SERP Pokémon (Addon)

Welcome to the world of Pokémon! This addon does not have a combat system, but it does have a breeding system, mounts and real evolutions without the need to turn on the experimental game mode!

(works both in beta and official version of minecraft bedrock on any platform)

Following the national pokédex, Pokémon will be added little by little. at this moment the addon has the complete evolutionary lines of bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle caterpie, weedle, pidgey, rattata, spearow, ekans and Pikachu, all Pokémon spawn automatically. 

-bulbasaur is a cute and docile Pokémon, but when disturbed it can fight back. You can find it in all types of forest except the snowy ones

-charmander prefers hot climates, you will find it in the mountains and near lava lagoonss

-squirtleis a great swimmer! You will find it in rivers and beaches, although sometimes it visits the nearby villages.

-caterpie are very weak, but with patience and good training they can be the strongest companions!

-weedles are poisonous insects that you don’t have to be careful about as much as their adult versions, the beedrill. if you have one at your disposal, you have nothing to fear

-it is a plane? is he a super hero ?? no, it’s just pidgey. it may look harmless but well trained it can be a deadly weapon!

-rattata may be a pest, but well cleaned and fed they can be an ideal pet and, why not, a battle companion!

-if you see a wild spearow, you better run! because surely there are many more with him. If you take a Pikachu with you, the spearow won’t hurt you

-ekans are pure poison, but only when disturbed. inhabit swamps and wide open grasslands

-Pikachu is a nice Pokémon, but that his appearance does not deceive you! Well, it’s a very temperamental and dangerous Pokémon if it is caused!

-The Sandshrew are friendlier Pokémon that live in the desert, you will find them along with their evolutions: the Sandslash, which are very overprotective

-Nidoran poison poses a danger to your trainers as well as your opponents, use it well and watch your eyes!

-the first legendary Pokemon has arrived! articuno is really hard to find, it only lives on top of frozen mountains and is very aggressive. you can catch it with the masterball!

berry trees can drop four different types of berry, which you can use to make different types of potions and the rare candy

-now some berry trees can give you their seeds after breaking them. when planting them you will have to wait a few minutes until the plant is mature!

crafting with berries:

the evolutionary mineral will appear in all caves, search well! By breaking it it can give you four different types of evolutionary stones which are the moonstone, fire stone, water stone and thunder stone 

The PC is an object that is used to buy and sell the objects you find in your adventure, some of the objects that the PC offers you cannot be found anywhere else!

To get the PC, you must follow this recipe. then you break the package and inside will be your new PC!

now you can craft two new items! the pokemon center healing machine and storage pc

to use the healing machine, you only need to interact with it using your trainer card, which only costs one coin in the PC store!

healing machine recipe:

storage pc recipe:

there are 6 different trainer card models! (not counting the basic card) You can choose the one you like the most, more colors will be added soon! (just use dye on the crafting table)

Pokéballs are essential to catch Pokémon, but you must know which one to use in each situation! the normal pokéball will only work in the initial phases of the Pokémon, the superballs will work for the intermediate phases and the ultraballs are for the final phases of each Pokémon. the masterball works only for the legendary Pokémon (added soon) and the luxury ball will serve to make the Pokémon become your items and you can carry them in your pocket!

Pokeball recipe:

Superball recipe:

Ultraball recipe:

Másterball recipe:

You will know that you have caught a Pokémon when the star particles jump, once that is done your Pokémon will follow you everywhere and defend you from your attackers

to store your Pokémon you have to interact with it using the corresponding pokeball

now all Pokémon can sit down!

now to ride the Pokémon you will need the poke ride, which costs 128 poke dollars in the PC store!

you can use your trainer cards to take over the storage PCs! once owned only you will be able to see what it contains inside

When you catch a Pokémon, they automatically evolve over a few hours. But in case you are not very patient, you can speed up the process with rare candies!

now if you type “/function serp” in the text box, it will give you all the available items so you can test them all. great for content creators!

supported languages:




(new languages ​​coming soon)

It is forbidden to redistribute this addon, if you will make a Review please give credits

all the entities and objects of this addon are based on the characters from the video game series: Pokémon

Changelog View more

added to articuno

added mounts

new animations for all Pokémon

now PC is protected

new textures

various functions improved

The male and female Nidoran evolutionary line was added

the storage PC and the healing machine were added

6 trainer cards were added for use with the healing machine

various behaviors of the Pokémon were improved

Pikachu and Raichu models and textures were changed

Sandshrew evolutionary line added

PC and pidgey line loot fixed

some out-of-time sounds fixed

serp function added

now wild pidgeys drop fowl when defeated

Updated links

new models for some Pokémon

Pikachu now throws an electro ball to defend itself

new sounds for Pikachu

8 new Pokémon have been added

4 growth stages for the berry tree

new capture system

new particles

new models and textures for some Pokémon

improved translations and better compatibility with previous versions of minecraft bedrock. fixed wartortle and blastoise behavior


Supported Minecraft versions


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158 Responses

4.74 / 5 (66 votes)
  1. Coolcat8986 says:

    Just want to point somthing out while I remember for some reason me and my other friends can’t see articoono or the other items you added from this update with articoono the poke-ride but I don’t know if it’s because I have the previous version

  2. Gatorclaw says:

    I seriously cant get enough of this add-on. Cant wait for the next update. I hope all is well.

  3. Senhor Doce says:

    Yo de nuevo aquí, ¿hay alguna posibilidad de que arbok y ekans se arrastren?

  4. Beutomaster says:

    Any chances, that you fix the issues with MCPE-Servers in the near future?
    Most of the Addon is wirking fine, but I get the following Error-Messages for every Pokemon:

    01:10:31[Actor][error]-PokeWorld | actor_definitions | behavior_packs/SERPpokemonB v1.4 | serp:nidorinow | minecraft:entity | component_groups | minecraft:on_target_acquired | minecraft:on_target_acquired’s Component event was not parsed.

    01:10:31[Actor][error]-PokeWorld | actor_definitions | behavior_packs/SERPpokemonB v1.4 | serp:nidorinow | minecraft:entity | component_groups | minecraft:on_target_acquired | minecraft:on_target_acquired’s Component target was not parsed.

    My nephew would love you for that.

  5. Beutomaster says:

    Any chances that you fix the issues with MCPE-Servers in the near future?
    Most of the Addon is working fine, but I get the following Error-Messages in the Server-Log for every Pokemon:
    01:10:31[Actor][error]-PokeWorld | actor_definitions | behavior_packs/SERPpokemonB v1.4 | serp:nidorinow | minecraft:entity | component_groups | minecraft:on_target_acquired | minecraft:on_target_acquired’s Component event was not parsed.

    01:10:31[Actor][error]-PokeWorld | actor_definitions | behavior_packs/SERPpokemonB v1.4 | serp:nidorinow | minecraft:entity | component_groups | minecraft:on_target_acquired | minecraft:on_target_acquired’s Component target was not parsed.

    My nephew would love you for that.

  6. Senhor Doce says:

    Pergunta rápida você pretende adicionar poderes a todos os pokémons? (Exemplo: tenho um disco na mão dou ele para o meu pokémon e ele começará a usar aquele poder) e também quantos pokémons viram na próxima atualização?

  7. Senhor Doce says:

    do you want to make the other pokémon generations? Either way your addon is incredible it deserves five stars, congratulations and never give up! (Waiting for the next update)

  8. Qassim_ says:

    The poke ride is trash

  9. Beam006 says:

    if you can read this here’s generation 1 pokemon list that you didn’t add yet (you just say you want to add generation 1 pokemon right)​ magikarp gyarados mew mewtwo moltres zapdos kingler krabby slowpoke slowbro psyduck golduck poliwag poliwhirl poliwrath tentacool tentacruel seel dewgong shelder cloyster horsea seadra goldeen seaking staryu starmie lapras omante omastar kabuto kabutops meowth persian giglypuff wigglytuff farfetch’d doduo dodrio lickitung chansey kangaskhan tauros ditto eevee porygon snorlax magnemite magneton voltrob electrode electabuzz joltreon vaporeon flareon jynx zubat golbat oddish gloom scyther pinsir aerodactyl dratini dragonir dragonite abra kadabra alakazam ponyta rapidash drowzee hypno exeggcute exeggcuter mr.mime paras parasect venonat venomoth geodude graveler golem onix rhyhorn rhydon gastly haunter gengar clefairy clefable cubone marowak bellsprout weepinbell victreebell grimer muk koffing weezing mankey primeape machop machoke machamp hitmonlee hitmonchan vulpix ninetales vilepume growlithe arcanine tangela magmar and ash’ hat pikachu which is not evolved into raichu

  10. Coolcat8986 says:

    How do you breed the Pokemon because at the start of the Addons description it says the Pokemon can breed

  11. EnderHunterLoL8 says:

    How I can use the evolutive stones?

    • Gatorclaw says:

      I believe all you do is have the correct stone in your hand and right click on the Pokémon. That worked for me in the previous version of the add-on with The Nidoran lines and Pikachu.

  12. Exploding Creeper says:

    Pls add combat system plssss. I have been waiting for it. Pls add it as soosn as possible plss
    Btw u have did a very good job in this project

  13. Gatorclaw says:

    Another great update!

    Just one question that I’ve been meaning to ask. Is there any use for the fluffy tail yet?

  14. Qassim_ says:

    But bro you was gonna make the pokemons on the right order you said that i was waiting on clefairy and vulpix bro

    • Gatorclaw says:

      I was looking forward to clefairy too. A lot of people wanted legends too though. He is doing what he can to keep everyone happy. I’m sure he will get the others out soon. ❤️

  15. adry says:

    great addon, i just have two questions, how do i get a trainer card and what were the textures you used in mcpedl photos

  16. Fatur-Kun says:

    Everything is good only one or 1 and 2 request

    first. How to we make trainer card

    I think good you add recipe for luxury ball in next update

    And I think good if you add arriving’s friends on next update

  17. Raineeko says:

    Do I have to start a new game with each update? Even if I delete the old version and install the new one my old game still only runs on the old version of the add on. I can add the new version to a new game but not the old one. (I’m new with addons.)

    • you have to delete it from the world folder, since the world saves the previous version whenever it is updated

      • Raineeko says:

        Thank you! That did the trick.
        I do have a few more questions if you don’t mind me asking?
        -The Poke Ride doesn’t seem to be in the PC Store for me for some reason. Is there something I’m supposed to do before It can become available?
        – The Storage PC that I had already placed and had stored pokemon in isn’t responding to my trainer card. Is there any way that I can get it to recognize it?
        – Has anybody else ever seen a wild Ekans? xD Because those are harder to find than the articuno. I find Arbok all the time but I’ve never seen the Ekans before.

        • -for the poke ride just break the pc and replace it, that worked for me

          -the storage pc needs to be /killed and unfortunately you can’t get your items back from it if its from the previous version. Now you need to place the pc, then tame it with your trainer card to get it to work.

          I hope this helps

  18. Qassim_ says:

    The last update was 10 days ago

  19. Qassim_ says:

    Bro when is the New update

  20. Reeper231320 says:

    It is an amazing addon, but i do not understand what the compass does

  21. Glitch2020 says:

    Hello! I really love the addon! But I have a question. If I figure out how to make a free mc bedrock server, can I use this mod in it? I have friends who might REALLY like this. I think it would be cool having a server full of people! I would leave credit to you. If you are ok with this, thank you. If not, that’s ok too. I just need your permission. Thank you for reading!

  22. Reeper231320 says:

    Can you add mewtwo? Pls

  23. EnderHunterLoL8 says:

    Hello, I have something to tell you. I have the old versions and every time a new one comes out I install it but what happens is that with this one I get an error and I also tried with zip and it still does not appear. Could you give me a solution?

  24. Coolcat8986 says:

    I have an idea for the luxury ball it could be used to catch everything but legendary Pokemon thank you if you add this to the addon

  25. Monique_Vampira says:

    eu estou jogando esse mod no Xbox one incrivel , será que algum dia vc poderia criar um addon de pokemon igual do computador acho tão legal aqueles mais não consigo instalar , faz também Carpenter´s block seria legal
    Achei seu jogo incrivel

  26. SenpaiXS says:

    Is there any way to delete the items? I misplaced some and I’ve tried but I cant delete them so I just brake the blocks beneath them and bury them, but it’d be great to know how to actually get rid of them.

  27. The Mysterious One says:

    Is it possible to add an everstone?

  28. AdventureKing123 says:

    Unfortunately there are quite a few bugs, but I love it, please fix the bugs and please add in gen 2 starters

  29. Mannan2708 says:

    Can you post a monthly schedule for updates

  30. So you have any socials? I would really love to see your progress on this addon and be able to see what’s coming out next, really enjoying this addon so far and I’m hoping it gets even better.

  31. Jimmyhmack says:

    This addon is amazing! A group of my friends and I love using it all the time! Just one thing, has anyone figured out how to apply the add-on to a realm and have it work?

  32. GizmoTheCatGCT says:

    Hello just to ask Will the gens be seprate addons?

  33. KuroNekoAlola says:

    It’s a great complement and I love it since I love pokemon and I think it would be interesting if they put some like eevee or some legendary one, but still the add-on is amazing

  34. THANKYOU says:

    This is absolutely amazing! But for me the most important thing is if you could make it so placing a Pokemon you had previously captured dosent untame it because as it is now it makes it very hard to release a Pokemon in the middle of a fight

  35. AuronPlay says:

    cual es el bloque que se necesita para hacer la maquina de cura?

  36. Gatorclaw says:

    Another great update! Thank you so much.

  37. Wenceslao says:

    Que gran add-on espero que siga actualizandose hasta tener muchos pokemones

  38. Wait,isnt the superball must be named “Great Ball” ?

  39. Coolcat8986 says:

    Can you plz add a legendary now instead of later on because I realy want the master ball to have a use thank you for listening

  40. theantoniotortes26yt says:

    Pongo 3 estrellas porque los Pokémons no se ven bien y no está la línea de evoluciones completa y faltan muchos Pokémons pero si lo mejoras se convertiría en el mejor mod de pokemons para minecraft pe

  41. Tai The God5409 says:

    Sry put 4 on accident

  42. Tai The God5409 says:

    Hey I love the addon so excited for Every NEW Update! It’s amazing I’m making a map and wonder if I can post it to mcpedl. It’s a Pokémon adventure/survival world, I’m planning to update every time you update the addon. Thanks for creating such a great addon, good luck!

  43. Coolcat8986 says:

    Sorry for no stars 🙁 here you go you deserve the stars

  44. Gatorclaw says:

    I have a question about evolution. I know it says that they will evolve after a few hours or to use rare candies but is there a certain amount of hours we are supposed to wait? Or a certain amount a candies? I’ve had Bulbasaur for about 6 hours (Real Time) and given him Four Candies so far. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong though.

  45. Coolcat8986 says:

    Thank you for making my dream come true but there are a few things that might need improving you’ve done well so far but the wings on charizard are in my opinion a bit too smal but also you could add a feature where it closes its wings when standing still also the pikachu’s cheeks might need to be a bit closer to its mouth but thats up to you to decide but one other thing when you dismount a pokemon it runs from you i wonder if you could fix them please but the other things are awsome good job and ill be looking out for future updates wating for the shinys btw i actualy made an account just to speak to you so good job

  46. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Hey bro your addon is great but make some advancements add arceus groudon and the whale thingy???

  47. GizmoTheCatGCT says:

    Hey Just Wondering Could you put that texture pack for download (Sorry for no rating but ill make sure this time)

  48. AwesomeSauce3000 says:

    Why have you not added that cute, cute Pichu!!😭😭

  49. HyperPotatoes says:

    Love this addon. Keep up the good work

  50. ThatOnePanda15 says:

    Just wanted to know if there’ll be a secondary leveling system alongside the natural growth? Like, the more you use a certain pokemon/the more enemies it defeats it gets stronger? Maybe if you actually use your pokemon in adventures and not just have it naturally get bigger, maybe they can get a new move? (Not necessarily type based, just like, a stronger attack?), or maybe higher health than a pokemon that was left to grow by itself?

  51. Wow! Great add-on. (Oh. btw I’m excited for gen 8, because my favorite pokèmon is in gen 8 ill give you a hint it’s a rabbit and fire)

  52. The Mysterious One says:

    I only have one request (the eevee line) great mod btw

  53. Gatorclaw says:

    I love the idea of the pidgeys dropping fowl when defeated. Wonderful Update. Thank you.

  54. GizmoTheCatGCT says:

    Hello Im sort of doing a QnA most of these are from my friend Cool cat Anyway
    1.Are shinys Coming
    2.Are alola forms coming?
    Anyway Thats all He wanted Hope You can reply Back!

  55. TheCyborgLeader says:

    Hey Can you add the Hoenn Starters? If you don’t want to I understand..(but please do)

  56. RiotsAreFunny says:

    After you do gen 1 are you going to go onto gen 2?

  57. Qassim_ says:

    do you gonna make all generation 1 pokemons before the end of 2020
    If not when do to u think if you dont know

  58. Qassim_ says:

    Tnx this is a great add-on but are there new updates every week?

  59. Qassim_ says:

    Can you make all Pokémons

  60. Avramobkilla says:

    Hi this addon looks pretty epic but can you please ake a combat system the this will be the best Pokémon addon ever

  61. Endpurcomics says:

    Feedback: Why is MediaFire link is broken Please fix it ASAP I’m very hype for this add-on :'((

    Comment: It was a very very excellent Add-on And I Love Pokemon Mods since when I was a kid thank you for making this add-on :’))

  62. Howulikethat says:

    Cool!!XD…Can you add meloetta or any legendaries??

  63. Thanks for making this epic add-on, pokemon is one of my favorite anime,taking 5 stars :,3

    • Pokémon is one of my favorite games, and I feel that no addon has given it the respect it deserves xd, that is why despite my inexperience with addons, I have made this one with great affection for the saga and with great respect for his fans

  64. Jetpacklizard says:

    You should make a digimon add on!

  65. the links are down at the moment. these will be the provisional links until the new version is authorized! Thanks for understand


  66. Imaginus says:

    Rename “superballs” into “Great Balls”, bro

  67. HotPotato says:

    Does it work on Xbox

  68. The Animator says:

    I would suggest Mega Evolutions and Legendaries that spawn in specific biomes at a rare chance and shiny variants that would be so wonderful I love this addon and I hope to see more updates because I really and I speak for other people that this is a well crafted and well done pokemon addon.

  69. Gatorclaw says:

    This is a really great addon. I hope to see more in the future. Thank you so much for making pokemon a reality in Minecraft.

  70. NaRu7YT PH says:

    This is awesome

  71. Yo this is awesome! Can u add Bagon, Shellgon and Salamence dude 🙂

  72. Diezgin konoha says:

    Podia adicionar uma carteira de btalha feita com papel, você a equiparia na cabeça e ficaria com a skin do red, ou adicionaria a própria esquinas configurações, mas ficava com invisibilidade… Assim Pokémon selvagens não o atacaria se provocados

  73. Beam006 says:

    If you add some edible pokemons pls make when defeat it, it’ll drop some foods that can be cook into curry

  74. Herogamer340 says:


  75. Mr.Valentine says:

    I can’t wait for the next update ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ I hope you add Mew ;w;

  76. Mrbeastgamin257 says:

    Question, How do I throw a pokeball because I really want to capture some pokemon and how do I give them the candies and all that other stuff, this mod is awesome and I would want to make a game with it, any chances? how do I train my pokemon, just a couple questions that I hope you have a answer to, Oh and just so you know Im playing in bedrock so tell me if there is anything I need to know just tell me.

    • You must have the pokeball in your hand, but you must know which one you are going to use. the pokeball is for the small Pokémon, the superball for the medium ones and the ultraball for the final stages. to capture them you must approach them and press the “tame” button. the initials will run away from you, but they will come closer if you have a Fluffy tail (it is obtained from the PC) and the process is the same. and to make them evolve you can wait a few hours or you can give them 10 rare candies to grow. just like a wolf. I hope I have been helpful xd

  77. Acied says:

    are you planing on making any other pokemon?

  78. SphereStudios says:

    Bro! This is awesome! I suggest you do a collaboration with the Pokemon combat system addon creator! You two together would make an awesome addon and an awesome team! If you even want I could make some textures for items for your addon! Sincerely, Sphere

    • I really don’t want to add a learned move combat system to this addon as that means modifying a script, and it would lock out mobile users. I want my addon to be compatible with all bedrock platforms and that everyone can enjoy it without having to use a modified version of the game or with the annoying compatibility errors between clients and servers, but if in the future Mojang releases a version with more possibilities I will not hesitate to make the most of them!

  79. SverdHerre says:

    I sense a competition between Pixelmon Combat System and SERP. That or a collab, lol.

  80. Haze says:

    I haven’t played with it yet but this addon looks great and well done <3

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