Totem Of Undealing Addon

This addon adds in a new item to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This item basically reduces the prices of trades of villagers. As now it's very hard waiting for the villager to restock and get the emeralds.

How It Works?

1. Craft it by putting 4 emerald blocks at the corners, 4 gold ingots on the sides and a totem in the middle.

2. Hold the totem of undealing in hand and trade to reduce the price of trades.

How to install?

Add the addon pack in the resource and the behavior packs of the world and turn the experimental mode on.

Video For Better Explanation:


Youtube = AGamingPlayz

Select version for changelog:


Updated the totem texture and make it 16x16 as it was causing lag.

Removed the foil from the totem.

Supported Minecraft versions

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Guest-6469981776 May 19, 2020 at 5:34 pm
This add-on has basically the same thing that was in Logdotzip's Upgrading the raid datapack except it doesn't give credit to him or his creators for the idea & also even changed the name
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What happened to Playz++
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brings back LogDotZip or DotZip
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Or don’t waste your time and just do
/effect @p village_hero 60 5
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You now this is for legit survival, right?
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It not have good textures
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This addon was inspirised by logdotzip

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Didn’t logdotzip create this? Please correct me if I’m wrong, just asking.
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Wait wasn't this is a logdotzip video called. Upgradeing the raid. Turning comments into crafting recipes.
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Please make a totems+ addon that will have this totem in it. Totem of Unburning- resistance to lava, fire, magma blocks, campfires, and fire balls, crafted by 4 blaze powder, 4 fire charges, and a totem in the center. Totem of undrowning- makes the player unable to drown, crafted by 4 prismarian crystals, 4 coral blocks, and a heart of the sea. Totem of potion effects- makes the player resistant to any potion effect, uncraftable sold by the cleric. Totem of explosion- resistant to any explosion no matter how powerful, crafted by surrounding a totem in tnt. Totem of the undead- makes the undead not target you, crafted by 4 bones, 4 rotten flesh, and a totem. Totem of zipping- makes the player extremely fast with their arm and feet, uncraftable sold for 64 emerald blocks by cleric.
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