Woodland Mansion Less Than 750 Blocks From Spawn!

As the title suggests, this seed for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16+ has a Woodland Mansion - the rarest structure in the game - less than 750 blocks away from the spawn! But that's not all this seed has to offer - there is also a stronghold village very close to the mansion AND a pillager outpost next to another abandoned village.

These structures, combined with the flat, yet diverse terrain make this world great for survival, create, and... well, everything!

Coordinates of structures:

  • Woodland Mansion: 150, ~, -750
  • Stronghold Village: 550, ~, -750
  • Pillager Outpost next to Abandoned Village: 450, ~, -1150


The spawn is flat, yet diverse, with plains, forest, dark oak forest, savannah, and hills:

The mansion is less than 750 blocks away from spawn:

The mansion is very close to the stronghold village:

Pillager outpost next to an abandoned village:

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What are the Y-coordinates? You just put "~" instead of a number.
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I'm not the author, but maybe it's because the y coordinates aren't really necessary. Coordinates are usually listed just for the x and z ones, so you get the basic idea on where the structure is.
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Will this work in Realms? If so, how does it work? Does it just appear at certain co-ordinates?
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