Published on November 17, 2022

Steampunk Sky

Steampunk Sky is a map created from scratch where we can enjoy several floating islands with a steampunk style. Each island is independent and they are linked by broken bridges, so parkour must be done to get from one side to the other (until each player wants to restore them or leave them as they are).There are 3 main structures where you can advance in the game. Among them we will find an old and ruined castle, a mill with the necessary crops to survive and a house, which we can decorate and build to our liking since it meets the basics. To conclude, we will be able to enter a large flying ship, arranged around the islands looking for a docking area. This ship is decorated and equipped. It is big enough to accommodate several players and use it as a home, storage, crafting, etc. All the structures are located on top of a lake, so if we fall we can survive, but going up will be more complicated. If we explore we can find 2 small villages where we can trade with the villagers and level them up to help us in our progress. 

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doesnt work on bedrock, linkvertise doesnt work, because of linkvertise 1/10
whats that shader?