Published on May 11, 2019

Redstone Technology Add-on

This is another version of the Redstone Mechanic Addon. It adds 5 mobs and some of which are from the original Redstone Mechanic Addon. Upgrade Minecraft with the Redstone Technology Add-on today!


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The behavior pack is incompatible with 1.17
this addon i cant dowload i dont know WHY! >:(
We're striders?
This addon needs an update so I have a few suggestions: Laser turret- shoots lasers at enemies. End turret- shoots shulker bullets at enemies and has a purple and blackish texture. Medieval turret- shoots arrows at enemies has a wood texture. Flame turret- shoots small fire balls at enemies and has a nether look to it. Explosion turret- shoots a custom projectile that deals a small explosion that doesn’t damage the area has a Creeper look. Wither turret- shoots wither skulls at enemies and looks kinda like the wither. Healer turret- heals nearby turrets and allays. Redstone mechanic- sells all the turrets and other good robots also redstone looks like a villager in a mech suit wereing goggles. Enemy laser turret- shoots at you. Robotic spider mine- looks like a mine with spider legs very small and won’t attack you unless near it then it will detonate. Robotic shark- a swimming robot looks like a robotic shark with 1 eye, will ferociously attack you and can’t move at all on land. Mech suit- can be ridden except first needs power. Looks like a giant suit that’s off at first but when using a redstone block on it it will turn on and be controllable shooting lasers at enemies. Destroyer mutant- a more buff version of a destroyer. Scanner- a flying robot that scans for you and other possible life except robots. When it detects something it will attack it. Cyborg- half villager or illager half robot. Neutral to both life forms and robots. Explodor- robotic creeper that has missals. Will shoot at you. When slain explodes. JM20K- robotic phantoms that shoot arrows. SO16G- the boss of this addon. Looks like a giagantic mech 10 times the size of a enderdragon. Will shoot all projectiles of any type, hit you, stomp attack you, summon hostile flyborgs, and explode sometimes. It will have about 800 hp and a boss bar too. It will have a trophy and death animation. Monsterouse Observer bot- the size of a ender dragon. This is created by giving a observer bot a redstone block. Now has 200 hp. Hopper bot- looks like a hopper with spider legs. Will not attack and will even run away. Steals items that are on the ground. Deactivated robot- comes in all the robot forms except for the turrets, cyborg, and boss. Give it a redstone torch to power it again.
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The flyborg and the destroyer are invisible pls fix.
Pls fix the destroyer and flyborg since when i put this addon with other addons the destroyer and the flyborg are invisible in rest are ok
Das Ist Mein Craft June 04, 2019 at 3:10 pm
Love the mod, works nicely on my realm, if you could just make thhe explosion noises thhe big one makes reduce by 50% would great so my ears dont bleed everytime lol

Also: Those that have the issue of a couple being invisible, when youre adding the resource and behaviour packs, make sure theyre at thhe top of the list you can shuffle them up one step at a time.
They are invisible plz fix
Can you pls make a drone pls
Works well mostly. but Flyborg and Destroyer turn invisible as soon as you have shaders or texture pack on, the rest are fine, please fix I'd love to use in my survival world
Só uma dica pra seu addon ficar ainda melhor adicione na próxima versão um pet feito com redstone que você pode craftar ele se n souber o data dos spawn_egg que agente adiciona guando faz um mob com o spawnable true são eles 259,260,261,262,263,264,265 e por aí vai é só uma dica porque seu addon tá ótimo mais tudo pode melhorar
Comenta em inglês
And so what are the changes?
Umm two of the mobs are invisible. The flyborg and the destroyer. Please fix this. Otherwise great mod.
I have some complaints: 1, you say they have multiple lives, so I think you mean HP or hearts; 2, although you say that this is another version of the Redstone Mechanic, it seems like a downgraded version of it really; 3, damage in last mob is demage, and it should be changed; 4, I absolutely don’t understand why a mechanical scorpion is supposed to spawn in a cave, when they usually depicted as a desert creature.

Other than that, I believe it is great. -Oh yeah, one last thing, you should keep mob info consistent (can attack, cannot attack, tamale or not, etc.) because with so few new mobs it shouldn’t be a hassle. For example, the Stork has •Targets monsters• while the other new mobs don’t say if they do or not.

Keep in mind that I’m not really criticizing you, and am just saying what you should change and fix.
Sorry if I have bad grammar btw, just came back from reading horrible translated text.