Published on July 19, 2016

The Mutant Slayer (Modded Map!) [Adventure]

Scientists help our world move forward but sometimes their experiments involve chemicals which nobody should have touched - not even them. Things quickly turned ugly and since you are known as The Mob Slayer they immediately called and required your assistance. Do you have what it takes to save the city (and maybe even the entire world) from a massive invasion of mutant creatures?


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Does this map have command blocks
it didn't work for me
Why did this not work for me?
It looks awesome!!!
Hello. Im the creator of More Mutant Creatures Mod. There is a new version 3.1v now. It has been updated on the mod but not the modded map. all mobs will now still be there in game. So you can exit the game take a break and when you enter the modded map the mobs will still be there. Please update on this webpage
Yup I saw people on youtube play this and its only for PC
This looks like a Minecraft PC map, because there's a gamerule that exists only in Minecraft PC. My device is low-end and my device lags while I play it. Can you tell to this map creators to make this map for Minecraft PC? (for Minecraft PC 1.9)
How to install mod texture pack, using block launcher or from minecraft itself?
Looks cool! Can't wait to play it. :D