Published on November 06, 2022 (Updated on February 08, 2024)

[1.20.60] Better on Bedrock: Reworked

Better on Bedrock is a Minecraft Bedrock Add-On that aims to improve the overall gameplay of the base vanilla game. It aims to improve a lot of aspects by improving and adding new bosses, blocks, items, mobs, structures, biomes and systems.

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Better on Bedrock: Reworked

  • Added support for 1.20.60
  • Added a Soul Jar block
  • Removed item description from Soul
  • Updated the Add-On's RP and BP to have dependencies
  • Distributed mobs to spawn in their own biomes
    • Deer: Forest, Birch Forest
    • Owl: Spawn at night in Forest
    • Butterfly: Plains
    • Racoon: Birch Forest, Taiga Forest
    • Squirrel: Birch Forest, Taiga Forest, Roofed Forest
    • Sparrow: Birch Forest
    • Toucan: Jungle
      • This was done to allow vanilla mobs to spawn more often in other biomes, and to reduce overall mob quantity
  • Updated custom mobs to despawn
  • Added item descriptions that players should see in the crafting menu
  • Buffed some health of some bosses
  • Buffed durability of Stardust Tools
  • Fixed creepers not dropping gunpowder
  • Increased the rate at which deer hide drops
  • Updated the recipe of Stronger String to give 4 instead of 3
  • Removed other recipes for Nether Amulet
  • Fixed an issue where players would be stuck in spectator mode when they used the ghost necklace
  • Fixed an issue where some mobs could not be bred
  • This makes it so the game auto-applies either the Behavior or Resource pack


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Pinned comment
I'm working on Better on Bedrock's End Update. No new for when it will release.
Most of this still works on 1.20.60 but the pillager captains are not giving bad omen when killed neither are raids starting when given bad omen via command

Other than this slight issue this is a great addon!
If I have a version of the mod how can I update it to the end update when it drops without losing my current data
Does this AddonPack compatible with other addons that uses Player.json file?
it won't load on my Xbox.
For those who received the 404 error, just go back and click the link again and then the "bob_reworked_patch4" file will appear available for download.
Church working this 1.20.62 here, it's very good on 1.20.62.
there’s no file to download the mod. then how to download it?
it makes my Minecraft lag I don't know why, what do I do? 😔
This comment has been removed
I found the mod very good, complete and complex, but I have no idea how to use the backpack, can you teach me, please?
mod link broken?? it aint downloadable
mine didn’t show up on the app. I have iOS and it worked using safari. MCPEDL, Better on Bedrock, it should be bob_reworked_patch4.mcaddon
Hey, i am having this text messge in the pack that it's "one or more dependent pack are missing" is that suppose to happen?
Hey Men, why don't try to put it on the marketplace? For the guys on console i love your work!!!! Best add-on ever
Porque ya no sacas un mod de tu generación de biomas individual!? Están increíbles los biomas ! Y estaría chido q sacarás como antes un mod de tus biomas :)