Published on June 19, 2020 (Updated on July 25, 2020)

Umäk Furniture++ (9 New Furnitures)

The sequel to the Umäk Furniture - Living Room addon! This addon adds stuff that you'd usually find in your living room, only this time, I've added stuff that wasn't added to the first Umäk Furniture addon such as ceiling fans and dining tables.

About this addon

Originally, I planned on just updating the original addon but then, I was afraid that it would be too heavy for low end device users. So I made it into a seperate pack (AKA this pack)!

This addon includes 23 furniture pieces (26 including variants) (As of 25/7/2020)

I didn't want to add pictures of them individually as it will make this thread long. So heres a list of them, followed by their functions and a preview.

-Ashmin Table

-Basic fridge


-Ceiling Fan

-Chair with wheels

-Corner Sofa

-Dining Chair (White)

-Dining Chair (Brown)

-Dining Table

-Gaming Setup

-Toilet cabinet

-Table with flatscreen

-Tall Fan

-Small Fan

New furniture (9 new ones, 12 including variants)

-Orange chair

-Simple Sofa


-Sink Cabinet (Facing North)

-Sink Cabinet (Facing South)

-Stove (Facing North)

-Stove (Facing South)

-Rubbish Bin

-Washing Machine (Facing North)

-Washing Machine (Facing South)



Ceiling fan, small fan and tall fan - Has spinning animations

Microwave and stove - Can cook certain raw food

All chairs/sofas/bathtub/toilet - Can be seated on

Other furniture not listed - Most of them acts as container/decoration.


How to obtain

Get their spawn eggs from the Creative Inventory! Using /summon commands are still possible but may not be suitable, arrangement-wise.


Instagram account: @ashminggudev

Twitter account: @ashminggu

Email account: [email protected]

Extra links

Umak Furniture - Living Room addon (Original): Click here!

Select version for changelog:


(Update 25/7/2020)

1. Added 9 new furniture (12 including variants) along with special functions.

2. Added better item icons for optimization purposes.


1. Download both the Resource and Behavior Packs or the full pack (Links are below).

2. You will be sent to the redirection page. Just wait 5 seconds and skip. (Note: You'll might be ask to allow some notifications, just deny all of them).

3. Wait for another 45 - 60 seconds at the "Please press 'Allow' to continue" page.

4. Download the Resource / Behavior Packs.

5. Once downloaded, click on the files and it will automatically open up Minecraft to start importing the files!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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this sucks man we need mediafire oof
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mate, you expect people to hand over things they worked on for long periods of time, simply for free? if a 5 second wait aint worth an addon then how about directly paying the creator? would that be better?
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Yes but Last time I tried adfly i got a virus, I’m sure he’s rather have someone use it for free then not use it at all
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Get the link to mediafire please and i really love it!
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Get Link To medfire Pls
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1 is a scam site i wouldnt evene bother downloading this
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OMG mr creator we have the same name start =)
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All of them that face one certain way, can you add
East and west? For toilets add north south east and west,and for washing machine, oven and sink add what i mentioned
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Mr creator I have a problem?when im using this add-on on my mcworld and use the furniture to my house?after 15mins using this addon?my minecraft crash?why?I don't know why my minecraft crash when I'm using this add-on!?
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I hate adfly cuz I need download that add-on from MediaFire
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The previews are fake, every texture doesn't have shading.
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No its not fake maybe u have a SLOW DEVICE AND U NEED Graphics to miuim thats why
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How do I download the mod
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Go to your files then take the files and move them to minecraft.
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I can't find the spawn eggs in my inventory.
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I like this addon. But ceiling fan is telerporting around after i close my world then i open it back. Can you fix it.
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New addon please,umm modern beds addon
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I really like this addon! But can you add a feature where you can dye some of the furniture different colors?
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