Published on December 27, 2020 (Updated on January 07, 2023)

Vanilla RTX

Vanilla RTX is the most popular PBR resource pack for Minecraft RTX; allowing you to use Minecraft's ray tracing features by providing quality PBR maps and fog configurations on top of vanilla game without altering vanilla experience, bringing ray tracing support Minecraft's default resources in the purest possible form.

Vanilla RTX uses 16x heightmaps with uniquely detailed MERs (Metallic/Emissivity/Roughness). Vanilla RTX Normals uses 16x Normals instead.

  • Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals cover every possible Vanilla, Creative, Education Edition & secret block.
  • All materials are consistent across different blocks.
  • Everything has been fine-tuned for Minecraft RTX.

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Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals v1.7.8:

  • Added full support for "Next Major Update" blocks in Minecraft Preview (1.19.5024.0)
  • Revamped copper & cut copper (stage 0) MERs
  • Updated none-oxidized parts on copper ores & raw copper to fully match copper material, lightning rod is now more detailed & matches copper, adjusted lightning rod heightmap & normal map
  • Oxidized parts on raw copper block now match other copper oxidization stages
  • Improved all 16 colors of glazed terracotta MERs, now much more detailed, fully reworked normal maps
  • Improved bamboo & bamboo leaves normal maps and heightmaps, now much softer with other corrections/fixes
  • Revamped all command block normal maps, improved heightmaps, reworked MERs, now much more detailed
  • Reworked hopper outside normal map
  • Updated 16 base textures with different file sizes compared to vanilla resources, this will eliminate any possible unintended disparity (e.g. inside of cauldron, which has been flipped or weeping vines now have a blue tint, PBR maps were updated where needed to match new textures)
  • Added support for structure air, improved structure void
  • Decreased cave vine emissive intensity (glow berries)
  • Revamped structure block & jigsaw block, improved normals, heightmaps, new and detailed MERs, jigsaw & structure blocks are now fully consistent
  • Improved iron parts on smoker front on & off, now matches other iron blocks
  • Adjustments to lava emissivity, pixels that are overall darker during the animation emit slightly less light
  • Revamped Kelp block, now much more detailed (I am aware of the reflective bottom texture issue, a fix will be included in an upcoming patch)
  • Adjustments to scaffolding top normal map
  • Updated flowerpot to fully match brick block's roughness values
  • Updated bookshelf to match chiseled bookshelf
  • Optimized pack file size



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Pinned comment
Please do not say it dosent work unless you HAVE AN NVIDIA RTX GRAPHICS CARD
(This Will never work on mobile dont try)
Is there any way I can get a .zip instead of a .mcpack?
Is there any way I can get a .zip instead of a .mcpack?
This comment has been removed
I have a $1,200 gaming pc with 16 gb of ram and intel i7 and this causes lag and input delay (which makes the game really hard to play) even with the render distance and the minimum raytracing render distance does not fix it, I even tried disabling fancy graphics, fancy leaves, screen animations, all of it, the only way I know that can fix input delay is setting anti-aliasing to 1 and lowering the max framerate, the lowering of the max framerate did not work, and anti-aliasing is the most effective way to fix input delay but it is grayed out when i have raytracing on so I can't set it to 1 to fix it, SO PLEASE make a separate version of this pack that does not impact performance as much.
3000$ pc runs it just fine, what do you want the developper to do? He doesnt code minecraft bedrock he just makes retextures
One of the best mcbe packs I have ever seen. The only block that is missing is the light block, which would allow it to work on any marketplace map.
what is the difference between vanilla rtx and RTX desbijoux 32x?
I'm not sure why, but the normal maps no longer work. I've attempted reinstalling everything and restarting everything, can't seem to find a fix.
the same for me.
the wardens textures are still broken with giant balck boxes around its ears and covering its chest
yall need to stop using linkvertise because either it has me install a virus to get the link or nothing show up
It worked perfectly for me, there are changes and noticeably 10/10
It works for me. Because I have Crosshair 15 laptop. But damn. I've been waiting to see my 5-year-old map look so cool. But im gonna screenshot the map and credit. On my Instagram.
It doesn’t even work 💀 💀 💀
None of it works except clear water
some of the pack does not work
is this for render dragon