Published on October 19, 2020 (Updated on July 20, 2021)

Spectrum Shader V1.5 Update! (Only Android/iOS)

Spectrum shader is a beautiful shader with realistic graphics with the purpose of increasing your gaming experience to the maximum as well as running on low-end devices 1 Gb ram - 2 Gb ram, if you don't believe me, check it out for yourself. Something very important that should be noted is only compatible for (Android / ¡os).


- Sunset effect

- Day and night color 

- Cave

-  The Nether 

-  The End


  • Coloring of the world
  • Lighting coloring
  • Beautiful and realistic sky
  • Shadow (under the block)
  • Realistic waters
  • Water wave
  • Underwater caustic and waves
  • Shaking leaves and plants
  • Reflection of the sun in the water (sunrise / sunset)
  • Fog in the nether and end
  • Above all and most important low-end Gb 1.0 ram
  • Etc...


Check out the official trailer to learn more about this shader. Also by watching this video you are helping me:


- TheAlexanderツ

- Nami_11 code water

Help me with something any grain of sand is worth :) :


Select version for changelog:


Update v1.5!!!

  • Added reflection of the sun in the water (sunrise / sunset)
  • New beautiful water
  • Added movement Under water
  • Improvements in the rain mist, Nether and End
  • Better shaking leaves and plants
  • New world coloring
  • New lighting in the end
  • Added new rain effect
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Best shadows
  • Performance improvements
  • Now it can run on low-end 1.0 Gb ram cell phones



  • If you are youtuber and want to publish a Spectrum shader video, you must use the link to Mcpedl.
  • Can be modified for personal use only - It is forbidden to distribute this texture pack with modifications in the code.
  • You cannot take this shader and publish it in your name.
  • If you are a creator of codes and want to use one of this, just ask me for permission in any of my social networks.
  • there is a team that is aware of who has infringed all these warnings so make sure not to do one of this.



Supported Minecraft versions


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4.35 / 5 (23 votes)
Good man can I able to use in 1.17 version ?? On mcpe android??
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Can u make the end light more lighter I don't like the super purple color.make it light purple
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Very cool, but the villagers doesn't have their profession clothes, just the normal skin
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No sé cómo se descarga en esta página, cuando de doy en descargas en la primera opción no funciona y en la segunda me descarga algo tan rápido como si fuera una imagen y eso obvio me hace entender que ese no es, que no se puede por mediafire ?? JAJAJA
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Please make it for windows 10
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This is an amazing pack, but I hope you can make the crops and flowers move as well like the grass and leaves next time!
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And add maybe a clearer reflective water and wave rays under the water, as well as sunrays💖
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This is beautiful is it ok if i can use this shader inn my own pack and edit it a lil? i will put full credits in pack desc and yt vid link for mcpedl
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Great Shaders!
It Runs Smoothly With My Device
No Lag At All!
The Lighting is incredible!
Clouds Are Really Good!
Thanks For This Shader :)
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Me encantaron, son lo que dicen ser, me parecen unos buenos shaders, ¿cres que salga pronto la compatibilidad con windows 10?
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Realistic clouds
they look pretty freaking cool
keep up the good work
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