Poggy's Luminous Dreams v0.2.0 | Deferred Pack(Shader)

Embark on an otherworldly odyssey with "Luminous Dreams": a visionary Deferred Renderer Pack (or Shader) meticulously crafted for the luminous realm of Minecraft Bedrock Edition's 1.20.40 (Beta/Preview), powered by the revolutionary Render Dragon Engine. This shader transcends the limits of ordinary visuals, weaving an intricate tapestry that melds the virtual and the tangible.

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Changes and Additions

  • All Mobs & Blocks now have PBR textures
    • All Blocks Have Heightmaps
    • Some Blocks have glow parts
    • Some Blocks Reflect Light
    • Some Mobs Glow
    • Not All Mobs Glow or Appear smooth
  • Added Point Lights to:
    • Ender Chest
    • Glow Berries
    • Portal
  • Tweaked Lighting for Noon and Mid Noon
  • Tweaked Sky Color
  • Cleaned up the pack settings screen


Fixed an issue where pack settings corrupted textures


Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

my game crashed
Nice, you use an unsupported device 🗿
probably the best shader after Render Dragon Engine
whens the next update.
Doesnt work, and yes my device meets all requirements, i should have known better, it not your fault, the mojang and Microsoft associates who decided to make the engine change have spaghetti for brains and were not thinking clearly when they made the decision, minecraft was running just fine the way it was,
Hey poggy i know your busy with some stuff but i want to know if this works with pocket edition and if it doesn't than can you try and make it work with pocket edition please.
It doesnt i tride it already
can somebody tell me why it says no installable files can somebody please tell me I've been reading the comments and it looks so good but I can't get it
I try this shader on my Series X Xbox and It looks Amazing!!! Best realism and Graphics!
Hey poggy i downloaded the pack you just updated today and it goes onto minecraft fine right but when i put it onto a world itll work but when i back out the world and it tries to sync it to the save data it doesnt work and when i press cancel itll take me back to the main screen and do the little purple black box texture and crash my game entirely. This happens on Xbox Series S on the main game verison which is currently 1.20.15 and it has only started happening with this current update you released not the previous versions you did.
i think the lastest update broke it for xbox because now i cant activate it on minecraft now because it says its a to high version but it never did that before
I think it's because you need Minecraft
1.20.40 along with youtube tutorials.
why does it ask for 1.20.30??????
it's beta
You should add compatibility with bare bones
yeah it does not work yet, i know it's an early beta but do you plan to fix it, my version is 1.120.15 and this shader lookes impressive i cant wait
hi, i really like sm the shader, but now in xbox i cant download it because it has a "boostellar" link and i cant get the download because of this site. :(