Published on December 27, 2020 (Updated on April 24, 2022)

Vanilla RTX Normals

Vanilla RTX Normals is PBR resource pack for Minecraft RTX that provides quality PBR maps & fog configurations on top of Vanilla game without altering Vanilla experience.

Vanilla RTX Normals takes full advantage of per-pixel MERs, which define Metallic/Emissive/Roughness for each block to have maximum detail, with both heightmaps & normal maps.
All blocks that exist in Vanilla game are covered in this pack.

Vanilla RTX Normals allows you to experience Minecraft with Ray tracing with Vanilla Textures at Its best, all of values for metallic/emissive/roughness have little & big details, Vanilla RTX Normals regularly receives updates both to add new blocks & improve the look of existing ones, there are also several others smaller packs that will allow you to change certain aspects of Vanilla RTX Normals.

Caves & Cliffs blocks

image credit markom58


Glowing Ores patch:

Clear Water patch:

(Screenshot taken in Colosseum RTX)

Heightmaps Subpack:

⚠IMPORTANT⚠: Can be activated via gear icon next to pack when activated, this subpack uses heightmaps instead of regular 16x normal maps, which are later converted into 128x Normal maps by game to simulate depth on textures

Everyone is free to do anything they like with Vanilla RTX Normals (Videos, Screenshot, Modification for personal use, redistribute or use in your own projects in any way) as long as they provide a link to one or more of sources, which includes Here, Vanilla RTX Normals  GitHub, Vanilla RTX Normals Planet Minecraft page or Vanilla RTX Normals CurseForge page. You will only need to link a source when you are in some way redistributing files, it's not necessary to provide source for things like video or screenshot which don't include redistribution of files created and/or edited by me.
You can also visit my Discord server to get early access to all future news/updates or just to give feedback or if you have other questions.



Q: Why Vanilla RTX Normals has 2 Subpacks? what's different?

A: the two subpacks use different types of PBR maps, Normals subpack uses 16x Normals simulates curvature on a surface and how light should bounce off it, while heightmaps simulates of depth on a flat surface per pixel (& later, game generates a 128x normal map based on it to simulate depth)

Q: How can I edit pack?

A: You may still want to edit some parts of it or create your own ray tracing capable resource pack according to your personal preferences, in that case you can read official documentations to get required information (It's easy!) / Nvidia / Microsoft Docs (official ray tracing info & PBR/fog documentations) 

Q: Some patches have subpacks, why?

A: Only Glowing ores & Glowing glazed terracotta patches include a subpack for heightmaps, this is only to retain consistency across all textures while using different subpacks in Vanilla RTX Normals itself, they are optional (As of now, glowing glazed terracotta patch is outdated and does not match up with latest textures)

Q: How do I use patches; do I have to download all of them?

A: They are totally optional smaller packs that allows you to change certain aspects of Vanilla RTX Normals, but since these changes aren't Vanilla, they are included in separate packs, names of each one should tell what they do, e.g Glowing ores makes ores Glow, you only need the base pack.

Q: My game is not switching between subpacks

A: Activate pack in Global settings & Restart game after switching packs, this may also solve problem of textures not loading correctly.

Q: Where can I find older versions of packs?

A: All files of all versions are achieved over at my Discord.

Select version for changelog:


Vanilla RTX Normals v1.6.1:
- Improved Barrel MERs
- Updated Bone Block MERs & Heightmaps
- Updated Honeycomb MER & heightmap
- Fixed Inconsistency between Jukebox and Noteblock
- New Bone Block normal map
- Improved Smoker normal maps
- Improved Dropper & Dispenser normals
- NEW: End Fog now features Vanilla-colored water (Purple)
- Improved all quartz related blocks
- Updated Andesite
- Cleaned up more unused files
- Updated Brewing stand & End rod textures from latest Beta
- Updated Mycelium side texture & End frame side from latest Beta 
- Minor updates to Sculk Shrieker

Next Update will bring major changes to fog as well as support for 1.19 (Wild Update) blocks.

(updated file was also uploaded to MCPEDL, although main link stays the same, file link it redirects to has been updated).
All other links should now open in new tab, Updated description & added a new beautiful screenshot by destructor8407#0371


Helpful usage tips & Information

  1. Vanilla RTX Normals Will not work with any Android/iOS device or Consoles
  2. Sometimes Switching between subpacks does not work in this case, you will need to restart game, sometimes several times. and if textures don't load at all try the following:
  3. If Textures aren't being loaded in game (or resource pack isn't working properly on a compatible device), activate pack in Global settings instead, there's a problem with textures loading which affects some of devices if pack is activated in World settings.

If you still have trouble Downloading or Installing/using pack or you've faced other problems you can also visit my Discord Server & ask for help from others, or just comment here.


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Please do not say it dosent work unless you HAVE AN NVIDIA RTX GRAPHICS CARD
(This Will never work on mobile dont try)
I hope someday I can use this pack :’)
For anyone still wondering, it is only available if you have a raytracing capable device, and have raytracing enabled, so IT WON’T WORK ON PHONE !!
“Hello everyone and welcome back to ‘How To Turn a Galaxy Into a Giant Blackhole Using ONE Phone’!”

Get ready for the apocalypse because I am going to use this on a very old macbook and have hundreds of tabs open and jump into a giant block made of TNT.
Sincera mente llego a descargar esta textura me esplota el celular :v
Does it work with the mobile rtx 3060(trimmed) i dont mean for mobile
None of the packs work for me🙁 Can you help?
By any chance do you not have access to raytracing
can you do this with other mods?
now to make my potato phone turn into a nuke
It works on mobile
bro which do i download do i download all?
Everytime I stumble upon an rtx pack there will always be that one kid on the comment section asking for rtx to support phones, rating 1 stars for invalid reasons, stop forcing the creator to make an rtx for your crappy phones they dont make rtx, they make the pbr textures for it. So dont expect anything unless NVIDIA (the actual creators of rtx) decides so. MCPE is full of kids, sigh..
Hi! I am getting a gaming laptop soon that runs on windows 11 and I don’t know if this will work on it. If it does not pls update it to windows 11, thanks!
The water seems to be too clear, especially in shallow water, and many times I don't even realize I've fallen into a puddle lol (yes I used clear water patch) Maybe it would be better to reduce the visibility of the water or adjust the color of the water? anyway, thanks for your great work!