Published on November 17, 2022 (Updated on May 30, 2023)

Steampunk Sky

Steampunk Sky is a map created from scratch where we can enjoy several floating islands with a steampunk style.

Each island is independent and linked by broken bridges, so you have to do parkour to get from one side to the other.

There are several main structures where you can progress through the game. Among them we will find the area of ​​floating islands, 2 flying boats facing each other, a small castle with a Mayan style and finally an underground area, decorated with vegetation and well lit.

All the structures are located on top of a lake, so if we fall we can survive, but going up will be more difficult. If we explore we can find 2 small towns where we can trade with the villagers and level them up to help us in our progress.


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Added several changes with large structures:

1. A floating, decorated and illuminated Mayan castle.

2. A flying ship opposite to the first already created. Habitable and large.

3. Added small plane squadrons around the flying ship and helicopters inside it.

4. A civilization in the subsoil, hidden by large roots. Composed of several towers, fountains and vegetation.

5. The size of the map in megabytes has been reduced to facilitate downloading.



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Awesome map. I have the perfect elytra for this map. lol :P. can you maybe do a Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit map please? i LOVE those type of themes.
Thank you very much XD

I had in mind to try to create a map with a Lord of the Rings style, but I don't know what race to base as the main idea.
doesnt work on bedrock, linkvertise doesnt work, because of linkvertise 1/10
whats that shader?