Published on December 27, 2020 (Updated on September 11, 2022)

Vanilla RTX

Vanilla RTX is PBR resource pack for Minecraft RTX that provides quality PBR maps & fog configurations on top of vanilla game without altering vanilla experience.

Vanilla RTX takes full advantage of per-pixel MERs, which define metallic/emissive/roughness for each block to give them maximum possible detail with both heightmaps & normal maps as separate packs.
All Vanilla blocks are covered in this pack.

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Vanilla RTX v1.7.6:
- Subpacks are no longer used for including heightmaps and normals packs in one mcpack 
- Both packs (previously subpacks) now feature a fogless resource pack option, this will allow you remove all of the air fog through resource pack settings, distance and water fog remain the same as default.
- Added unique fog for Mushroom Islands, color of water now matches vanilla game with ray tracing 
- Adjustments to density values across most of fog configurations 
- Revamped all dirt normal maps, now subtle & consistent across all blocks with dirt in them 
- Revamped campfire logs: coal parts now match coal block; wooden parts now match oak log. Better emissive on fire parts
- Updated stonebrick/cracked stonebrick and mossy stonebrick MERs: cracked stonebrick and stonebrick used to use a similar MER while their textures aren't the same but with cracks, they are now fully consistent and match their own respective textures 
- Moss is now consistent across mossy bricks, mossy cobblestone & moss block
- Updated cracked stonebrick heightmap, fixed a few wrong pixels 
- Updated dirt podzol: better side & top heightmap, updated top normal map 
- Decreased all concrete blocks roughness contrast and decreased overall roughness, greatly improving the look
- Revamped reeds
- Updated end rod, end rod base is now metallic 
- Revamped fern & large fern, now consistent with grass 
- Inverted sculk vein normal map and heightmap (used to display incorrectly in-game) 
- Updated cobbled-deepslate MER: better mortar
- Update lapis ore heightmap (its texture was updated in one of newer minecraft versions, PBR maps updated accordingt to its texture) 
- Updated grass snowed side heightmap and MER to match its newer texture 
- Fixed a pixel which appeared too bright on checmical heat block 

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Please do not say it dosent work unless you HAVE AN NVIDIA RTX GRAPHICS CARD
(This Will never work on mobile dont try)
Bongok...Why did you upload this here on Mcpedl
pueden hacer algo parecido(PARECIDO) para android minimo que brillen algunos bloques como la obsidiana, la terracota, los ores
Please make particles rtx
When I run the pack I am notified that my memory is insufficient (I have 2x8GB in 3200MHz) while my memory is used at 37% and so I have chunks with shadows which render the map look bad.
This comment has been removed
I am actually running a bedrock server with this pack. How should I switch between subpacks in this case? I want to stick to normal map for the server and anyone joining.
the warden still has black squares replacing its ears and chest cavity
but for try in android or ios for use shader is really work you use shader

Don't download here
Bruh ask your fat mom to get you a PC and Nvidia graphics card because this will not work on mobile

Edit: oops I think I went too hostile
how? 🤔
Nvidia cards aren’t compatible with mobile. You need a Nvidia graphics card to run RTX if it wasn’t obvious.
if you have a super computer you do not need one since you can emulate the hardware but 90% of humans dont have super computer
Could you add light to the lightblock?
Dynamic light addons do not work with rtx because of it.
When raytracing is enabled only blocks with actual textures can emit light. This is why candles and light blocks cannot emit light even though they internally do.
There is an issue where my skin and other player's skins are completely black.
Even in first person perspective, my hand is entirely black.
hi will this work on AMD 6000 gpus?
Looks beautiful. One problem it makes my warden look like an off-brand Micky mouse lol
Would this work on xbox since you're able to port these packs on it? im assuming it would on x/s since a texture pack might change it to rtx (i think) if im wrong and it doesn't can someone lmk under this comment before i spend 500$ on an xbox? i downloaded it on one s and it obviously doesn't work.

Edit: if i do and when i buy a new xbox and download this pack, i'll say if it does work or not. (Edited as of 7/29/2022 10:32 AM)