Published on July 26, 2021 (Updated on May 20, 2024)

Tinkers' Bedrock: Blades of the Forge (v2.1)

Tinkers' Construct is a Java mod, first created by mDiyo, now reimagined for Bedrock Edition in the form of Tinkers' Bedrock! This add-on adds a variety of new tools and weapons to the game, along with some extra features.

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(v2.1 Changelog):


  • Renamed to 'Tinkers' Bedrock'
  • New logo
  • Added mandatory 'Core' module (removing duplications between modules)
  • Added Aluminium Uses
    • Beams
    • Railings
    • Windows
    • Window Panes
    • Chequered Slabs
  • Chequered Aluminium is no longer 3D


***AOE: Area of Effect (mining blocks in a 3x3 area)

  • Added Wooden Armor
  • Added Gladiator Armor (Full Set: Strength II, Slowness)
  • Added Vanguard Armor (Full Set: Speed)
  • Added Samurai Armor (Full Set: Resistance III)
  • Recoded tools
    • New identifiers
    • Tools mine everything they should
    • Compressed functions of AOE mining to only full blocks
    • Broad Axes break down each type of tree differently to adjust more to their shape
    • Broad tools mine blocks at different rates, depending on if the block can be AOE mined or not
    • Durability is consistent with each material (broad tools have double the original)
  • Added New Material Trait:
    • Bountiful (Alumite) - Raw materials drop extra fragments of themselves
  • Added Shards (non-metal nuggets)
  • Revamped Part Builder
    • Pattern types no longer needed
    • Each tool part is made with a specific shape + a pattern
    • Without the Smeltery Module, metal parts can be made here
  • Revamped tool recipes
    • Only 6 potential head parts now required for all tools (+Shards)
    • Added Plates
    • Only Wooden Tool Handles needed
  • Added Repair Station
    • Tools can be repaired after breaking, for cheaper than making a new one from scratch
  • Temporarily removed Beheading from Cleavers
  • Temporarily removed tool modifiers (redundant code, ready to replace with scripts in future)
  • Renamed Frypans to 'Frying Pans'
  • Renamed Tinker's Anvil to 'Tinker's Forge'
  • Updated Materials and You book to match new info
  • Fixed recipes with wood (removed tagged recipes due to recent errors on lower-end devices
  • 1.20.80 has automatically fixed issues with recipe unlocking


***Smeltery code does now heavily rely around queued ticking, so only build one if necessary on mobile.

  • Controllers can now only be placed in the centre of smeltery walls (improves performance)
  • Compressed Controller code to a 1/3 of original size
  • Molten fluid variants are now merged into one block per material
  • Smelteries now can have multiple layers (up to 3)
    • Alloying now requires at least 2 layers (in the correct ratio)
  • Smelteries can melt more resources than ever!
  • Added Seared Grates
  • Seared Glass now connects vertically
  • Each molten fluid type is merged into a block each
  • Retextured Gold Casts
  • Removed Molten Buckets
  • Fixed Seared Channels
  • Updated Mighty Smelting book to match new info


  • Fixed food bugs
  • Fixed Slime Boots (Script provided by HaxTheCharizard)



  • Strats_Equipment_Remover.mcpack (26.32 KB)
  • Tinkers_Bedrock_v2.1.mcaddon (2.14 MB)
  • (2.14 MB)

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I installed the mod, but the workstation UIs don't show up. I disabled Vanilla tools, so I can't play. If someone knows how to fix this, please tell me.
Hi, I have added this mod to my aternos 1.20.81 server and it gets loaded but the icon of all the mod items are invisible aswell as their appearance.

All experimental features are enabled on my world and I tried uploading it of both different ways. I don't know if other mods on my world are causing problems to this one but it seems to be the only one that does not work.

I also tried downloading it from different resources and the problem remains.

Thank you for the support.
Sadly the add-on won't work on aternos. Aternos doesn't work well for add-ons like this, so I wouldn't recommend it
I downloaded the addon and when I entered the world it crashed my game
If you get crashes, you may need to disable the Smeltery module. That's just due to device limitations, add-ons this complex coded won't run well on lower-end devices. However, the rest of the add-on will work just fine without it.
Weapons doing like no damage,you can equip 1 piece of armor because you have to hold it.
You need to enable experimental features
Will you ever put mixing of different ore tool parts and will you add all the different extra buffs of different ores and the tool upgrades ty for your time and effort on this mod
does it work on realms
can i still use the natura regrown mod with this because it says its for 1.20.50
when I open the world with the addon it crashes but if I turn off experimental features it opens but nothing works
Yo thanks bro, I didn’t wanna buy the one in the marketplace because it cost money. Thanks for making it free, your helping a lot of people save money
It's not the same as the Marketplace one. This one predates it by over a year.
thank you for all the hard work that you put into this addon!
whenbi create a world with all the addon its crashes when i put only smeltering the textures bugged all world prob there bug or a something making the addons behahior or resource being bugeed like this plz fix this thanks:)
Not sure about the crashing with everything, but the textures will be bugged with only smeltery because you need the resource pack too. If you disable the core module, you will also disable the resource pack. Hope this helps
Do you have any plans to make this add-on compatible with other add-ons that add ores
idk why . i cant craft pattern in my world. ive tried multiple times. its got only one time i can caft that, but there was still some other issues. and before that world i could never craft patern again. i sure i do every pre-work. btw En isnt my mother languege sor.
oh my version is 1.20.8 im not sure is that a problem or not.
i can literrally see everything in creater mode
Are you going to update this to work in 1.20.8+? I tried to use it in my modded world, but nothing works properly :(