Published on December 27, 2020 (Updated on November 04, 2021)

Vanilla RTX Normals

Vanilla RTX Normals (aka Truly Vanilla RTX) is PBR resource pack for Minecraft RTX using 16x Normal maps with Vanilla textures

Vanilla RTX Normals takes Full advantage of Per-Pixel MERs, which define Metallic/Emissive/Roughness for each block to Deliver maximum detail possible, with both Heightmaps & Normals 

All Blocks are Covered!

There is also a subpack for Heightmaps which uses Heightmaps instead of normals for a more bumpy-pixelated look

Vanilla RTX Normals allows you to experience Minecraft with Ray tracing with Vanilla Textures at It's finest, All of values for metallic/emissive/roughness have had special care & tweaking into them with Highest detail possible, there are several others smaller packs that allows you to change certain aspects of Vanilla RTX Normals.

Caves & Cliffs

image credit: Markom58


Glowing Ores patch:

(includes a subpack for 16x normal maps)

Clear Water patch:

Clear Glass patch:

Glowing Glazed terracotta patch:


Glowing Hardened Clay (terracotta) patch:


Can be activated via gear icon next to pack, this subpack uses Heightmaps instead of 16x Normal maps

Screenshots of Heightmaps subpack (& Detailed Per Pixel reflectivity):

Extra creative blocks: (Replaces education edition Element blocks)

To access Education edition blocks you must activate pack in World settings with education edition turned on.
Note: While there have been a lot of improvements in latest v1.6.0 Preview, for various reasons, Education Edition blocks are no longer included in base pack.

There are several patches for Vanilla RTX Normals that allows you to customize certain aspects of pack, you do not need to download them all, they are totally optional if you need them.

Vanilla RTX Normals - All Rights Reserved unless otherwise explicitly stated.

You're free to do Anything you like with Vanilla RTX Normals (e.g Videos, Screenshot, Modification for personal use or Redistribute) As long as you Clearly provide a link to official source, which includes Here & Vanilla RTX Normals GitHub page.
You can also visit my Discord server to get early access to all future news/updates or just to give feedback or if you have other questions.


+ Why Vanilla RTX normals has 2 Subpacks? what's different?

- the two subpacks use different types of PBR maps, normals subpack uses 16x normals simulates curvature on a surface and how light should bounce off it, while heightmaps simulates of depth on a flat surface per pixel (& later, game generates a 128x normal map based on it to provide a feeling of depth)

+ Some patches have subpacks, why?

- Only Glowing ores & Glowing glazed terracotta patches include a subpack for heightmaps, this is only to retain consistency across all textures while using different subpacks in Vanilla RTX Normals itself.

+ How do I use patches, do I have to download all of them?

- They are totally optional smaller packs that allows you to change certain aspects of Vanilla RTX Normals, names of each should tell what they do, e.g Glowing ores makes ores Glow.

+ My game is not switching between subpacks

- Restart game, or activate pack in Global settings instead.

+ What are Education Edition blocks?

- They simply replace Education edition element blocks, if you don't want this to happen you can activate pack in global settings, as resource packs are only able to affect education edition textures if activated in world settings.

+ Where can I find older versions of packs?

- All files of all versions are achieved over at my Discord.

Select version for changelog:


This isn't Full release of v1.6.0, in this preview of an upcoming update, Detailed Per-Pixel Reflectivity for most of blocks was added as well as regular improvements to both Heightmaps/Normals.
Read the Full changelogs below & expect a Full Blown release soon that adds next level of Detail.
This is a Preview, Latest release (v1.5.4) can still be Downloaded.

Vanilla RTX Normals v1.6.0 Preview Changelogs:
- Added Full support for All new Sculk blocks in Both subpacks.
- Added Basic PBR maps for all of Education Edition “Element” blocks in both subpacks.
- Added PBR textures for Camera block.
- Added Support for “Hard Glass” blocks.

- New Swamp fog
- New Fog for Ice spikes biome.
- Standing in ocean biomes no longer breaks air fog.
- Desert now uses a similar fog config to plains, but with lesser density, and less opaque clouds compared to plains.
- All forest biomes now have use a Dense fog, while all plain biomes use less-thick variant of the same fog.

Changes/improvements to following:
- minor Corrections to Sandstone/Red sandstone Mers & heightmaps
- Reworked All ores heightmaps & mers, stone parts (& stone itself) now have detailed reflecitivity
- Once again, Reduced Crimson and Warped log sides emissivity, their top textures now have glow
- Ancient Debris Detailed reflectivity
- Reduced amethyst blocks heightmap contrast
- Detailed reflectivity, updated normal & heightmap for Weeping & Twisting Vines
- Removed the slight noise from log top heightmaps, minor changes crimson & warped log top heightmaps 
- Fully Revamped Slime & Honey blocks, Detailed reflectivity, new heightmaps & improved normals
- Decreased Snow/Powdered snow normal map intensity, Added detailed reflectivity
- Added detailed reflectivity for all purpur blocks
- Updated farmland to match new dirt materials
- Reworked all Deepslate blocks heightmaps & added Detailed reflectivity (Ores pending)
- Inverted Ice & Frosted Ice heightmaps, Removed the slight noise from all ice heightmaps, Fixed 2 pixels on sandstone heightmap having wrong height
- Removed Noise/dithering from most of heightmaps.
- Glass and Glass pane top now use a Heightmap in heightmaps subpack, Glass now has a slight frame heightmap.
- Torches now use a proper normal map in normals subpack.
- Added detailed reflectivity for Grass block, Mycelium, Podzol etc... & Improved their heightmaps.
- Improved Vine Heightmap & added Detailed reflectivity.
- Glow item frame now glows a lot less.
- Cobblestone & mossy Cobblestone detailed reflectivity.
- minor fixes to stone normal map tiling.
- Grindstone detailed reflectivity.
- Reduced all Flowers heightmap contrast
- Inverted all flowers & flower pot, compost top, Hanging roots heightmaps, this will result in Better Normal edges
- Detailed Endstone reflectivity similar to endstone Bricks
- Reduced Redstone Heightmap Contrast
- Version number is now included in name of pack
- Added a very slight dirtiness effect to glass reflectivity
- Reworked all log side Heightmaps, reduced stripped log sides heightmap contrast
- water lily mer
- Emerald material is no longer the same as Diamond
- improved iron materials, updated iron block heightmap
- updated iron/oak/dark oak trapdoor normals
- Increased Blue channel contrast in log sides mers even further to make per pixel mers even more noticeable
- Observer reflectivity now matches Its materials, redone heightmap
- Soul Sand & Soul Soil now have detailed reflectivity
- All dripstone blocks now have more detailed reflectivity
- Reworked Barrel in heightmaps subpack, Detailed Reflectivity
- Once again, Unknown block "Update" text glows, but this time very slightly, Updated It's Dirt parts to match new dirt materials
- Reduced all concrete powder heightmaps contrast
- Obsidian blocks heightmaps
- Reworked leaves normals & added Detailed reflectivity
- Cactus overhaul in both subpacks with detailed reflectivity
- Gravel overhaul in both subpacks with detailed reflectivity
- Lodestone improvements
- Clay detailed reflectivity
- All Basalt blocks overhaul
- Improved all bricks normals, reduced netherbrick blocks normal intensity
- All bricks now have detailed reflectivity depending on how bright pixels on texture is.
- Remastered Amethyst blocks normals
- Improved Brick normal
- Updated Glowing Obsidian emissivity, Glowing Obsidian no longer uses a normal map in Heightmaps subpack.
- Complete TNT/Underwater TNT overhaul in both subpack, Underwater TNT now uses a normal map in normals subpack instead of heightmaps
- reduced crafting table top normal intensity
- slightly Increased all Ice normals intensity
- reduced Redstone dust normals intensity
- detailed composter reflectivity, updated heightmap
- massively improved Prismarine blocks
- Fixed Barrel Reflectivity inconsistency & Barrel Heightmaps
- Lowered Redstone Lamp brightness with more detailed reflectivity
- Redstone lamp heightmap
- Fixed End Rod normal, Updated & detailed emissivity (blurred from center according to base texture)
- Bamboo Normals
- Barrel Normals intensity changes
- improved Basalt/basalt top normal, better curvature
- Haybale Normal
- Crying Obsidian Emissivity changes
- Respawn anchor and Crying obsidian materials are now consistent 
- Complete Overhaul of all Sandstone/Red sandstone in Both subpacks (Sandstone, Smooth sandstone, Chiseled sandstone & their red variants)
- Improved Beacon, Granite, Stonecutter, Cobblestone, End stone, Mossy Cobblestone, Observer side, Bedrock, Blackstone Normals
- Complete Overhaul of Pistons in both subpacks
- Iron Door, Trapdoor, Iron block, Crafting table, Berry Bushes, sand, red sand, Campfires, Bone block heightmaps 
- Detailed reflectivity for all Planks, Updated all planks Heightmaps
- All Foliage now have Decreased Normal map intensity, this includes all Grass, Saplings, etc…
- Updated Beehive/Bee nest Normals and Heightmaps
- Decreased Clay Normal intensity, detailed clay reflectivity
- Fixed Haybale normal
- Fixed Noteblock/Jukebox side normals 
- All command block heightmaps and mers have been updated, Edges are no longer glossy, replaced base textures with vanilla textures, reduced their brightness
- All bricks heightmaps renewed
- Loom
- Redstone parts on rails now glows less, Gold/Iron parts of rail now use the same reflectivity as gold/Iron block
- Inverted Rail normals wooden parts, reduced overall intensity of their normals
- Fixed Rail Turned and Golden rail normals
- Glazed Glazed Terracotta blocks 
- Updated Mycelium side normal map
- Complete Netherite overhaul with detailed reflectivity
- Reverted Diamond/Gold/Lapis Normals to Vanilla RTX Normals Pre-v1.0.6, this time with improved curvature.
- Renewed All Copper/Cut Copper normals with an awesome curvature, detail now goes to reflectivity of blocks
- Complete overhaul of Andesite
- Smooth Stones (Granite, Andesite, Diorite), Polished and Chiseled Blackstone, Smooth basalt now have more detailed reflectivity
- Updated Quartz mers, now less of a perfectly reflective block
- Purpur normal now matches new Cut copper normals, so player can use them together without normal maps clashing
- According to Its vanilla properties, border block can no longer be used as a light source (reduced emissivity)
- Fixed comparator normal map
- Renewed all log side & Log top mers with highly detailed reflectivity
- Repeater and Comparator redstone parts now glow when activated, they now follow the same reflectivity as other redstone components
 stone parts now have the same reflectivity as stone
- Improved Coal block heightmap, now with detailed reflectivity 
- Warped and Crimson log sides now emit far less light
- Torch/Soul torch/Redstone torch now emit even less light (still pretty lit though!)
- Updated Fletcher table Normals & mers
- Inverted Blue channel brightness for Leaves MERs
- Smithing table normals
- reduced noise on log top heightmaps
- Stripped Crimson and Warped log side heightmaps
- Complete Glazed Terracotta overhaul, massively improved reflectivity/heightmaps, with decreased normal intensity & minor fixes 
- Stone Granite overhaul
- Purpur pillar normals
- Reworked Education edition table blocks
- Stripped Log sides are now softer with decreased normal map intensity
- Slime mob Slime texture parts now look similar to Slime block, this was done through reducing opacity
- Fixed Glow Item Frame
- Glowstone now glows less, updated Its heightmap
- Improved all ores/deepslate ores, Nether Quartz/Gold Gilded blackstone normals, normal map Edges around ore itself now make a softer transition
- Fixed Deepslate Coal using wrong PBR maps
- Updated Deepslate coal ore texture & PBR maps, previously deepslate coal ore was from one of older 1.17 betas, the difference isn’t huge but it had to be updated.
- Copper Rod is now more faithful to other copper materials
- Round Crimson and warped log sides, apparently, I’ve missed this one out while adding a curvature to log sides in previous updates. 
- Shroomlight now glows less, reduced normal intensity
- Minor changes to Grass side & glow lichen normal maps, there was 1-2 pixels in their normal maps that were too intense, leading to them appearing fully dark in certain conditions, if you saw anything like this on any other block, let me know.
Following blocks only have improved reflectivity:
coal block, crimson trapdoor, dark oak trapdoor, jungle trapdoor, melon top, mushroom block inside, mushroom block skin brown, mushroom block skin stem, noteblock, spruce trapdoor, trapdoor, tuff, warped trapdoor,
big dripleaf side2, big dripleaf stem, big dripleaf top, blackstone, blackstone top, birch trapdoor, acacia trapdoor, calcite, chorus flower dead, chorus plant, Juke Box
and many.. many more.

- All Education Edition blocks
- Painting References
- All Ui related files
- Lots of unused files (~200)
Note: All resulting in +8mb size reduction, this has been done for cleaning up pack/getting rid of unnecessary things or anything isn’t truly “Vanilla” 
or isn’t accepting/in need of PBR textures
as you’ve seen in previous updates, I’ve been constantly adding new different Education edition blocks,
which were Objectively replacing Vanilla textures (element blocks), but don’t worry, they are not fully gone, they are now included in a separate patch if you still wish you to use them,
just place it above pack itself, this would be significantly better as education edition blocks only work when you activate pack in world settings, with this change,
you won’t need to Load/delete pack from your world for each of Vanilla RTX Normals updates & you can only leave the small patch mentioned there & have everything work properly, Education Edition blocks have been discontinued from this moment.

OTHER NOTES: Updated some of screenshots with a more clear description, Redirected all patches links to mediafire.


Helpful usage tips & Information

  1. Vanilla RTX Normals Will not work with any Android/iOS device or Consoles: ht
  2. Sometimes Switching between subpacks does not work if resource pack is activated in Global settings, in this case, you will need to restart game.
  3. Education Edition Extra Creative blocks Will not appear if you activate pack in global settings, Education Edition blocks will not disable achievements to affect survival worlds, they only replace education edition blocks if activated in world settings.
  4. Enable Ray tracing through Video settings (shortkey is ";"), Ray tracing and Upscaling options should be enabled by default.

If you still have trouble Downloading or Installing/using pack you can also visit my Discord Server & ask for help from others, or just comment here.


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Please do not say it dosent work unless you HAVE AN NVIDIA RTX GRAPHICS CARD
(This Will never work on mobile dont try)
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The horses textures are bug and they all are black
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Aminecraftplayer2737 November 15, 2021 at 5:36 pm
Why do you post this you can enable rtx on computer ._.
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my ray tracing is not it working without ray tracing
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ia ti working on phones?
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RandomUsername123123 November 06, 2021 at 5:08 am
How much Fps Will i get with an rtx 2060
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RandomUsername123123 November 06, 2021 at 5:11 am
cause i get 40 - 46 fps with seus ptgi e12 in java edition.
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RTX Is Coming In 2024 For Android / iOS
RTX Is Coming In 2022 For PS5, Xbox Series X
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rtx on mobile will never happend cus it'll make your phone heat up faster and may
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이 rtx를 개인 유트브 영상에 사용해도 되나요?
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sir can you please make this ray traching RTX even support android any version also plz
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hardware limitations prevent this from being possible. minecraft RTX requires special RT cores only certain GPUs have, none of which are found in any sold phone. even then, it may be possible to run it on a phone, but most likely you'd be getting a few seconds per frame.
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es hermoso el rtx
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I really wish i could use rtx on
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⚠ Important: Due to an issue some people might not be able to activate pack in World settings in Latest versions of Minecraft, if you're facing problems with pack being loaded or not, Please activate pack in Global resources only!
I will reply to this comment if problem was solved.
9/28/2021 - CubeIR
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Update: This shouldn't be a problem for majority of people, but in certain conditions it happens, if you ever faced this issue, just activate resource pack in Global settings instead.
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이 리소스팩을 나의 유튜브 영상에 사용해도 되나요?
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Can i use this pack in my YouTube video?
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Feel free to do anything you wish, as long as you're providing a link to Here.
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Why doesn’t this work on iOS my worlds would look so much better
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can you make the armor and weapons and items with new textures?
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can you make the armor and weapons with new textures?
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