Published on January 25, 2024 (Updated on January 24, 2024)

Vanilla RTX Add-Ons

Welcome to the new home for all of the official Vanilla RTX Add-Ons!
They were previously included in Vanilla RTX's page, but as time passed and number of them increased, it was no longer possible to include newer ones in the same page as Vanilla RTX.
To make that post less cluttered and more focused on Vanilla RTX, I have decided to move them here instead! From now on, you can find all of Vanilla RTX's Optional Add-Ons and their updates here on this page.

When making any add-on for Vanilla RTX, both creative and survival modes were kept in mind to ensure an undisrupted and consistent experience when used alongside Vanilla RTX.

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Draft Notes:
Most of Add-Ons on this page were previously included on the same page as Vanilla RTX, however as time passed the number of Vanilla RTX add-ons kept increasing, it slowly became impossible to include all of the download links and introduce new ones all on the same page as Vanilla RTX. So I decided to give them all a new dedicated home!
This page is going to be linked in the Downloads section of Vanilla RTX's page in the near future. From here on out, to download Vanilla RTX Add-Ons you will be redirected to this page instead.
This is being done for a couple of main reasons:
- First is to allow for Vanilla RTX page to remain focused solely on Vanilla RTX without all of the different add-ons cluttering it.
- And second is to make sure there is enough information on each add-on for users to better understand their features/functionality. (previously, only 2 of add-ons had an image on the Vanilla RTX page, and none had any description, it was left to the player to figure out what each one does after using it).

For others who come to visit this page from a place other than Vanilla RTX download links, I've made sure proper context is given to avoid any confusions on the purpose of having more than one pack on this page.
Packages are separate to allow possibility of having various configurations (it would require +100 subpacks/modes in a single pack to cover every combination of 7 add-ons, which is unfeasible)

Add-Ons Changelogs:
Some of the add-ons have undergone a few changes and updates after being removed from the Vanilla RTX page.
• Clear Glass and Glowing Hardened Clay have recieved new icon designs that are in-line with the rest of add-ons.
• All Descriptions and names have been improved and updated, now in the same format -- changed the "patch" suffix to "Add-On"
• Clear Water Has been Updated, v3 Changelogs:
 - Added a new option called "Vanilla Mix" which is a blend of both clear and default water.
 - New icon design.


Installation Guides

This is a beautiful shader, as a matter of fact it's my favourite one, the "experimental" setting that shows the sun in a different location, what experiments do you need to use that feature?
And please update the nether and end, they don't look that good compared to the other Vanilla RTX pack
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