Published on May 30, 2020 (Updated on April 01, 2021)

Vanilla RTX

Have you ever wanted to use raytracing with the vanilla textures? Then this texture pack could be something for you! Vanilla RTX is a vanilla based RTX texture pack with PBR support.

Release Trailer:

Nether Update Trailer:

More gameplay:

Minecraft Vanilla RTX Survival Series

Note: The trailers have been recorded in old beta versions of Minecraft RTX. There are some small differences compared to the current version.



3D Stone Addon

Smooth Quartz Addon

Clear Glass Addon


Clear Glass



The release 2.5.1 is out!

Known issues:

  • The shulker box texture isn't working
  • The soul torch is glowing blue and red at the same time

I would really like to read your feedback about this pack! If you have any suggestions, please comment them below.

Special thanks to Madlad3718 for converting all heightmaps to the new format!

Note: Do not copy any _mer or _normal files I made unless I give you the permission to do so!

Select version for changelog:

  • Added textured water addon
  • Changed fog during rain to be less dense


System requirements:

  • Device: PC
  • Supported graphics cards: NVIDIA RTX 20xx, NVIDIA RTX 30xx, AMD Radeon RX 60xx

How to install:

Vanilla RTX:

  • Download "Vanilla-RTX-v2.5.1.mcpack" from this page
  • Run the file
  • Minecraft will import the file automatically
  • Select "Vanilla RTX" inside the global resources settings
  • Have fun ;-)

Any Addon:

  • Install Vanilla RTX
  • Download an addon from this page
  • Run the file
  • Minecraft will import the file automatically
  • Select the addon inside the global resources settings (it needs to be on top of "Vanilla RTX")
  • Have fun ;-)

Note: This is NOT a shader pack! It ONLY works with an RTX capable graphics card!


  • Vanilla-RTX-textured-water-addon-v2.5.mcpack
  • Vanilla-RTX-v2.5.1.mcpack
  • Vanilla-RTX-3d-stone-addon-v2.5.mcpack
  • Vanilla-RTX-smooth-quartz-addon-v2.5.mcpack
  • Vanilla-RTX-clear-glass-addon-v2.5.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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4.56 / 5 (119 votes)
this would be better if water was like the normal rtx water
This is really really super beautiful! I want to ask, will this be updated to 1.18?
There is a little problem with the texture of the horse. Thank you author.
se puede usar en una Series X???
Nicinator, what are your plans for future development? Is there anything we can do to help support that? I'd love to see where you can take this mod--it's definitely been a favorite of mine for a while now.
does this work on windows 10 without rtx please answer my comment
This is just a texture pack compatible with RTX, so it can't let you use RTX shaders on its own.
Thank to this resource pack, I can finally see the beauty of RTX in competitive multiplayer skywar game

Although, I don't really recommend this for that, for some reason, minecraft RTX really destroy my internet performance. It really lags me out, and sometimes, outright disconnect me from the server

Still, this is a very good resource pack if you want vanilla RTX enabled everywhere on minecraft!
This is one of the best RTX recource packs out there. Makes the game seem much more vibrant and real while keeping the classic look of minecraft. Pack works with 1.17, but am hoping it gets updated with the new blocks in time for 1.18.
I am hoping this as well. Does anyone know what would help nicinator continue development?
this is very bad because the rtx feature doesn't work on android mcpe please for developers add the rtx feature in mcpe
RTX won't work on Android. You need a computer with a GPU that supports ray tracing.
this is very bad because the rtx feature doesn't work on android mcpe please for developers add the rtx feature in mcpe
How th is rtx supposed to be work in android
Xd bro u cleary dont understand what rtx is 😂
Make it so in controls you can change what button to turn it on and of. and do that for controller controls.
Love it but can you make an update so that the 1.17 blocks fully work with Ray-Tracing?
Love the textures and the features, my only complaint is that banners become plain white with nothing on them and horses lose their textures until a saddle or horse armour is put onto them.
I really like this. Water is beautiful underwater. I was hoping for a realistic surface though. overall very good
Is it normal for the whole screen to be black? I can hit things and see them drop their particles but I can't see a single thing.
update: thought I have an rtx, turns out I have an gtx 1060. but I updated the drivers which should now allow for racetracing. even if my card allows racetracing it will still n ot work unless I have one of the drivers mentioned?
your gtx 1060 will never be able to run ray tracing, even with driver updates. you need an rtx card (2060 or better) to be able to run this at all, its not gonna work for you
big sad man. Was hoping it would since it said it enables ray tracing. Scalpers suck