Published on May 24, 2019 (Updated on May 26, 2019)

The Last Patient (Horror!)

This map is full of jumpscares and loud noises with the help of some addons and texture pack this map will make you scream for your life.


Creator : GabTheCrafter

Thanks to CodanRaigen21 for letting me use his add-on on this map

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-Bug Fixes

-Lag Optimized (a little bit)

- WIN10, IOS, ANDROID all devices supported


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Extremely spooky ambience, and the jumpscares were used sparingly enough. As always, kudos to your custom textures!
Hey!I remember playing this a LONG time ago and I really liked the addon.Do you think you can link the addon you are using it’s really good and I’m making my own horror map.
It was really good!
Update your map to 1.14 please, they looking great !
Great texture pack, sounds, and map. I wasn't able to get into the electrical room and the dubstep for the dropping sound wasn't very nice. I say you can do much better than how it is currently, I hope to see future updates to make this better.
Hey Gab! This has inspired me to make a horror map myself and i was just wondering if i could use the resource and behavior pack you have used to maybe make a sequel to this map. Credit will be implemented for both of the packs and i will shout you out for being the original creator as i will be calling it The Last Patient: The Sequel. Thanks for reading hope to hear back soon.
Does anyone know where I can get this texture pack?
Lmao its easy go to the world file and copy the world behavior or resource pack paste it to behavior or resource pack and you have the addon
Yo if ur on iOS I can help
Great map thx for making it?
Where can I get the texture and add on??
I don't think dubstep was appropriate for a horror map, I felt like it was unfinished it was too short, also it had no plot and no story.
Maybe I just missed it but I couldn’t even get to the electric room so I could only play for five minutes
I just downloaded this map. And I want to record it for my Youtube channel. I want to use the pict of the map for my video thumbnail. So, may I ? I just afraid that I will get copyright from Youtube
Sorry for bad english. I am Indonesian ?
Omg that was amazing! It scared the heck out of me. I couldn’t even look at my screen half of the time. I rarely ever get scared with horror games but this one was the one to scare me. Keep up the good work!
I doesn’t work one texture pack is corrupted Please fix it because it looks beautiful by the images but still looks cool
can you please make the cure an official add-on
What do I do once I found the axe? The body bags in the morge disappeared so I’m not sure if it’s bugged.
the download isn't working. and the adfly site tried to download a virus. please help
the download has worked but I had to copy and paste the link onto a different site bar.