Published on July 06, 2020 (Updated on July 06, 2020)

Tameable Hoglins

Ever wanted have the ability to tame a Hoglin and ride it? With this small add-on, that becomes possible! Explore the nether with the power of a Hoglin by your side.

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I will give you credit, can i use this in my addon
Can you make him rideable and maybe add some armour for him?, I dunno about the armour but I do know the rideable thing is possible
Awesome addon dude, it makes the hoglin more friendly to human just did an addon review goodluck on future addons!!! :D
can we have Tameable Fox? :'3
and yes, I know you can gain baby fox's trust by breeding but that isn't taming :<
Se ve muy interesante
Make it so that to ride them you have to give them a saddle and that they can have chest attached to them to hold items. Also make it so that when tamed they will attack mobs that the player attacks and they can be healed with nether wart.
Give him a saddle this Will make him look like ordinary pig