Published on June 11, 2019 (Updated on June 11, 2019)

Slenderman Add-on (Static Version)

The Slender Man (or Slenderman) is a supernatural (and obviously fictional) character which was created as creepypasta Internet meme created back in 2009 by a username called Something Awful. Slenderman is a an unnaturally thin and tall humanoid type of character, and now he's in Minecraft too!


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This amazing, keep up the good work!
I love the addon. The model is ABSOLUTELY incredible! You should try and make a comeback with more addons.
good addon but, i like the model but in the future could you change the model a bit and or mabye add a tenticle mode?
I would like Trevor Henderson mod which Cartoon cat should be strongest
But for now id like siren head cartoon cat long horse Brige worm big Charlie country road creature the lamb bonesworth and got of chickens. Great job
Bro wtf dude the static’s hurts my ear please fix it dude, that wasn’t cool.
Legit each time I open a world with this add-on I only here the dumb static’s fix it dude
So, adfly links don't work anymore, so a mediafire link or something would be cool
Guest-9079534300 May 18, 2020 at 1:24 pm
it is, but it isn't direct
Me gusta mucho la Skin original... 10/10
Rhoyel Barrameda add me on facebook for information June 28, 2019 at 5:08 am
i will teach you to how to make the mc addon into zipfile
1.Creat a folder with zachiver
2.extract the mc addon to the folder
3.extract again
4.compress the folder into zipfile
Looks cool but the link doesn't work so please fix it
acho que o slender deveria spawnar sozinho no mundo, e vc deveria concertar o bug de audio :/
can u give me the zip file of that?
Guest-7395073796 May 18, 2020 at 1:23 pm
just rename the file
Started the game with both of the Behavior and Resource pack installed, upon loading the world, all I hear is static...
Same, all sounds are not heard except for the static which is quite loud
Can you make the static sound only when Slendy is near the player?
Also make it so it isn't a pumpkin, and change the wither effect so it doesn't kill you so fast.
How can i download this directly i cant find the link can you help me?