TEAVSRP (Bedrock Ported) [1.10+]

Are you sick n' tired of the default Minecraft sounds? Well, not anymore with these new amazing pack! Created originally by and from the Element Animations - now into your Minecraft Bedrock! 

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Hi, will the villager music work if i downloaded the Minecraft music from the marketplace? Thank you.
This is Great!
there is a mcpack file at the zip
Please put mcpack then I'll give you 5 stars
Rename the .zip to .mcpack, it should work
Aww not for mcpe :(
I want mcpack file
Rename the .zip to .mcpack it should work
some of the sounds are distorted to be high-pitched or low-pitched and it's inaccurate! i watched the video.... i think you arleady explain that tho in other comment
I believe this is because to how sounds are coded to be played in-game.

For instance the baby zombie does not have its own unique sound, rather its just the same as the normal zombie but played high pitched in-game. Same for other sounds!
Awesome there is music =)

Plus sounds!!!
Your Ad links are cancer by the way. To others, do not even bother trying.
It works for me Win10 with version 1.14 .
First, the idea is funny but, most sounds have too low volume (or your own steps sound are lot too loud) and it shows its age (wandering trader/llama have no sound for example)
Practically, most people will uninstall it after 10 minutes.
I will like a "remix" version like Grian used in his last 2 youtube videos, where only villagers (and perhaps wandering traders as well) have the new sounds in place of the usual grunt noises.
I am really sorry for the misunderstanding you might have gone with this pack, and I am here to clear that up:

First and foremost, I'd like to let you know that this is a ported version of the TEAVSRP pack created by Element Animations a few years ago.

Thus, second, I don't make the voices for this texture pack and some sounds are just copied and/or compromised.

Finally, the ad's are a way to support my simple effort and time I've put into porting this. You see there is an optional thing to view those ads, since I didn't made this anyway.

Also, please check when was this uploaded. I haven't updated this since there was nothing I can update for the main pack.

Can you make an mcpack file? Thanks!
Nevermind lol
Chill man don't need to call it cancer
dadadadadadadadadededededededa. Villager news.
we are live in 3,2,1
The Best Funniest Voice Pack Ever! Lol
Thanks now i can spawn THE VILLAGER KING
I can’t stop laughing! This is too stupidly funny!