Warden Concept Add-On

In this add-on, it adds a new blind scary hostile mob that was shown at Minecraft Live 2020. Warden lives in the deepest caves in the next upcoming update “Summer 2021”, and if you are in a very deep cave and see it, just be sure to stay quiet or run away before it catches you! 


This add-on is only for MCPEDL “” ! This add-on is not allowed to be published on other websites or applications without the permission of the creator. 


A blind scary mob that lives in the deepest caves with a glowing animation! It can get lazy sometimes, still will be strong against targets! Like in the Minecraft Live 2020, full netherite armor will deal 6.5 hearts to player. We dont know what it’s health so it will have 75 hearts!

Like a Enderman, To avoid trouble, just be sneaking if Warden is spotted very close, if not stay away 3-4 blocks or else it will unleash its roar and attack on the player!

Special Thanks to Panedwards for making the Warden Logo for the Thumbnail!


3 Steps to install the Add-On:

1. Download The Add-On

2. Apply the packs for a world

3. Create the world


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100

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28 Responses

4.88 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Ushan says:

    Great addon.But you can add looting from warden mob.

  2. Beanels says:

    Why does it 1 hit me in full netherite armor? I like the detection but if you even hit it, it can find you forever and will hunt you down till it one hits you. Nerf the damage please and fix that. Also, my textures keep glitching. The texture when listening and running makes his body deformed and weird. Please fix ASAP

  3. Ultralogs says:

    Please fix the wardens detection radius it doesn’t matter if your shifting with this addon because the warden can only see you if your one block away. Also please make the warden follow projectiles like snowballs, arrows and tridents.

  4. Villager BS says:

    The creator forgot to say that he can break cobblestone

  5. Damian1png says:

    I was realized that the warden sounds are the same sounds of a creeper but distorted

  6. Ultralogs says:

    hello! I downloaded the addon recently and I am very impressed the animations and the sounds are on point and so is the model itself however i was very disappointed when I realized that the Warden won’t follow snowballs or arrows please fix this in the next update, please keep us updated on how long this will take and when it will be fixed.

  7. bruh iceologer says:

    your name report

  8. CubosMc says:

    Hello, how are you? I hope I would like to publish your addon on my CubosMc website.
    And this message is with the reason of asking your permission to publish it, I will give you the copyright and I will put your download link. What do you think?

  9. duo wan wo de shi jie he zi,zai jian ba.

  10. Dhoejw says:

    Yo it can’t detect snowball or other things, i like the animations and heart beat also sounds but it only can detect u

  11. KillerBr says:

    what i think about this concept is ..,


  12. Its_Skyy_ says:

    Good concept 👍

  13. Add particle for the warden pls

  14. Julio Cesar says:

    They are saying that the director’s life is 5 times longer than the player’s, or 100 hp. This addon is very good..

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