Published on August 08, 2019 (Updated on August 30, 2019)

Nitwit Spawner Trader Addon

This adds Trades to Nitwits as nitwits are currently useless in the game and do not trade anything. This addon adds that nitwit will trade you spawners and spawn eggs for emeralds.

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Removed Wither Spawner Egg Because it was causing problems

Removed Ender Dragon Spawner Egg Because it was Buggy

Supported Minecraft versions

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how to get to work on realms???
finally got it to work only to find it stops my villagers from sleeping
Breaks the villagers, they will no longer do there daily routine.
I need it to be a zip file with a behavior pack and resource pack in it cause it won't work otherwise
When i eat food , it crashhhhh . pls fix
The texture pack you use in the image
Faithful I believe
Why soo expensive? Is not that hard get spawn eggs
Lmao have you ever gotten a spawn egg in Minecraft survival with no cheats on?
You do realize that getting a spawn egg is impossible without cheats or mods/addons, right?
you know its impossible to get spawn eggs in survival ……. unless you used chests
Can you make a zip file for behavior and resource packs? Not together, but two separate links. It would be much appreciated, thankss ♥️
are you ok in the brain
Why the heck is the price are high!!?
it will be too OP if they are cheap, but it is possible to make them cheaper, just go to com.mojang then behavior packs then open the folder of the addon then go to entities or something until you find the trading and then you can change the prices to either be 64 dirt, 1 dragon egg, or anything and any number of that item, you can also do this to modif addons, if you think a boss is to OP you can nerf it or if you think something is too expensive you can change it, you dont need to much knowledge in coding 4 it, im still a noob in coding but mc addons are easy to code, you can even change textures for a addon or add additional content to it aslong as you dont publish the modified addon
Can you make a zip mediafire link
I'm on xbox it only works that way
Go on your phone, copy the link, then go through xbox app and paste it. That's what I had to do.
Doesn’t I Mean.... It DOSENT WORK ON 1.12
It Disney Work On IOS 1.12 Update(Village and Pillage Update)
Whats the resource pack your using?