the first generation fossil pokemon (kabuto-kabutops // omanite-omastar) will be added. and if you reach them, I wanted to ask you how the transformation between fossil and pokemon will be structured or if you prefer, where pokemon will spawn.

      • PugLifeLouco says:

        A próxima atualização será de evee e suas evoluções?
        Se for só vai ter eles ou vai alguns Pokémon diferentes

  45. Jasonn says:

    Hi! I would just like to suggest something: better poké ride speeds; they just seem TOO fast. If you could adjust them, especially the flying mounts when you’re touching the floor, please do and thank you!

  46. Player6342 says:

    Can you please add mega evolution
    And add these pokemon:
    Mew and mewtwo
    Zapdos and moltres

  47. @ledner says:

    Hey serp nice addon. Btw do you have any social media for us to follow your progress? Like twitter of discord?

    And am just suggesting ideas, would you add spawning structures like pokemon centers, pokemart. Just like the villages on normal mcpe. Oh and i hope the capture system to improve just like normal pokemons. Again nice addon haha.

  48. i am speed says:

    I can’t access the download so is there like a place where I can get the link directly? My antivirus isn’t letting me. (Discord Works)

  49. TheDBKing says:

    How do you breed pokemon? Cause i have two ninetails that i want to breed.

  50. SrN says:

    Hola Amigo que paso para que derrepente metieses a otros pokemons en vez de seguir el orden?
    PD: Eres un crack con el mod sigue asi

    • Lo que pasó es que si te das cuenta las actualizaciones ahora son temáticas, ahora además de meter Pokémon según la dex los estoy metiendo conforme el tema de la actualización, de esa forma son más dinámicas

      • Devinebuns says:

        This is an amazing amazing addon pretty please may you add mewtwo, and I know this is season 1 but can you add a riolu and lucario that would make me very happy 😊I would love to learn how one does this but I don’t know how🥺

      • PugLifeLouco says:

        Olá Serp bom você pretende adicionar todos os Pokémon de kanto e vc pretende fazer addons de outras gerações ?
        E você vai trazer um sistema de batalha ?
        Eu adorei seu addon mesmo eu queria muito que vc coloca-se os poderes nos Pokémon para não só o charizard e o pikachu ter

  51. Keikei says:

    This addon is awesome, I don’t have any problem with the mod the thing is just add a command that automatically attack your pokemon enemy like(throwing snowball with low dmg something like that) so that you don’t need to go near to your opponent 😀 but if you can’t its fine its makes your mod battle system unique. IM LOOKING FORWARD ON THE NEXT UPDATE 😀

    Keep it up goodluck ! 😀

  52. Real Justice incorporated Television says:

    in the next update can you add:
    these are gen 1 pokemon i would love these pokemon in the addon

  53. Jasonn says:

    Cómo va a funcionar ditto?

  54. This is a really great addon so far, would it be possible for you to make a spread sheet with all the pokemon stats like health, attack damage, effects and spawn locations and post it on this addon page. I’d greatly appreciate it.

  55. Himinecraftguy says:

    Hi I love the addon but I have a question are you gonna add a battle system so that way it could be more like the java edition pixelmon and its okay if you don’t add a battle system it seems difficult

    • ERICKR12DS says:


  56. AcquiredWolf886 says:

    make a pvp system

  57. anonimo says:

    amazing add on but the link is ad flly!use linkvertise or mediafire if you use it I can download it if not i can’t download from ad fly because request notifications and there is a lots of virus.if you do it i put 5 stars

    • ERICKR12DS says:

      Este addon está increíble ,bueno yo esperaba mas Pokémon pero igual estos Pokémon me encantan sobre todo paras ,ojalá para la próxima actualización ya salgan dragonite Gengar o arcanine.

      • Hola Erick XD, no sé si ésto te va a decepcionar. Pero los dragones y los fantasmas serán de los últimos en ser añadidos. La próxima actualización será de las eeveeluciones (sólo de la primera generación) y voy a añadir a un legendario especial sacado de Pokémon stadium

  58. synergxzer says:

    Hi there. First of all this addon is the best addon i have seen in a long time. My friend doesnt have java and we want to play pixelmon together. This addon (even with the limitations of bedrock modding capabilities) can make this happen. If I could change one thing about this addon it would be about the leveling and battling system. I really want to be able to battle my friend in our survival world but the pokemon keep attacking us instead of eachother. Also it would be nice if you could save the level of your pokemon instead of the data restarting. Also I cant doenload the file so can you please fix that? Maybe make it a mediafire link so It instantly downloads. Thanks for making this amazing Addon!

    • unfortunately the pocket edition addons cannot work with JS as in the Windows 10 version, so a system of levels or combat is something impossible for this platform. also, I would not want to put a direct link because with that I lose money and people tend to steal them more easily. what you could do is use other type of shorteners besides adfly

  59. DaBruhMe says:

    Hello! Im here to give some feedback of this awesome addon,

    I like almost everything in the addon except ( no offence for the reasons )

    1. the catch system

    ok its not the catch system its the thing where must u pick up ur pokemon off the floor after capturing it. i dont like the way the pokeball and the pkmn u catch is just left on the floor , any ppl can pick it up if ur too late. maybe make it so it just gives it through commands

    2. the return system.

    2.1. same as problem 1

    2.2 u have to tame the pkmn first ( if u can ( idk ) make it so the ” I choose you , { pkmn }” spawn egg

    spawns a tamed or u can make 1. a crafting recipe for a tame and return tool thats infinite or u can get

    many by crafting once 2. u get the tame and return tool just by spawning the pokemon )

    thx for making this awesome addon and i hope for more updates and awesome ratings from others

    – DaBruhMe

    • ehh, there are many things that I do not like what you ask me (not to say everything) like that in the anime the pokeballs or the Pokémon themselves do not appear in the hand of the characters once caught, it would be more your fault that you have some too evil friends who would want to steal them for seeing them on the ground and filling the addon with commands as much as you want will only give a lot of lag (which is already a problem since it is an addon with more than 200 entities and only half of the content final). later, neither in the anime nor in the game there is an “object to return and capture” besides that the tame text cannot be edited, and other things

  60. ZhadowOW says:

    Hey I want to say Amazing Add-on currently 4am and totally not playing this anyways I think this is a bug or im just an idiot but I cant pick up the pc even when i tried /kill @e and sent it to the void and its still not destroyed oh and one more thing when u are throwing pokeballs can you have a chance the pokeball will break and drop some of it instead of just insta delete but overall Love this Add-On keep up the great work! 🙂

    • ZhadowOW says:

      Same thing with the slot machine i cant find a way to break it

    • ERICKR12DS says:


  61. Johnny_1268 says:

    To be honest man just please keep updating it ! please keep adding more Pokémon & the only think that would make this more badass is background music !

  62. Diminecraft says:

    Loving this addon. Its great.
    If i could make one suggestion, maybe you havent gotten to the drops, but when you do, i would recommend every pokemon dropping (in addition to food/items) EXP. Candy (from Sword and Shield), which you can use to speed up growth/evolution or combine to make rare candy.
    recipe ideas:
    Wrapping = 4 Paper + 1 Lapis
    8 Extra Small EXP + 1 Wrapping
    6 Small EXP + 1 Wrapping
    4 Medium EXP + 1 Wrapping
    2 Large EXP + 1 Wrapping
    1 Extra Large EXP + 1 Wrapping

    or without the “Wrapping” just combine them in crafting table by 9XS, 6S, 4M, 2L and anyberry + 1XL each goving you a single rare candy

    Besides that, keep it up this is AMAZING WORK.

    • Diminecraft says:

      Also The animation and system is great. But if i may add, if not for all pokemon, maybe just the legendaries and mythicals, maybe add a special “attack” animation or Area effect, like the amazing Kalos Legnendary Pokemon Addon By ociNNico.
      Like for example, Articuno give close proximity slowness, and every now and then, uses an icebeam animation that, hits from a distance and stops enemy movement for a short time.

  63. Imaginus says:

    I noticed how many players are requesting for a battle system in every Pokémon addon they come across. So here’s just a simple and feasible idea of a battle system implementation in this addon. This is possible even to the bedrock platform. (P.S. I’m sharing my idea only to this addon since I find it as the best Pokemon addon I have ever downloaded. If I find other Pokémon addons using my idea, BEWARE!)
    I think you should add a Pokemon Trainer NPC, which has different appearances and comes in different tiers/trainer level. These new entities have an interact text of “Battle!”. If players engage them into a battle, they will summon their Pokémons (only once). And their mons are naturally aggressive to players. These “evil” Pokémons should start attacking the player, which will eventually trigger the player’s Pokémons. Thus, the Pokemon battle begins!
    To pull this off, you have to create new versions of all Pokémons in this addon. This new version is their evil version. They don’t naturally spawn, and are instead summonable. They are hostile ONLY to players. I believe this should be easy since you don’t have to touch the resource pack and focus on the behavior pack instead (unless you want to change the evil version’s appearance a bit).
    After the Pokemon Trainer NPC summons his Pokémons, a new interact text shall appear. This text is “Get Reward”, which results the NPC to disappear while leaving behind the reward.
    I’m suggesting a battle system implementation in this addon since I want it to be the player’s source of income (Pokedollar) as they play in survival mode. Me and my brother tried this addon in survival and the only problem we encounter is the really slow accumulation of Pokedollar. I think the only way to have those is through grabbing floor items. So I hope my suggestion is heard and added in the future. Please? XD
    Note: This idea is only offered to SERP Pokedrock Addon.
    Author: Imaginus

    Problems I’ve encountered in this addon:
    1.)I believe an evolution music plays during Pokémon evolution (I saw it in the resource pack). Well, it doesn’t play.
    2.)Poultry meat can’t be eaten. I suddenly feel bad to the Pidgeys. I killed them for nothing.
    3.) I wish we can also eat berries, especially Oran. This is since Minecraft animals’ spawn rate are reduced (I found two cows once and that’s it. Too bad they despawned after I came back with some wheat for them).

    • Diminecraft says:

      Like the idea, i dont know if its possible, but maybe make it so they dont attack the player and rather have a tag, like for example Zombie are Undead. Maybe make the “evil” non spawn pokemon have a tag like “Battle” and every other Pokemon (perferably only the tamed ones) have a “Caught” tag that both target the opposite tag.
      Again i dont know if you can add unique tags or not.

    • the combat system you mention … in fact for the next update I am implementing something similar for a few weeks. but it is not with buttons but directly attacking the mob (which will be a member of the rocket team). then, with the music, there is no evolution music xD, and with the poultry meat, how strange, as such it is chicken meat only with another name so yes you should be able to eat it

  64. BatangGamer says:

    This addon is very very amazing
    But can you add natural generated gym? Please…

  65. Jasonn says:

    Are you gonna add mega evolutions?

  66. Ender_guy4 says:

    Could you add the rest of the Kanto legends and maby crobat? Because I love the zubat line especially crobat!

  67. Error Kenway says:

    I’m having trouble getting this addon (again). Is there a different link I can use?

  68. Avramobkilla says:

    Please make the battle system then I will give it 5 stars

  69. Hey when are you going to add the dragonite line in? Just curious but I really love the addon

  70. WSPLAY says:

    hello, the Addon is simply amazing, but it has a detail that I would like very much to be added, and that Apricorn and Barries become plants / blocks instead of Mobs because this system is already possible and if you add, the Addon would be much better

  71. ItseckoPlays198 says:

    Can U Please Add A Magikarp And Gyarados Evolution Please And This Addon Is The Best Pokemon Addon, And You Might Have To Enhance The Spawn Rate For All The Pokemon, By The Way Gyarados Is My Favorite Pokemon

  72. This is a really great addon, I have been waiting to a Pokemon addon my whole life and thx for creating it .
    In thenext update pls add these Pokemon:
    Jirachi,zapados ,moltress,celebi,evee evolution line and ditto pleasee.thank you for this addon

  73. Jasonn says:

    I really love your add-on, dude! But there’s one slight problem; the rare candies aren’t working, and wild pokémon can’t be caught with any pokéball anymore. Hope you fix these issues, and thank you!

  74. BombSansy says:

    The best addon I ever have thank you so much!

  75. Ender_guy4 says:

    Good sir, could the next update add a better way of batteling? (No offense but im not a fan of this one)

  76. zappercor1955 says:

    Love the mod pack but on realms the new update is a little bugged no new Pokémon, and items have different texture like the firestone is now a slowpokes tail can you fix this by any chance. If not its ok but if so that’s great

  77. zappercor1955 says:

    Love the mod pack but on realms the new update is a little bugged no new Pokémon, and items have different texture like the firestone is now a slowpokes tail can you fix this by any chance.

  78. LeahIAssume says:

    Hey, this looks like a really cool mod! But I do believe there’s another stage in the Pikachu evolution line, it’s named is ‘pichu’

  79. Please,Pls can u add pokemon like Growlithe,poochyena,rockruff,tallow,etc.
    PLS,add like the kinda common pokemon.

  80. MrDoggy says:

    You forgot to add Slowking to the Evolution line of Slowpoke. Pls add because Slowking is derpy XD

  81. HelldemYT says:

    Could you add custom structures too, like Pokécenters, Pokémarts, Gyms, if you add fossils then fossil labs too?

  82. ItsLlogo says:

    I think Jigglypuff has an earlier stage iglyybuff , idk i haven’t seen pokemon for a long time. Anyway great addon

  83. Avn1284 says:

    Does this work on realms?

  84. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Mr creator sir why dud you put the link on adfly please put it in linkvertise

  85. The Mysterious One says:

    This update was worth the wait (as always). Great stuff!

  86. Gatorclaw says:

    Once again another great update. Thank you for all your hard work.

  87. AndrewXI says:

    How do I update the mod? Also would be great if you could add water pokemon in the next update such as magikarp, garydos, goldeen, ect.

  88. Beam006 says:

    Only 101 generation 1 pokemon species are left just keep going your addon is the best!
    Ps. Can you add wandering mode to tamed pokemon plz

  89. AcquiredWolf886 says:

    will you add combat system?

  90. Frapaz says:

    How do i get a trainer card or the materals to make the other things.

  91. MrDoggy says:

    Will you add different generation Pokemon to this addon? I love the addon so I rate it 5 stars (Pls add the evoloutions of froakie)

  92. Dandfes19 says:

    Una pregunta, será posible que el hecho que spawneen tantos pokemon causa que los otros mobs como lobos, zorros e inclusive otros mods salgan en menor medida? Pregunto porque mi mundo de minecraft tenía lobitos y desde el mod ya no me sale ninguno =(
    pd. Amo este mod y no lo cambiaría por nada, pero me gustaría saber si es eso o si hay algo que puedo hacer para que los otros mobs también salgan

  93. Adrian6833 says:

    Hey can you please add a fix for the resource pack cuse I would love to use this on my pokemon realm and I would love to credit you on my building teams youtube page aswell if it was okay with you 🙂 my building team is Gameingaddicts68

  94. Adrian6833 says:

    Hey can you please add a fix for the resource pack cuse I would love to use this on my pokemon realm and I would love to credit you on my building teams youtube page aswell if it was okay woth you 🙂 my building team is Gameingaddicts68

  95. Gatorclaw says:

    Looking forward to more updates for the New Year. I don’t think any add on will ever top this one. 😀

  96. Dancon1988 says:

    Would love to see Chimchar, monferno and infernape on here.
    I am just massive lover of primates

  97. Cuzinhigostosi says:

    Now other ideas (not demanding, just saying)
    Starter mon
    Start with 5 pokéballs
    When weedle, nidoran, etc.
    Attack you, you get poison effect

  98. Cuzinhigostosi says:

    The only way this could get any better is if you added
    Easy (i guess): different poke ride colours
    Hard: mega evos

  99. Flaxers says:

    Hey! I Think I Might Know How You Can Actually Make Poke Battles You Have Anything I Can Contact You On To Show You?

  100. Amps says:

    Absolutely love this addon When will the next update be and what Pokémon will be added

  101. Dhsk says:

    Best pokemon add-on that I ever seen on mcpedl. But can add some more legendary pokemons like zapdos, entei,suicune,mew,Mewtwo etc please

  102. mdietrich88 says:

    Hey There is a guy on Youtube Mr.PuppyPlayz who is claiming to have made this pack just to let you know and he is trying to profit off of it in his discord

    • I really do not like to fight with small channels made by children haha, I’ll let it go by but if they could leave a comment on their channel to stop saying that it is their addon I would appreciate it very much, I have not been able to

  103. LordZandaurgh says:

    Can you please change to a Mediafire link? I really wanna play this, but I can’t cuz it’s an adfly link.

  104. TyroneZZZZ says:

    Tem canal no YouTube, ou server no discord? Eu queria acompanhar as atualizações do addon

  105. Dancon1988 says:

    Nice app, is there any maps that have people in the pokestops and traders you can buy poke balls from?

    Also when catching a pokemon and taming it, when calling it back and releasing again it doesn’t seem to be tamed still.

    Will this be fixed or am I doing something wrong.

    • Dandfes19 says:

      He wrote on the description that pokemons that are called back need to be tamed once they respawned, but it takes just 1 pokeball to tame it

      • Dancon1988 says:

        I see well maybe a future update it could be contained with in the pokeball, I’m not sure if it’s possible but it would be cool.
        But this is still new I can only imagine what future updates will bring. Its really good as it is, just a few things to add like keeping pokemon in poke balls, maybe a map where traders and things are other trainers.
        Real gym bosses in the gym.

        Maybe a server for this and the gym boss could actually be who is the current champion on that day who’s in the gym.
        If they leave someone else takes over.
        But I’m not sure of the programming capabilities of doing this.
        I’m not very tech savvy.
        It be cool if only the gym boss could be in the room and he accepts challenges and when that person is bored he can leave which will leave the next person to be able to accommodate.

        Il just keep my eyes on it.
        When this is updated do I need to redownload packs from here?

  106. SrN says:

    Hola Amigo tengo una duda la maquina de curación con que bloques se craftean

  107. masterkayden117 says:

    Can you please add furret and snom! i would love to see two of my favorite pokemon in minecraft!

  108. abominable bush says:

    When I let the pokemon out of the pokeball they start attacking me. I have no more pokeballs so can’t retame it. Can you fix it so that we don’t need a pokeball to retame after we let them out of the ball?

    • abominable bush says:

      Also the ratio of berry trees to apricorn trees is sad. There should be more berry trees spawned. we walk around for hours and find 4 apricorn trees and 1 berry tree that may or may not give a seed. please increase their spawn rate or seed drop at least as right now it’s not fun having to run around for 4 hours only to find one berry tree.

    • Senhor Doce says:

      Put the game in peaceful mode so your pokémon does not attack you.

  109. Me the Cloud says:

    I’m just going to start by saying that this mod is no less than amazing. I would like to use your addon in a map currently in development that I am working on. I will leave proper credits wherever they are needed. (once again, this addon is awesome, thank you 🙂 )

  110. Joe500TheNewGuy says:

    Hey! Just wanted to bring your attention that the spawn items for the clefairy, vulpix, jigglypuff and zubat lines both have (shiny) next to the regular ones and the shiny ones have “item.spawn_egg.entity.serp:(pokemon)” just wanted you to know so you could fix it!

  111. Gatorclaw says:

    Are there still a few Pokémon that can’t be found shiny? (In survival) I can catch some that say shiny, but they aren’t.

    I was also wondering if you planned on adding an everstone? For people who have specific builds in mind but their Pokémon keep evolving and driving them crazy…. asking for a friend.

  112. Johnny_1268 says:

    Honestly bro this mod is so badass like I can’t even explain but can’t feel the pokedrock feeling without some type of music.. if it’s possible to do everyone a favor and please add some !! Other than that this mod is the best one out there man, thank you or listening I hope you can get back to me.

  113. Aan9999 says:

    Nice add-on, can you make it mcaddon, That’s make it more simple to install this add-on

  114. Gatorclaw says:

    Yay, an early present for the Holidays. 😀
    Another amazing update. Zubat is oddly a favorite of mine so I’m glad to see him in the game. I’m also really excited to be able to use any pokeball on any pokemon now. It will make things a lot easier in the long run. Thank you again for all your hard work.

  115. ShadowEnderBorn says:

    This is a great minecraft addon. I love that now we can play a pokemon addon in mcpe. I hope to see this addon become bigger and bigger. Keep up the great work. You have made many minecraft and pokemon fans more happier

  116. Knightsurfer says:

    Something in the resource pack is preventing it from beng uploaded as a realm, pls fix. <3

    • II_ClumsyLoomis says:

      Are you having this werid glitch where their animations aren’t working and some of the icons of the pokemon aren’t showing and the catching system glitched?

  117. Hey
    Just wondering if there was anyway to make is so tamed Pokemon does not give XP when killed. not sure if its possible or not just thought the “serp:ratataw” could give XP but a “serp:ratata” wouldn’t.
    Thank you

  118. fuddy says:

    Hey, can you tell me why whenever I try to put the Pokemon in the pokeball it just kills it:)

  119. Zotelo says:

    Could you specify in which biome the Pokémon appear in the description you give at the top of the page? Please

  120. altKcruncy says:

    I like EVERYTHING except 1 thing
    I Dont like the texture on the pokemons its really blonde, plain, add more texture details to the pokemons pls

  121. Darklinker says:

    hey i know i comment a lot but i just wanted to know how to breed. Also when i catch a normal vulpix and evolve it says that the normal evolved vulpix is shiny.

  122. Darklinker says:

    hey me and my friend were going to fight pokemon after making a huge stadium. when I attack his pokemon it attacks me and when he attack my pokemon it attacks him. in the last update before the vulpix. I would be able to battle by just attacking the other persons pokemon. The pokemon I would smack would than go after my pokemon and they would battle. I love you mod btw thanks.

  123. Darklinker says:

    hey man, love the game but the berry trees are a bit broken though. They dont have a guaranteed berry seed drop. This makes farming very difficult. If you could make it so berry trees are guaranteed to drop berry seeds that would be amazing. Thanks so much for making a great mod.

  124. I was wondering if it were possible to add a nature to the name tag of the Pokemon, The natures won’t actually effect the pokemon in anyway but would add a little competetion in the hunt.
    Just so there is no confusion I don’t wish you to make natures just the name of a Nature when a Pokemon spawns, Like “Pidgey” then underneath would say “Jolly”.
    The whole thing would have to be random of course and I no idea if that is even possible.

  125. Zotelo says:

    In Which Biome Can I Find vulpix and clefairy?

  126. Coolcat8986 says:

    Can I call you arcus because you sure are the god of minecraft Pokemon

  127. Slowhunter107 says:

    Hey I’m a map maker but I don’t post but could you try and make it so it shows the Pokémon’s level when it levels up and the Pokémon gain experience when winning battles

  128. Darklinker says:

    hey could you link a texture pack I could use or make one.

  129. Gatorclaw says:

    Awesome update! Vulpix is so cute. <3 I cant wait to see new pokemon and new features in the future.
    Do you think you will ever add decorations? (Like the snorelax beanbag or the plushies that you find in the games?)
    Again, thank you for all your hard work.

  130. Great update I love the way the Pokes turn white before evolving very cool and the Painting are a very nice touch. keep it up I cant wait to see all the pokes.

  131. iMinecraftLegend says:

    Are You Sure Articuno Exist?😂 I Search Alot Of Mountains In Frozen Ocean Biomes. Even Tried Snow Mountain Biomes. No Sight Of Him. Am I Searching In The Wrong Biome Or Is He Just That Rare?

  132. iMinecraftLegend says:

    Also In Which Biome Can I Find Pikachu?

  133. iMinecraftLegend says:

    Im Playing This Mod On The Xbox One. The Mod Is Great So Far But I Don’t Understand How To Craft The Healing Machine. I Don’t Know Where To Find Those Blocks. I Can Tell The Screenshot Is From A Phone So The Block Probably Look Different On My Xbox. Can You Please Tell Me The Name Of The Blocks?

  134. Beutomaster says:

    Will there be a new recipe for the masterball in one of the next updates?

  135. Beutomaster says:

    What can I do with the fluffy_tail and which are the effects of the different potions?

  136. joe 4u55 says:

    will vulpix be in the next update?????

  137. BetterBondsYT says:

    Hey, maby add the rest of the gen one legends and megas

  138. Darklinker says:

    what are your thoughts on adding cave pokemon.

  139. Darklinker says:

    hey man can maybe add a texture pack to the addon or maybe add pokemon to caves and also your addon insane thanks for making it.

  140. Flaxers says:

    Hey! You Should Most Definitely Make A Discord It’ll Other Creators Can Submit Textures For Your Addon And Ultimately Speed Up The Process

  141. Hey,
    Thanks for another great update, I love the Pokeball floor item, very cool
    Is there any chance you could make the player be able to summon a poke from their ball in adventure mode. It works perfectly in survival but since i wouldn’t want players destroying my world i keep it in adventure mode. I don’t know if this is possible. 🙂

  142. TurboGuy says:

    Hey can u give me an sneak peak for the next update

  143. TurboGuy says:

    Hey just 3 thing 1st I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the add on , 2nd how can I kill the pc the pokemon storage one and 3rd spew row when I put him on my poke ball he drops Ann ultra ball instead of a poke ball……sorry for my inglish

  144. Just wondering how the Pokemon storage works, is it like an Ender Chest that who ever looks they only see their stuff or is once its taken over by a player its that players only?
    I havn’t had the chance to get someone else on my map so i havn’t tested it.

  145. Jvplysrrrrrrrrrrrrrr says:

    i got resource and behavior and it just closes minecraft when i activate it to my server then i saw a comment sending a new one and i tried it and it still closed minecraft

  146. masterdarknigh1 says:

    can add catching a pokemon system pls and combat system plz

  147. KoalaGaming says:

    man, ever since 1.16 a lot of great addons have came out, including this one. this Addon is probably one of the first actually good Pokemon addon is forever. but could u pls had where u start u get a Starter Pokemon

  148. Gatorclaw says:

    Another excellent update. Thanks for all your hard work. It always makes my day to see new content for this add on.

  149. hahahalolXD says:

    is it just me or the apricorns look like… nevermind ?

  150. BetterBondsYT says:

    Could you add every other starter soon?

  151. Qassim_ says:


  152. Little random but i’m trying to figure out how best to use this addon.
    Would people prefer an adventure mode pre built mmo region where you can hang with your friends, catch pokes, trade shinies etc or a simple survival with pokemon.
    I would love you use this amazing addon and make something phenomenal just didnt know which would be best.

    • I and some friends are making a thematic map of Pokémon in adventure mode as you say, to be able to hang out, buy and sell things, go for a walk and go on adventures with friends xd. but everyone can use it as they like, the addon is conditioned for any situation

  153. Amazing addon, it has to be the best addon i have ever used, so well made and looks fantastic, I can’t wait to see what comes in the next update.
    Quick question, how often do the Shiny pokes spawn compared to the normal ones

  154. Coolcat8986 says:

    Quick question are the shiny’s a different enitiy if not there minght be a problem where people find shinys but lose them or don’t have a shiny and gained one

  155. Senhor Doce says:

    more updates this week?

  156. jmooroof says:

    I like this addon…

    There is a bug I think it is a bug. The meat the pidgey drops is “raw poultry.” The cooked variant is “cooked chicken.” You need to fix that in the lang file(s).

    • Boi4Life says:

      I like the pictures.

      • Darklinker says:

        Hey man I don’t know if you will see this but I saw your creation and it’s the most amazing thing ever. And I mean it. It doesn’t let me use rare candy and I don’t know what to do. If you could help me out that would be great. Also I realized the nether didn’t have any Pokémon that spawned so that’s interesting but anyways. Keep up the amazing work. This mod has made me and my friend happy and can be thank you.

  157. Boi4Life says:

    ¿Puedes agregar un enlace de MediaFire?

  158. Will you add structures like pokecenters, pokeshps and more?

  159. Beam006 says:

    how to break or move the pokemon center pc?

  160. Roboticskull9 says:

    Can the eeveelution (eevee evolution) be in the next update?

  161. guys, i’m really sorry. the behavior pack was corrupted and I had to do this one. in a few hours there will be a new update as a reward for waiting

    Download link:

  162. Senhor Doce says:

    simply amazing, wasn’t waiting for shiny … I will look forward to the next update (I’m looking forward to adding Abra and its evolutionary line) best addon

  163. Gatorclaw says:

    I’ll be honest, I’ve been waiting for the Clefairy, Vulpix and Jigglypuff lines. But shiny pokemon are a wonderful surprise. I wasn’t expecting them for a long while. Thank you for working so hard to give us such great content. <3

  164. Beutomaster says:

    all Items of Version 1.4:

    • Beutomaster says:

      Have forgotten these:

      • Beutomaster says:

        Does anybody know the Item-ID/Name of the Pokemon compass?

        • jmooroof says:

          The same compass I believe? minecraft:compass

          • Beutomaster says:

            No that is the normal Minecraft-Compass. I mean the one added with this mod. It has a Display and an Antenna. The colour of the Display changes and the Antenna is blinking red with different frequencies, while you turn around. It seems, that you can find something with it. Maybe Evo Ore or magnetic Pokémons. Does anybody know anything about it?

          • Beutomaster says:

            Ok, I was wrong in my following reply. It is the normal compass, but with a modded icon. Would be nice to know if it has any special functions or if it only directs to the spawnpoint of the world. The Antenna also changes it’s colour. I’m not sure, if fast blinking red directs to the spawnpoint.

      • Beutomaster says:

        new in V1.7:

        serp:luxury_ball has been removed!

    • joe 4u55 says:

      is there date for next update, wicked add on btw

    • Dandfes19 says:

      Hola, soy nuevo en el mod y no se si hay algun discord en donde se comenta de este para no spamear al creador. He buscado como loco y no me spawnea jigglypuff, he buscado sobre cuanta roca se me ocurre, si alguien lo encontró y me ayuda lo agradezco

      Hello, am new using the mod and wanted to know if there is any discord to comment the mod without spamming the creator comments. Having trouble finding jigglypuff at survival, searching over every rock and still not a clue lol

  165. Coolcat8986 says:

    Just want to point somthing out while I remember for some reason me and my other friends can’t see articoono or the other items you added from this update with articoono the poke-ride but I don’t know if it’s because I have the previous version

  166. Gatorclaw says:

    I seriously cant get enough of this add-on. Cant wait for the next update. I hope all is well.

  167. Senhor Doce says:

    Yo de nuevo aquí, ¿hay alguna posibilidad de que arbok y ekans se arrastren?

  168. Beutomaster says:

    Any chances, that you fix the issues with MCPE-Servers in the near future?
    Most of the Addon is wirking fine, but I get the following Error-Messages for every Pokemon:

    01:10:31[Actor][error]-PokeWorld | actor_definitions | behavior_packs/SERPpokemonB v1.4 | serp:nidorinow | minecraft:entity | component_groups | minecraft:on_target_acquired | minecraft:on_target_acquired’s Component event was not parsed.

    01:10:31[Actor][error]-PokeWorld | actor_definitions | behavior_packs/SERPpokemonB v1.4 | serp:nidorinow | minecraft:entity | component_groups | minecraft:on_target_acquired | minecraft:on_target_acquired’s Component target was not parsed.

    My nephew would love you for that.

  169. Beutomaster says:

    Any chances that you fix the issues with MCPE-Servers in the near future?
    Most of the Addon is working fine, but I get the following Error-Messages in the Server-Log for every Pokemon:
    01:10:31[Actor][error]-PokeWorld | actor_definitions | behavior_packs/SERPpokemonB v1.4 | serp:nidorinow | minecraft:entity | component_groups | minecraft:on_target_acquired | minecraft:on_target_acquired’s Component event was not parsed.

    01:10:31[Actor][error]-PokeWorld | actor_definitions | behavior_packs/SERPpokemonB v1.4 | serp:nidorinow | minecraft:entity | component_groups | minecraft:on_target_acquired | minecraft:on_target_acquired’s Component target was not parsed.

    My nephew would love you for that.

    • Beutomaster says:

      Problems with V1.7 on Vanilla-bedrock-server-
      – Still the Error-Messages above in the Server-Log for every Pokemon.
      – All spawn_eggs are missing in the Creativ-Menu.
      – A few World-Generator Problems: Sometimes for example a Chunk near the World-Spawn is missing. You could fall through a hole out of the world. (Tested generating a few worlds only with V1.4.)
      – No Berry-Trees are spawning. (I’m not sure, if this is really a Problem and if it’s happening in all created worlds.)

  170. Senhor Doce says:

    Pergunta rápida você pretende adicionar poderes a todos os pokémons? (Exemplo: tenho um disco na mão dou ele para o meu pokémon e ele começará a usar aquele poder) e também quantos pokémons viram na próxima atualização?

  171. Senhor Doce says:

    do you want to make the other pokémon generations? Either way your addon is incredible it deserves five stars, congratulations and never give up! (Waiting for the next update)

  172. Qassim_ says:

    The poke ride is trash

  173. Beam006 says:

    if you can read this here’s generation 1 pokemon list that you didn’t add yet (you just say you want to add generation 1 pokemon right)​ magikarp gyarados mew mewtwo moltres zapdos kingler krabby slowpoke slowbro psyduck golduck poliwag poliwhirl poliwrath tentacool tentacruel seel dewgong shelder cloyster horsea seadra goldeen seaking staryu starmie lapras omante omastar kabuto kabutops meowth persian giglypuff wigglytuff farfetch’d doduo dodrio lickitung chansey kangaskhan tauros ditto eevee porygon snorlax magnemite magneton voltrob electrode electabuzz joltreon vaporeon flareon jynx zubat golbat oddish gloom scyther pinsir aerodactyl dratini dragonir dragonite abra kadabra alakazam ponyta rapidash drowzee hypno exeggcute exeggcuter mr.mime paras parasect venonat venomoth geodude graveler golem onix rhyhorn rhydon gastly haunter gengar clefairy clefable cubone marowak bellsprout weepinbell victreebell grimer muk koffing weezing mankey primeape machop machoke machamp hitmonlee hitmonchan vulpix ninetales vilepume growlithe arcanine tangela magmar and ash’ hat pikachu which is not evolved into raichu

  174. Coolcat8986 says:

    How do you breed the Pokemon because at the start of the Addons description it says the Pokemon can breed

  175. EnderHunterLoL8 says:

    How I can use the evolutive stones?

    • Gatorclaw says:

      I believe all you do is have the correct stone in your hand and right click on the Pokémon. That worked for me in the previous version of the add-on with The Nidoran lines and Pikachu.

  176. Exploding Creeper says:

    Pls add combat system plssss. I have been waiting for it. Pls add it as soosn as possible plss
    Btw u have did a very good job in this project

  177. Gatorclaw says:

    Another great update!

    Just one question that I’ve been meaning to ask. Is there any use for the fluffy tail yet?

  178. Qassim_ says:

    But bro you was gonna make the pokemons on the right order you said that i was waiting on clefairy and vulpix bro

    • Gatorclaw says:

      I was looking forward to clefairy too. A lot of people wanted legends too though. He is doing what he can to keep everyone happy. I’m sure he will get the others out soon. ❤️

  179. adry says:

    great addon, i just have two questions, how do i get a trainer card and what were the textures you used in mcpedl photos

  180. Fatur-Kun says:

    Everything is good only one or 1 and 2 request

    first. How to we make trainer card

    I think good you add recipe for luxury ball in next update

    And I think good if you add arriving’s friends on next update

  181. Raineeko says:

    Do I have to start a new game with each update? Even if I delete the old version and install the new one my old game still only runs on the old version of the add on. I can add the new version to a new game but not the old one. (I’m new with addons.)

    • you have to delete it from the world folder, since the world saves the previous version whenever it is updated

      • Raineeko says:

        Thank you! That did the trick.
        I do have a few more questions if you don’t mind me asking?
        -The Poke Ride doesn’t seem to be in the PC Store for me for some reason. Is there something I’m supposed to do before It can become available?
        – The Storage PC that I had already placed and had stored pokemon in isn’t responding to my trainer card. Is there any way that I can get it to recognize it?
        – Has anybody else ever seen a wild Ekans? xD Because those are harder to find than the articuno. I find Arbok all the time but I’ve never seen the Ekans before.

        • -for the poke ride just break the pc and replace it, that worked for me

          -the storage pc needs to be /killed and unfortunately you can’t get your items back from it if its from the previous version. Now you need to place the pc, then tame it with your trainer card to get it to work.

          I hope this helps

  182. Qassim_ says:

    The last update was 10 days ago

  183. Qassim_ says:

    Bro when is the New update

  184. Reeper231320 says:

    It is an amazing addon, but i do not understand what the compass does

  185. Glitch2020 says:

    Hello! I really love the addon! But I have a question. If I figure out how to make a free mc bedrock server, can I use this mod in it? I have friends who might REALLY like this. I think it would be cool having a server full of people! I would leave credit to you. If you are ok with this, thank you. If not, that’s ok too. I just need your permission. Thank you for reading!

  186. Reeper231320 says:

    Can you add mewtwo? Pls

  187. EnderHunterLoL8 says:

    Hello, I have something to tell you. I have the old versions and every time a new one comes out I install it but what happens is that with this one I get an error and I also tried with zip and it still does not appear. Could you give me a solution?

  188. Coolcat8986 says:

    I have an idea for the luxury ball it could be used to catch everything but legendary Pokemon thank you if you add this to the addon

  189. Monique_Vampira says:

    eu estou jogando esse mod no Xbox one incrivel , será que algum dia vc poderia criar um addon de pokemon igual do computador acho tão legal aqueles mais não consigo instalar , faz também Carpenter´s block seria legal
    Achei seu jogo incrivel

  190. SenpaiXS says:

    Is there any way to delete the items? I misplaced some and I’ve tried but I cant delete them so I just brake the blocks beneath them and bury them, but it’d be great to know how to actually get rid of them.

  191. The Mysterious One says:

    Is it possible to add an everstone?

  192. AdventureKing123 says:

    Unfortunately there are quite a few bugs, but I love it, please fix the bugs and please add in gen 2 starters

  193. Mannan2708 says:

    Can you post a monthly schedule for updates

  194. So you have any socials? I would really love to see your progress on this addon and be able to see what’s coming out next, really enjoying this addon so far and I’m hoping it gets even better.

  195. Jimmyhmack says:

    This addon is amazing! A group of my friends and I love using it all the time! Just one thing, has anyone figured out how to apply the add-on to a realm and have it work?

  196. GizmoTheCatGCT says:

    Hello just to ask Will the gens be seprate addons?

  197. KuroNekoAlola says:

    It’s a great complement and I love it since I love pokemon and I think it would be interesting if they put some like eevee or some legendary one, but still the add-on is amazing

  198. THANKYOU says:

    This is absolutely amazing! But for me the most important thing is if you could make it so placing a Pokemon you had previously captured dosent untame it because as it is now it makes it very hard to release a Pokemon in the middle of a fight

  199. AuronPlay says:

    cual es el bloque que se necesita para hacer la maquina de cura?

  200. Gatorclaw says:

    Another great update! Thank you so much.

  201. Wenceslao says:

    Que gran add-on espero que siga actualizandose hasta tener muchos pokemones

  202. Wait,isnt the superball must be named “Great Ball” ?

  203. Coolcat8986 says:

    Can you plz add a legendary now instead of later on because I realy want the master ball to have a use thank you for listening

  204. theantoniotortes26yt says:

    Pongo 3 estrellas porque los Pokémons no se ven bien y no está la línea de evoluciones completa y faltan muchos Pokémons pero si lo mejoras se convertiría en el mejor mod de pokemons para minecraft pe

  205. Tai The God5409 says:

    Sry put 4 on accident

  206. Tai The God5409 says:

    Hey I love the addon so excited for Every NEW Update! It’s amazing I’m making a map and wonder if I can post it to mcpedl. It’s a Pokémon adventure/survival world, I’m planning to update every time you update the addon. Thanks for creating such a great addon, good luck!

  207. Coolcat8986 says:

    Sorry for no stars 🙁 here you go you deserve the stars

  208. Gatorclaw says:

    I have a question about evolution. I know it says that they will evolve after a few hours or to use rare candies but is there a certain amount of hours we are supposed to wait? Or a certain amount a candies? I’ve had Bulbasaur for about 6 hours (Real Time) and given him Four Candies so far. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong though.

  209. Coolcat8986 says:

    Thank you for making my dream come true but there are a few things that might need improving you’ve done well so far but the wings on charizard are in my opinion a bit too smal but also you could add a feature where it closes its wings when standing still also the pikachu’s cheeks might need to be a bit closer to its mouth but thats up to you to decide but one other thing when you dismount a pokemon it runs from you i wonder if you could fix them please but the other things are awsome good job and ill be looking out for future updates wating for the shinys btw i actualy made an account just to speak to you so good job

  210. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Hey bro your addon is great but make some advancements add arceus groudon and the whale thingy???

  211. GizmoTheCatGCT says:

    Hey Just Wondering Could you put that texture pack for download (Sorry for no rating but ill make sure this time)

  212. AwesomeSauce3000 says:

    Why have you not added that cute, cute Pichu!!??

  213. HyperPotatoes says:

    Love this addon. Keep up the good work

  214. ThatOnePanda15 says:

    Just wanted to know if there’ll be a secondary leveling system alongside the natural growth? Like, the more you use a certain pokemon/the more enemies it defeats it gets stronger? Maybe if you actually use your pokemon in adventures and not just have it naturally get bigger, maybe they can get a new move? (Not necessarily type based, just like, a stronger attack?), or maybe higher health than a pokemon that was left to grow by itself?

  215. Wow! Great add-on. (Oh. btw I’m excited for gen 8, because my favorite pokèmon is in gen 8 ill give you a hint it’s a rabbit and fire)

  216. The Mysterious One says:

    I only have one request (the eevee line) great mod btw

  217. Gatorclaw says:

    I love the idea of the pidgeys dropping fowl when defeated. Wonderful Update. Thank you.

  218. GizmoTheCatGCT says:

    Hello Im sort of doing a QnA most of these are from my friend Cool cat Anyway
    1.Are shinys Coming
    2.Are alola forms coming?
    Anyway Thats all He wanted Hope You can reply Back!

  219. TheCyborgLeader says:

    Hey Can you add the Hoenn Starters? If you don’t want to I understand..(but please do)

  220. RiotsAreFunny says:

    After you do gen 1 are you going to go onto gen 2?

  221. Qassim_ says:

    do you gonna make all generation 1 pokemons before the end of 2020
    If not when do to u think if you dont know

  222. Qassim_ says:

    Tnx this is a great add-on but are there new updates every week?

  223. Qassim_ says:

    Can you make all Pokémons

  224. Avramobkilla says:

    Hi this addon looks pretty epic but can you please ake a combat system the this will be the best Pokémon addon ever

  225. Endpurcomics says:

    Feedback: Why is MediaFire link is broken Please fix it ASAP I’m very hype for this add-on :'((

    Comment: It was a very very excellent Add-on And I Love Pokemon Mods since when I was a kid thank you for making this add-on :’))

  226. Howulikethat says:

    Cool!!XD…Can you add meloetta or any legendaries??

  227. Thanks for making this epic add-on, pokemon is one of my favorite anime,taking 5 stars :,3

    • Pokémon is one of my favorite games, and I feel that no addon has given it the respect it deserves xd, that is why despite my inexperience with addons, I have made this one with great affection for the saga and with great respect for his fans

  228. Jetpacklizard says:

    You should make a digimon add on!

  229. the links are down at the moment. these will be the provisional links until the new version is authorized! Thanks for understand


  230. Imaginus says:

    Rename “superballs” into “Great Balls”, bro

  231. HotPotato says:

    Does it work on Xbox

  232. The Animator says:

    I would suggest Mega Evolutions and Legendaries that spawn in specific biomes at a rare chance and shiny variants that would be so wonderful I love this addon and I hope to see more updates because I really and I speak for other people that this is a well crafted and well done pokemon addon.

  233. Gatorclaw says:

    This is a really great addon. I hope to see more in the future. Thank you so much for making pokemon a reality in Minecraft.

  234. NaRu7YT PH says:

    This is awesome

  235. Yo this is awesome! Can u add Bagon, Shellgon and Salamence dude 🙂

  236. Diezgin konoha says:

    Podia adicionar uma carteira de btalha feita com papel, você a equiparia na cabeça e ficaria com a skin do red, ou adicionaria a própria esquinas configurações, mas ficava com invisibilidade… Assim Pokémon selvagens não o atacaria se provocados

  237. Beam006 says:

    If you add some edible pokemons pls make when defeat it, it’ll drop some foods that can be cook into curry

  238. Herogamer340 says:


  239. Mr.Valentine says:

    I can’t wait for the next update ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ I hope you add Mew ;w;

  240. Mrbeastgamin257 says:

    Question, How do I throw a pokeball because I really want to capture some pokemon and how do I give them the candies and all that other stuff, this mod is awesome and I would want to make a game with it, any chances? how do I train my pokemon, just a couple questions that I hope you have a answer to, Oh and just so you know Im playing in bedrock so tell me if there is anything I need to know just tell me.

    • You must have the pokeball in your hand, but you must know which one you are going to use. the pokeball is for the small Pokémon, the superball for the medium ones and the ultraball for the final stages. to capture them you must approach them and press the “tame” button. the initials will run away from you, but they will come closer if you have a Fluffy tail (it is obtained from the PC) and the process is the same. and to make them evolve you can wait a few hours or you can give them 10 rare candies to grow. just like a wolf. I hope I have been helpful xd

  241. Acied says:

    are you planing on making any other pokemon?

  242. SphereStudios says:

    Bro! This is awesome! I suggest you do a collaboration with the Pokemon combat system addon creator! You two together would make an awesome addon and an awesome team! If you even want I could make some textures for items for your addon! Sincerely, Sphere

    • I really don’t want to add a learned move combat system to this addon as that means modifying a script, and it would lock out mobile users. I want my addon to be compatible with all bedrock platforms and that everyone can enjoy it without having to use a modified version of the game or with the annoying compatibility errors between clients and servers, but if in the future Mojang releases a version with more possibilities I will not hesitate to make the most of them!

  243. SverdHerre says:

    I sense a competition between Pixelmon Combat System and SERP. That or a collab, lol.

  244. Haze says:

    I haven’t played with it yet but this addon looks great and well done <3

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