Published on August 08, 2023 (Updated on December 09, 2023)

Vanilla PBR

Vanilla PBR is a resource pack that enables Minecraft players to take full advantage of the new Deferred Lighting Rendering Pipeline Graphics and features in Minecraft Preview and above by providing required materials and configurations on top of vanilla Minecraft.

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This version is meant for preview v1.20.60.21 and above, so make sure to update your Minecraft Preview installation first to use all of the new features!
This version of Vanilla PBR might also have broken emissive textures on versions older than

Vanilla PBR v1.3.0 Changelogs:

• Added pointlights for applicable blocks and items, now emitting proper light and interacting with the PBR materials around them.
More than 70 blocks were added in this update, each with a fitting color of light that best matches the block and accurately represents the overall color of light it would emit.
If more vanilla blocks are found that should emit light they will be added in a future update. (If you found one, feel free to let me know!)

• Updated textures based on Vanilla RTX 1.20.5, as a result this update comes with some of the applicable improvements that were included in Vanilla RTX 1.20.5 Autumn Quality Update (Summary: revamped mushroom and prismarine materials, improved observer and various other materials were tweaked and improved)
• Fixed various materials and textures appearing glossy
- Increased all Hardened Clay roughness.
• Inverted back all heightmaps (previously inverted to counter a bug, however now it is no longer necessary)
• Fixed Spiders, Enderman and Ender Dragon bodies glowing
• Adjusted and balanced emissivity of various blocks, added emissivity to enchanting table (alongside its pointlight), weeping vines no longer appear too bright, emissivity on many items that previously had emissivity was also greatly reduced as a result of recent changes in deferred technical preview.
• Fixed some sculk items incorrectly emitting light
• Minecarts now appear metallic, consistent with Iron
• Redesigned Icon as a part of the upcoming Vanilla RTX Reform.
• Added a default volumetric fog configuration for all biomes. (This will be expanded upon to cover more biomes with a future update)

• Added support for the following entities:
- All colors of bed
- Bees
- All types of boats
- All 60 NPC characters (Education Edition)
- All types of Parrots
- Pig and Zombie Pig
- All 3 Piglin types
- Piston Arms
- All rabbit types (white, gold, brown, etc...)
- All shields
- All shulkers
- Mob skulls all
- Tadpole
- Villagers (All types and professions, and levels)
- The Warden (currently bugged)
- Wither boss
- Wolf (all types)
- Zoglin
- Zombies (all types, except drowned which was added earlier)
- Zombie villagers



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Can you make addons for this also like you made for the rtx version
Can you make another version but less fps taking because I'm on mobile
Can you make a pbr normals for this pack Like you did for vanilla Rtx?
Patched Minecraft Oln
It's not working
Why is it so laggy?
I'm using high-end pc
Here's the download link for Vanilla PBR v1.2.0 (Release):
In the kindest way possible, stop. I know it's crazy but the guy behind this wants to have his hard work paid for, which is his right. Don't pirate it!
and you posted the WHOLE link...
not sure why people are saying this doesn’t work, works completely fine you have to use preview edition. looking forward to keeping an eye on the progress of this and hope it gets to a point where it looks as good as the RTX pack!
This is probably due to those users always having cheap phones, they wouldn't get a different machine or don't have the money to
The pack doesn't work.
If you have a Mediatek processor, it won't work. I have a Dimensity 8100 and also nothing works.
Uhh i can,t download on
do it on another website
it just doesn't work, nothing changes when i enable it