Published on August 04, 2019 (Updated on January 02, 2020)

Thirst Bar Add-on

In vanilla Minecraft you have a working health, hunger, experience, and air bar. But with this add-on you can now take survival one step further and add a working thirst bar!

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  • Updated for latest version of Minecraft.
  • Added splash text.
  • Removed unnecessary files.

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I love it ! It is extremely challenging
This mod gives you poison while you hitting.
I would say Digital Covid 19.
this is fake it does not work its stupid
This is cool however. I walked away from my game for a minute. I kept hearing noises going from the game. After about 5 mins came back and i had died multiple times and lost all of my stuff. Which is odd since i died right by my bed. So i should of kept picking something up. So i died from thirst in less than a minecraft day.
Hey can u make it like the hunger bar it only dose some damage not instantly kill

If that’s possible thx ◽️
there should be some kind of effect/function called raspymouth that makes you feel pain
Can you make a update on this for 1.15 and 1.16 please that would be awesome.
Its great but instead of instant kill you should make it so you get nausea, lethal poison, and slowness II.
Also, you should be able to drink directly from a water block so that you don't have to have bottles.
The UI is so cool. Can i use it for my modpack and slightly change the thirst mechanics? I'll wholeheartedly give credit to your work. Thanks
Can you please update because it's not working for me
Hey, I just wanted to give some feedback for this mod. It’s really fun, and this would make it better. I was think that you should make it so that the player gets maximum slowness once the thirst gets to 1 bar, and that you can use the right click mouse button to drink water directly from a pond, and if you drink from an ocean, your thirst goes lower because of salt.
Hi, I have a problem when I activate the addon, I can't look the bar and 30 seconds later it crash
My minecraft version is 1.14.30
It is nice but there's a glitch u need only one bottle when u first use it before drinking it all it fills the bar.
yeah, this is a really cool Addon but its kinda broken.
There is a few bugs, when your thirst bar gets extremely low it goes to a plus sign and percentage signs, and you also dont have to drink a water bottle to get thirst back. Reccomendations, instakilling is a little too much maybe make it to where your character gradually gets slower? Another one is, just like saturation effect add a hydration effect that refills your thirst! All and all its a very good addon seriously download and 5 star the addon! (If you agree with these features, like the comment so that way the creator can see!)
yeah instakill is overkill, I´d say you get nausea 1 and lose hp like when you have no hunger
Bedrock addons can't add custom effect sorry
Not bad good fair on apocalypse add on
Não está funcionando, espero que atualizem e arrumem esse addon porque no momento ele não funciona, a barra de sede não está aparecendo.
Could you Align the thirst bar with the hot bar and stuff? I use an iPad, so it already looks weird in the pocket UI but when I go to settings and change it to classic UI, it moves the air bubbles for when ur underwater up and to the side, so I can only see half of the air bubbles because the rest to off the screen, and the thirst bar isn’t aligned properly