Published on December 27, 2020 (Updated on April 27, 2023)

Vanilla RTX

Vanilla RTX is the most popular PBR resource pack of all time for Minecraft RTX; allowing you to use Minecraft's ray tracing features by providing quality PBR maps and fog configurations on top of vanilla game without altering vanilla experience, bringing ray tracing support for Minecraft's default resources while remaining completely faithful to all the different aspects and details of vanilla Minecraft.

Vanilla RTX uses 16x heightmaps with uniquely detailed MERs (Metallic/Emissivity/Roughness). Vanilla RTX Normals uses 16x Normals instead.

  • Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals cover every possible Vanilla, Creative, Education Edition or secret block.
  • All materials are consistent across different blocks.
  • Everything has been fine-tuned for Minecraft RTX.

Select version for changelog:


Vanilla RTX v1.10.0 is the next major Vanilla RTX Update, this update brings full support for cherry blocks in both Vanilla RTX and Vanilla RTX Normals & other new content along with improvements to several items, you can find the changelogs for this 

Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals v1.10.0 Changelogs:


• Added full support for cherry wood set (planks, doors, logs, stripped logs etc...)
• Added full support for cherry leaves & pink petals
• Added support for Suspicious Sand
• Added support for Suspicious Gravel
• Added support for Torchflower

Fog Changes:
• Added unique fog for Cherry forest biome: water colors match vanilla Minecraft, air color is similar to Vanilla RTX default with a subtle pink tint


• Updated sand and red sand to better match their texture (MERs), improved normal maps
• Revamped waterlily
• Revamped Dripleaf and Small Dripleaf
- Improved normal maps and heightmaps (Known issue: big dripleaf top normals are inverted depending on the direction which big dripleaf top is placed)
- Updated materials to better match other foliage

• Adjustments to cactus MERs
• Updated gravel
- Updated MERs to match stone block
- Improved normal maps with better tiling
- Better heightmaps to allow consistency between gravel and suspicious gravel

• Adjustments to all wooden plank heightmaps (resulting in less intense normal maps)
• Changed concrete normal maps color format to RGB (from index)
• Added v1.10 update's images
• Updated thumbnail

- Changes to page description
- Updated patron's shoutout list


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Pinned comment
Please do not say it dosent work unless you HAVE AN NVIDIA RTX GRAPHICS CARD
(This Will never work on mobile dont try)
horrível não pega na 1.19.51 isso é meio estranho
Do not download until the link is changed, or you know exactly what you're doing. The current link will try to install malware.
Pls switch to a different link, such as ad fly or something. Because the current one you have tries to download malicious files onto my pc automatically.
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It used to, for like a day. Mojang quickly removed the functionality for RTX on Console and said, "We do not have plans on putting RTX on Console anytime soon."
Worst PR response ever...
The pack works fine, I always come back to it. It's my favorite rtx pack. I will say the links to the download are sooo sketchy though. Tried to automatically download a program I didn't authorize.
Helooooooooooooooooo May 13, 2023 at 6:31 pm
Can I casually use this in my videos? I will always credit you in the description and all that. I might even post a link to your pack on MCPEDL!
Helooooooooooooooooo May 13, 2023 at 6:33 pm
I do love the pack BTW.
Helooooooooooooooooo May 13, 2023 at 6:29 pm
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Helooooooooooooooooo May 13, 2023 at 6:29 pm
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Sadly I can’t buy a fancy graphics card, but based on the replies and images on this page, it looks great!
can you make cherry wood and the newest blocks? they really look weird when rtx is on
It takes 32 minutes to install
I had to wait 15 seconds in a dating website to unlock the mediafire download 💀💀