Published on February 05, 2023 (Updated on August 09, 2023)

Poggy's WAWLA 2.0|| ToolTip Add-On

Have you ever played an Add-On, or multiple Add-Ons on a world, and you don't know what block or entity you're looking at? Poggy's What's That? Will provide all the info you'd need!

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New Additions

  • Added the Java Mod Creator to both RP and BP manifests
  • You can now see the brushing progress of the suspicious sand and gravel
  • You can now see the amount of candles, sea pickles and turtle eggs in a cluster
  • Decreased the view distance by 0.5 blocks
  • Blocks that have a redstone power OR blocks that has redstone pass through them will show that block's redstone level


  • Fixed issues where growing crops would display "NaN%" (Not a Number)
  • Fixed an issue where mobs from 50 blocks away would show up on WAWLA
  • Fixed translations for all the vanilla blocks (Still not 100% sure so if you find some blocks not being translated correctly in Poggy's WAWLA, please make a bug report in ⁠my server )
  • Fixed Content Log being spammed when looking at XP Orbs
    • Some blocks will now display the correct name, for example looking at a poppy will now show Poppy instead of Flower
    • Colored Blocks will show the correct name such as White Stained Glass


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Pinned comment
Man i wish Ive been brainwashed so that i can use this as a new player 😄
not working on 1.20.30
I love your mods and I'm glad you got creator of the week. Please make a mod that lets the player know what mod an item is from. Like in the hotbar, when you hold let's say a carrot from Pams Harvest, it'll say "Carrot" on top and "Pam's Harvest" on the bottom. Thanks : )
Does this mod works in global packs?????? 🧐🤨
Does it work with other addons?
yes it does, it says it in the description
Hello, you are having a lot of lag in version 1.20.12, will there be an update for this version?
bro why it said "there are no installable files" pls fix this
Saikō Majutsu-shi July 30, 2023 at 6:43 pm
poggy, I begged for this on the discord server, but apparently my idea was forgotten, please, I beg, make a better poggy structures, BoB structures are amazing, but the addon is very polluted and does not run on some devices
You did a good job, I haven't had a problem on 1.20.12, thanks.
TokitaYomi よみ July 26, 2023 at 2:17 pm
pls support 1.20.0 pls :”(((
Idontknowhowtocode July 26, 2023 at 4:05 pm
Update your game (if you can), but if you can do it
Жду новую версию Better on Bedrock!
isn't working don't know why
Sirve para Aternos?
NOTE: Any error texts in the WAWLA UI is out of my control. It uses the game language files and some texts doesn't exist in the game's language files, like Grass Block.
TokitaYomi よみ July 05, 2023 at 2:22 am
no harvest percent when looking at seed ? so bad
It is giving an continuous error message when you look at any dropped item or block and it only stops when you stop looking or when grab it