Published on June 30, 2020 (Updated on June 30, 2020)

Survival Fortress

An established survival build that includes a crop farm, a livestock farm, a paddock and stable, house, and subterranean chambers within fortified walls. 

Please note that the nether was visited for the first time on this build before the nether update was released, so the new biomes are not available 

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It appears that a number of people are having difficulties finding the temple. Here are the co-ordinates (they'll put the player right in front of the main entrance of the temple)

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thanks i had completely deconstructed the wrong temple
i made a copy world went in creative looked for the temple but found 3 and they all had nothing i searched for about 3 hours
I need help, I found the temple, dug in it, around it, and looked for so long, I can’t find the chest, can anyone help me?
There are TWO desert temples in this map. You may be digging the wrong one. If you know about desert temples, you'll know that they have a vertical shaft that drops down about 15 blocks below ground level. The shaft usually has one chest in each wall of the shaft and that the bottom of the shaft has a layer of TNT buried under it with a pressure plate to set it off. The loot chest is at the bottom of the shaft. Go inside the temple and look for orange and purple terracotta blocks in the floor. To one corner of this pattern, you'll see a dirt block in the ground. Dig down on top of that dirt block and it'll take you to the loot chest
Wow! Esta increible el mundo y todo hecho en survival! Te aplaudo
Gracias. Estoy disfrutando construyéndolo. Tengo que admitir que fue construido en modo pacífico, lo que ayudó mucho. ODIO a las turbas de Minecraft.
So I saw the Temple, it was near a desert village. I searched it but only one chest is there and not even full, idk maybe it's just me.
The chest is at the bottom of a desert temple shaft. It contains
142 lapis lazuli ore
73 glowstone blocks
5 glowstone ore
18 gold blocks
49 gold ingots
67 iron ingots
23 blocks iron ore
20 blocks quartz
3 quartz ore
11 emeralds
26 diamonds
7 gold nuggets
1 clock
2 compass
3 enchanted books
2 ender eyes
A complete set of enchanted iron armour
and an enchanted iron sword.
It's the only chest in the shaft.
I made a mistake in the above list. The contents include 2 Ender Pearls NOT Ender Eyes.
I used the world with shaders and it looked amazing
If you want the new nether, download blocktograph, select your world, select the nether and hold.
Then click begin selection and cover the entire discovered nether. Lastly click delete chunks and save.
Won't that get rid of the nether fortress that I discovered too?
If you'll tell me where the fortress is, or even better what the coordinates for it are, then I'll look and see if it regenerates in the same place or not and get back to you.

Nice map, the area under the house is a bit close to the surface and you have an undiscovered dungeon directly below the ground on the other side of one of the walls (not a complaint, just thought it was kind of funny that you happened to skirt it by a really thin margin in the course of building the place.) Oh, and the book cases around the enchanting table aren't arranged in a way that maxes out the boost to enchantments, fyi, unless that was intentional. The signs that are on the chests are rather hard to read with the text being black, as well. Hardly anything that even warrants updating just to fix given how very well done the rest is, though, especially since each likely comes down to personal preference and I may be the only one that holds those views for all that's worth.
The coordinates for the fortress in the old style Nether aren't important now as I prefer what I've got to work with in the regenerated Nether.
I've already found another fortress *AND* some Bastion Remnants.

I realised about the underground chambers being so close to the surface after I'd finished building them. Just got to hope that a creeper doesn't explode directly on top of them.

How did you find the dungeon?
Can I have the co-ordinates?

I'll have to rebuild the Enchanting area then. I built it to the layout I knew about, I wasn't aware that it had changed until you mentioned it.

The signs on the chests are like an 'itch that needs scratching'. I will eventually get around to changing them over to a lighter wood.

Thankyou for your honest and detailed feedback. It's appreciated.
Where is hidden temple?
If you're asking about the temple containing the loot chest, the only clue I'll give is that the temple is in a desert nearly 1000 blocks away from the base. Head South-East.
are achievements enabled?
Cheats have never been enabled on this map so you should be able to get achievements.