Treetops and Temples [Creation]

A long overdue update to this map. playable area has been more than doubled with new tree towers, a new Mayan pyramid, another jungle temple and new accommodation platforms.


This is a creative build based around a jungle temple which includes an extensive network of treetop platforms and walkways. There are lots of things to see here. For example, in one area there is a Nether Portal which will take you to the Nether not far from a Nether Fortress. There is also a Nether Wart Farm located inside one of the buildings. Basically everything (including resources such as food and weapons) are included which you'll need for going out and explore!

Creator: keithross39, Twitter Account

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more than doubled explorable area

3 new tree towers

2 new residential platforms

second jungle temple

new build Mayan pyramid


  • Treetops_Temples_11_2019.mcworld

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Who keeps deleting my comment?!

The file is 0kb and cannot be installed - F I X I T
1) DO NOT tell me what to do.
2) this is a download hosted by MCPEDL, not me.
3) giving the map ONE star is NOT going to get you the help you want.
I've tried downloading this 3 separate times and each time, the file size says 0kb and can't be imported into the game...
I want your permission I wanted use this map in my youtube channel adventure video but don't worry I will give you credit in comment box and also link to your addon page
Feel free to do so. And thanks for having the honesty to give credit. It's appreciated.
Cuanto tiempo te llevó hacer esto? Primero persona en hablar aquí desde hace más de un año, jeje.
Es difícil de decir. Empecé a construir hace más de 2 años, pero no he pasado mucho tiempo construyéndolo en absoluto. Probablemente no más de 3 meses en total.
could you make it 1.12?
Sorry not possible. Once the world has been opened and modified in any specific version, it is no longer possible to play the world in any older version of minecraft. You'll just have to update your copy of MCBE to 1.13 or newer.
So the TREES are added too right? XD
The trees are all part of the terrain. All I did was to build on and around them.
Please note. This build is now a CREATIVE MODE BUILD.
Achievements will no longer work for this build if it is played in SURVIVAL.
I can fix achievements if anyone wants to get contact me.
Do achievments work here?
Achievements can be fixes easily. :)
My name is UNICORNLOver2345 sorry for writing my name wrong
My name is UNICORNLOver2345 sorry for writing my name wrong
Cool map I use it as my main mc world
thanks for replying Bec no one replies to me
Sos if my comment was weird
The most epic map ever because I found this dungeon with efficiency five and silk touch and mending SOMEPIC (person who made this you need like a mansion servants and I could be one REALLY APPRIEIATE IT sorry if I can't spell apprieiate you are the best . MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH A LONG LIFE.
*appreciate in case you were wondering lol
The best map I have ever played