Published on July 26, 2021 (Updated on June 03, 2022)

Tinkers' Construct: Bedrock Edition (v1.5)

Tinkers' Construct is a Java mod, first created by mDiyo, now recreated in Bedrock Edition! This add-on adds a variety of new tools and weapons to the game, along with some extra features.

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Added Beheading Modifier

Added Necrotic Modifier (Life Steal)

Added Lvl 2 Modifiers (Haste, Sharp, Beheading and Necrotic)

Added Beheading to Cleavers by default

Added Sweeping Edge to Broadswords

Revamped Longsword Lunge Mechanic

Added Creative Tools

Removed Modifiers from the Creative Menu

Added Spinning Animation to Shurikens

Updated Materials and You

Hatchets now mine leaves as fast as its mining speed

Increased Stone and Flint Tool durability by 100



The Smeltery is now a multi-block structure

Updated Smeltery Controller UI

Updated Part Builder and Casting Table UI

Remade Casting Basin Texture and Geometry

Added placeable Tool Rod Cast

Reverted Smeltery Controller recipe to 1.12.2 version

Reverted Seared Heater recipe to 1.12.2 version

Reverted Seared Melter recipe to 1.12.2 version

Seared Tanks and Seared Gauges now emit light

Molten Liquid now flows in Tanks, Gauges and Melters

Tool Parts can now be re-smelted in the Smeltery

Removed Liquid Dirt and Mud Bricks



Separated Texture Options into separate resource packs (Custom UIs, Updated and Classic)

Added Pattern Chest (semi-functional)

Added Barricades

Added Coagulated Blood Recipes

Added Slime Drops (From Drying Slimeballs)

Added New Mod Head Blocks (Enderman, Blaze and Spider)

Ancient Debris/Netherite Scrap can now be used to make Manyullyn (in place of Ardite)

Workstations can now be made from Warped and Crimson wood


Bug Fixes:

Fixed Xbox and Android texture issue

Pickaxes and Hammers can mine lanterns

Raw Cobalt and Ardite Blocks are now craftable

The top and bottom textures of the Smeltery Controller and Seared Heater no longer rotate




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  • Tinkers_Construct_v1.5.mcaddon (4.79 MB)
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I LIKE MC MODS1234567890 July 04, 2022 at 4:56 pm
Update Suggestion
Could you add armours with Many and the other new metels,also how do you get them,they don't seem to spawn naturally?
This comment has been removed
Hey! Great addon, on behalf of most people, try to update as soon as possible, the addon is mostly broken thanks to 1.19, and you are most likely working on it. 1.19 has really ruined a lot of addons, shame that it ruined this one. Of course p, it can be fixed, but it will take a while, so yeah, great job, keep it up, all that. (By the way I have little mod making experience, so I am sorry if I made it seem like your lazy, cause your not. This is by far one of the hardest to make addons on MCPE, and is a great replica of the Java addon. I also apologize if this sounds condescending, but do know, it is not cause I suck at modding lol)
Update for 1.19 pls i love this addon
Please Fix the mod for mcpe 1.19, is'nt
This comment has been removed
i tried it at 1.19 and the tools i think broke because i tried to mine stone and the pickaxe doesnt work and even i tried using axe to get wood and still tooks time plss fix it i realy love you're mod
why doesn't it work on 1.19?
1.19 made few awful changes to js, may need a few patches. Where can i submit them? Also, adding copper oxidation from Copper Equipment 3.2 will be good change.
Make support 1.19
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Hey you forgotten about the rapier it's a sword that pierces through armor also I would prefer if you put it in the tool anvil because it is ridiculously powerful in most cases it also can make you jump backwards.
I cant play this mod on Xbox i downloaded It but the symbols doesnt charge pls Fix It some Friends and i want yo play with It, also i added manually the behaviour pack and It doesnt world
This comment has been removed
They don't show in the crafting menu anymore from the previous update but they are still craftable with the same ingredients, but also if you have the combos pack enabled, you cannot apply modifiers to any combination that isn't all the same material, as it has always been
You should add a modifier that acts like mending. Or at least make it so mending can be put on the tools or something, cause I don’t see much point in making the tools, if I am just going to have to keep gathering resources just to keep them
The main feature is that once they break, you are given a broken variant of them, so you can easily repair them with 2 of the same material. Mending Moss is a thing in the mod, but it's not easy to implement.