Published on December 27, 2020 (Updated on January 14, 2024)

Vanilla RTX

Vanilla RTX is a resource pack for Minecraft RTX; allowing you to use Minecraft's ray tracing features by providing quality PBR texture maps and fog configurations on top of vanilla game without altering vanilla experience, bringing complete ray tracing support for Minecraft's default resources while remaining as faithful as possible to all the different aspects and details of vanilla Minecraft.
With over 4 million downloads and counting since 2020, Vanilla RTX is the most popular and the go-to RTX resource pack for the ideal vanilla Minecraft RTX experience.

Vanilla RTX uses 16x heightmaps with uniquely detailed MERs (Metallic/Emissivity/Roughness). Vanilla RTX Normals features complex 16x Normals instead.

  • Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals cover every possible Vanilla, Creative, Education Edition or secret block.
  • All materials are uniquely designed and consistent across different blocks.
  • Everything has been fine-tuned for Minecraft RTX.

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Vanilla RTX v1.20.5 Autumn's End Quality Update Release Notes

Launch of the Experimentals Option:
This is a new subpack which will be used for anything experimental from here on out.
Future features in experimentals subpack option might not be intended for every-day gameplay, so they may or may not be added to Vanilla RTX, think of it as a playground for testing and exploration. Keep an eye out on the changelogs for information on what's new in experimentals.
You can enable this option through the updated resource pack settings menu.

The first bulk of new experimental features and updates arrives:
• Implemented dynamic sun azimuth, allowing diagonal shadows and a more dynamic day-night cycle, significantly enhancing your gameplay experience by bringing more realistic outdoors lighting.
The previous sun angle was at 0°, which led to shadows lining up with blocks, resulting in far less than ideal visuals. The new sun azimuth leads to possibility of diagonal godrays/shadows, the sunlight will now pass in various directions instead of being parallel with the entire Minecraft world, making the environment much more dynamic.
Known issue: At certain times of day, the sun's directional light may momentarily appear to come from the opposite direction, this will be addressed in a future update.
This feature does not require preview or enabling world experimental options!
You can enable it right now on both preview and regular version of Minecraft, no additional experimental toggle is required in the world options!
All you need to do is to change Vanilla RTX's settings to experimental & you will be able to use this feature on servers, worlds and realms.
• Default materials for unsupported textures will appear fully rough.
• Implemented a workaround fix for decorated pot texture bug.

Note: keep an eye out in the changelogs for information and updates on experimental subpack's features.

• Prismarine has undergone a major overhaul with significant improvements.
- Materials for all prismarine blocks (Sea lantern, rough prismarine, prismarine bricks and dark prismarine) have been revamped, as a result:
- Rough prismarine now boasts more details.
- Consistency issues between prismarine blocks have been resolved; all prismarine blocks now share a unified appearance.
- Incorrect height values on rough prismarine heightmap have been corrected.
- Prismarine bricks and Dark Prismarine normal maps have been revamped; angles on dark prismarine have been fixed & perfected; prismarine bricks now sport a completely new look.

• End Portal material no longer appears glossy, it is now pitch black instead.
Notes: It is not possible to faithfully recreate the green moving dots of default graphics, however a void black replacement can still be thought of as a suitable alternative to the (likely unintentional) default oily material.

• Updated Manifest and Metadata & Restructured Vanilla RTX
- Added URL and License to the official repository & new PBR capabilities required for new experimental features.
• Added new short, comprehensive description of each subpack in resource pack's setting menu, can be viewed underneath the slider while changing subpacks.
• Modified all jsons within the package to be in an standard and human-readable format.

• Updated mushroom blocks (stem, red, brown, inside and red/brown fungi)
- Normal maps have been overhauled for better natural aesthetics & improved tiling.
- Decreased all heightmap contrast with more subtle details.
- Updated MERs, added missing details, all mushroom blocks now appear consistent.

• Revamped Observer
- Different types of stone parts & redstone parts now match their respective materials.
- Remade all heightmaps along with new hand made normal maps to be up to the standard.

• Mortar texture parts on cobblestone related blocks (such as Pistons, Dropper, Dispenser, Furnaces, etc...) now have been updated for enhanced detail and consistency.
• Issus with tall seagrass top and bottom normal maps appearing disconnected have been fixed; similar issues with Kelp top have also been addressed; missing information for some normal maps has been filled in.
• Adjustments to regular bricks and pots roughness to more closely match other types of bricks
• Updated Cobblestone and Mossy Cobblestone MERs, added in missing details
• Corrected a wrong emissive pixel on sculk catalyst side.
• New icons!
Important Notes For Content Moderator:
- This draft is not a Vanilla RTX Update -- this is a draft containing only various fixes and improvements to contents of this page -- Updated my Patrons' shoutout section which I do periodically.

- Removed the remaining extra Add-Ons from this page and instead linked the new Vanilla RTX Add-Ons page following their migration to a different page:
Since last update I have started moving all of Vanilla RTX Add-Ons to a separate page as they underwent some changes, the new post will give each add-on a dedicated description and images for clarity on features and functionality of patches.
This is being done to make this page cleaner, less cluttered and more focused solely on Vanilla RTX. As a matter of fact, most of the add-ons previously included on that page did not have any description or image at all! users were left to download them and figure out the effects of each add-on on their own which was not optimal.

- Changelogs are copied from last version, so that current actual version changelogs are displayed to users.


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Please do not say it dosent work unless you HAVE AN NVIDIA RTX GRAPHICS CARD
(This Will never work on mobile dont try)
Actually a Great Resource Pack, but the Download Links here are something i cant understand. despite following everything, the Comments below as well like disable the adblocker entirely didnt work. i tired this now 3 times: i go to the site to download, do what the pages ask me for (load a Malicious website, hooray), then: nothing happens. by reload the site, it prompts me again to download a malicious browser and had to wait 1 whole minute until it finally unlocks the download link - well, no. i didnt got to the download site, but instead it just loaded the front page of google.

sorry bro but you really need to change the download link. 2 link shorteners that tries to load some malware on my PC is a huge no go. i can understand that you want to earn money for that great work of that Pack, but not with malicous link shorteners that cant even link me to the Pack. as it seems that we cannot any longer give reviews, i just smack my imaginary 1 star review here. just fix the issue with the link shorteners, thanks.
Hey, I'll look into it.
Leaving a reminder here, you can alternatively obtain and import files from the GitHub repository -- a more direct method that'll be always available even at times when mcpedl or links are down.
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Bro, the site i'm in, its not starting download, please fix it.
Just disable your adblock (disable full extension, not just whitelist the site)
Hey when is this getting released for the new update that just rolled out? It seems like it wont work until then.
why does it work in my Minecraft?
This is a good rtx pack but the warden has black squares attached to its horns and covering its chest, kelly's rxt fixed this so it is fixable.
The addon is amazing, however the chiseled bookshelf textures dont display properly for whatever reason
hi can you help me because the ray tracing is not available in my Minecraft so to activate it in the cellphone please
rtx doesnt work on phones
This is a beautiful shader, as a matter of fact it's my favourite one, the "experimental" setting that shows the sun in a different location, what experiments do you need to use that feature?
dang this doesn’t work on IOS, I swear I can’t never find a shader for IOS can some tell one pls ?
version 1.20.51+ is something i desperately want please
is it possible to add compatibility with new copper blocks? at least the grates, they look very weird with that black all over them