Published on August 25, 2019 (Updated on August 25, 2019)

World Infection Add-on (v1.11+)

World Infection is an add-on that uses item entities to destroy and eradicate a world. Within a minute, your world will definitely start to lag - until your device can no longer handle it. This add-on is also the sequel to the previous Snap (Function's Pack).

Supported Minecraft versions

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It's a very good mod, but, i wish there could be a disaster version of it. almost like a race to beat the game before the world gets eaten by the hole.
I tried disabling tile drops, it worked.
No lag, well, for me.
Guest-9077339251 May 20, 2020 at 5:56 pm
This didn’t last well...
Could you give a non-adfly link? I'm curious to see how faster it will perform on my device (4gb ram, oneplus 2)
You can download this add-on with link by waiting until 5 seconds then Discover A Yellow Button Wrote In “Skip Ad” Then Redirects Then Wait Until Becomes Another Link Automaticly Then You Can Download
This addon is good for clearing worlds. also, I have a idea. maybe can reduce lag when tile drops is off?
Can’t Download because of adfly.
Wait 5 seconds then click/tap the ‘skip ad’ button in the top right corner. It should then redirect you to the download.
antivirus and privacy software blocks adfly sometimes
This addon is very helpful in clearing worlds for creating games like Skyblock and or watching the world get eaten.

Side question, where can I find that auto-aim bow addon you have in the screenshot? ^^