Published on September 02, 2020 (Updated on September 03, 2020)

Zombie Attack (Minigame) (Beta)

Welcome to ZOMBIE ATTACK! 

Your goal is to defend the end crystal from the zombies ,once the end crystal is destroyed the game will end.

Killing zombies and completing rounds will give you rotten flesh which can be used for buying stuff from villagers.

Once you spawn in its reccomended that gather resources 

Yes you can break the map. but DO NOT go outside of the map

There are trees you can break for woods and a hill you can break for stone

Other resources such as anvils and enchantment tables can be found in houses

Note: This is still in Beta so everything isn't perfect stay tuned for when i update it

Others things to know

Zombies are able to break blocks

Villagers can't die

Zombies WILL goto the end crystal even if its not in there range.

Useless stuff that doesn't matter but i think is cool

-Fireworks from the cleric are limited so use them wisely (totally didn't mess up when i was coding and just decide to pertend like i did that on purpose)

-Each level you will get more and more rotten flesh for completing

-There are 2o levels but i dont think your going to beat all of them(Go and try also send me a pic if you get to level 20)

-Zombies are able to break the walls and go outside the map ,and so can you so please don't do that.

-Zombies will goto the end crystal but once they see you they will be more interested in you then the crystal

-Zombies cannot kill the villagers but either way i would suggest locking them up

Next Update will introduce

-Armor zombies

-Fixed bugs


-Grave (for when you die)

So Stay Tuned! 

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Sorry about that but i accidentaly put the wrong link for the 2nd download


To install this world click the 1st link 1st if it for whatever reason doesn't work try the 2nd DO NOT do the 2nd one first. If you do you might not be able to play at all

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