Published on December 02, 2020 (Updated on December 02, 2020)

SURVIVAL FORTRESS (More Bastion Upgrading) (Update)

Yes, I know I said I'd run out of build ideas for my SURVIVAL FORTRESS BUILD, but I watched a few YouTube videos, got some inspiration (pixlriffs) and began to build. Here is the result.

There are 4 types of Bastion in Minecraft. This one is a 'housing unit' Bastion, it is made up of the housing unit block (the lower structure) and the rampart (the taller structure). There are TWO Bastions in this map, the other one is a Treasure Room which I haven't really touched.

This latest update again focuses on the Bastion that I repaired in the last update.

The changes this time are..

°lots of 'netherscaping' above the Bastion. Over a double chest full of netherrack pickaxed away to reveal the whole Bastion.

°The 'housing block' area of the Bastion is now filled with well defined housing 'cells'.

°The staircases leading to and from each level have been completely redesigned and rebuilt.

°A new crafting and storage area in the Bastion.

°The Rampart section of the Bastion has been completely redesigned with multiple new levels, stairways & passage ways leading to every new observation room and level in the Rampart.

°As before, all the loot chests remain untouched, I've even added to a couple of them.

°Achievements are still available as no cheats have ever been or will ever be used on this, world.

°XP now stands at over 60.

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I'm putting "beds" kitchenettes and doors in Apartments. Knocking down wall in between for more room. Piglins also have a Manager's office. Rent is 1 gold ingot a month.
I'm glad you're having fun with my map. I'd be interested to see the changes you've made. Do you have YouTube or twitter you can showcase them on?
i actualy found the stronghold near a desert village mostly in the mesas
Awesome come back and an idea but it will take some time go,first go in the End and hollow the obsidian towers ,you will get to much obsidian and you can make it a home and ever you want to have a rematch with ender dragon it will be piece of cake ? and also connect them to each other for help to go from one to another you could even make gold farm, villager breeder, enderman XP farm ,automatic sugar cane,bamboo,pumpkin,melon,there are ton of farm you can still make ??? :-)
I place Dream in the End (using Player Model NPC mod)
Hi and thanks for the feedback. I think it'll be quite a while yet until I get to the End, but your ideas sound cool.
Auto-farms are something I have very little experience with so I'd have to research them first.
I'll give it some serious thought and maybe start building that sort of thing.
Hey, I've used this as my survival world for a lot of time; and was wondering if I could play with you as I love your building style and gameplay
Hey SecretGamerV71, glad you're having fun with my map and thanks for the interest in playing together, but this is a solo build, and I don't do online gaming at all, so I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to turn your offer down.
Technoblade (NPC) turned all the crops to POTATOES while I was visiting Lynn Pigg's Bastion apartment.