Published on September 11, 2017 (Updated on May 14, 2019)

Herobrine Addon

Herobrine is creepy pasta fan made character for minecraft, this character is  ot real, this addon created just for fun, Herobrine is a community-made creepypasta who have long been rumored about his existence. Some truly believe that he's a rare creature who sometimes occur in-game but there has been no evidence to support that claim so far. This add-on implements Herobrine in-game -- for real. You'll be able to summon him by building a very specific structure and then fight him in a boss battle.

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-Herobrine now not replacing anything

-Add Herobrine spawn egg

-Removed souls blocks (I still find a way to use that block again, because it replace iron golem structure so i cant use it for other mob, maybe back in future)


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its taking sooo long to download
Hi @TheEnderFace I will make a video that your Herobrine Vs My Herobrine. Who will win?
I remember like 3 or 4 years ago i used to have minecraft on mobile i remember typing in herobrine
and seeing this addon i downloaded it and spawned the herobrine in i remember believing it was the real herobrine!
This mod is cool. I love the soul blocks and the soul of Herobrine blocks. I pranked my friend and flew around invisible while wearing the soul of Herobrine as a pumpkin. I also used to love the newest version of the mod. But he skates now:(.
This comment has been removed
I remember this addon ?
I LOVED THIS ADDON I made herobrine fight the wither 2 itmes and herobrine always won 5 stars :) :) :) :)
Can you re- add the soul of Herobrine?
I want to get the add on but I'm Just A kid I can't buy it tho
No noob lol you don't have to buy addons, you only need to download them, it's easy, it's free
you don't need to buy it u just need to download it
Lol just install a infinity stones addon and select the reality stone and he will be vanished and it means he died see easy... Lol
or nuke him with the power stone
Umm I cant download this addon its to risky
Hey, can you post an updated link to download this? There's no way for me to download from either of the installation links. Also, is so easy to get viruses from that I really don't want to download from there, even if the creator is getting paid for it.