Published on July 03, 2020 (Updated on July 05, 2020)

SweetsMobs Addon

A sweeter and candy world.

A complement that adds new creatures and entities to our game and give us sweets and gifts but also new aggressive entities .

Welcome to the SweetsMobs addon!

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-Bug fix on objects
-New cover photo of the addon
-New download link
-Bug fix in behavior package
-Solving import problems

Supported Minecraft versions

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Oh this is good, may I suggest more mobs in the future instead of just pigs?
Yesss!! :3

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Porque linkversite y no adfly?
Esto me ayuda a mi para generar algo de dinero extra ya que yo tambien como sabes!
no puedo reproducirlos entre ellos
i hate linkversite
so do i
We already fixed the shortener, now you only have to wait 15 seconds