Published on December 27, 2020 (Updated on July 15, 2024)

Vanilla RTX

Vanilla Resources Made Available for Minecraft with RTX 

Vanilla RTX is the most popular ray tracing resource pack for Minecraft RTX. Crafted to provide an ideal default Minecraft RTX experience for all Bedrock Edition players; Vanilla RTX gives you the ability to use Minecraft's ray tracing features in your worlds and servers by adding quality PBR texture maps and configurations on top of the base game without altering the vanilla experience, bringing complete ray tracing support for the original look of Minecraft while remaining as faithful as possible to all the different aspects and details of the vanilla game.

Vanilla RTX uses 16x heightmaps, Vanilla RTX Normals features 16x normal maps instead.

  • Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals cover every possible vanilla, creative, education edition or unobtainable block.
  • All blocks have highly detailed, unique material designs that remain consistent across different blocks of the same kind.
  • Everything has been fine-tuned for Minecraft with RTX.

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A new major Vanilla RTX release has arrived!
This update finalizes support for Minecraft's 1.21 Tricky Trials update and comes with a batch of new quality improvements.

Vanilla RTX & Vanilla RTX Normals v1.21.40 / Release Notes:

• Performed full texture parity check with vanilla Minecraft for 1.21 (June 2024)
- Trial Spawner and Ominous Trial Spawner textures were found to be changed, PBR texture have been updated accordingly.
- Unknown tile/Missing tile (UPD ATE!) block was found to be updated in latest resources, PBR textures were updated accordingly
- Regular vault textures were found to be slightly updated, PBR textures have been updated accordingly
- Various other textures were also updated that were slightly off (usually not by more than a single RGB digit)

• Revamped all amethyst block and crystal normal maps with better tiling, improved heightmaps, now less noisy and more logical than before.

• Revamped Grindstone:
- Now consistent with smooth stone and stone (edges are considered to be made of smooth stone while the rest is regular stone)
- Revamped normal maps and heightmaps to reflect its shape.

• Revamped cobbled deepslate with better defined heightmaps and normal maps.
- Now follows a similar style and logic to ancient debris, where there is no part on the texture that is considered mortar, it instead appears as though there are layers of stone laid on top of each other, faithful to what the artist intended with the vanilla texture.

• Bamboo Updates
- Improved bamboo mosaic heightmap, there is now more elevation between different parts
- Improved bamboo stem normal map, now slightly curved
- Updated all new 1.20 bamboo blocks with perfected normal angles similar to planks, also aligned them with new appearance of the bamboo stem's nodes
- Updated scaffolding normal maps and heightmaps to match other bamboo normal maps
- Improved bamboo leaf heightmaps

• Other Adjustments:
- Decreased overall roughness of ice variants
- Fixed more jarringly dark pixels from certain angles on cobblestone normal maps
- Removed unused torchflower files
- Readjusted all log top normal maps, the curve now more strongly applies to non-mortar parts
- Removed cached textures and file lists as they caused unexpected errors instead of preventing them, and came without any significant effect on load times.
- Improved iron block normal map
- Increased cake normal map intensities and adjusted top
- Updated various normal maps that had plank texture in them to match intensity of planks (i.e crafting table, cartography table, etc...) / other general corrections to wooden 'table' blocks
- Minor overworld fog adjustments, dialed back on the red tone
- Minor corrections to lighting rod

New Experimental Updates & Changes in v1.21.40:
Note: Experimental features and bug fixes are disabled by default and require you to switch to experimental option within Vanilla RTX or Vanilla RTX Normals through resource pack's settings!

• Added 1.21 particle adjustments for ray tracing
All new tricky trials-related particles now blend-in with the world where needed, such as breeze and wind charge explosions, mace slam particles as well as other trial-chambers related particles.
Known issue:
- Breeze ground particles do not display in current Minecraft main releases, this issue will be resolved on its own once Minecraft Bedrock 1.21.2X releases are out.

• Fixed more issues with redstone ores reactivity in Experimental option where heightmaps or normals wouldn't display correctly.

• Further decreased brightness of wind body of Breeze


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Please do not say it dosent work unless you HAVE AN NVIDIA RTX GRAPHICS CARD
(This Will never work on mobile dont try)
fk, this mod give me virus and it's not working on my 1k day survival world, Thanks For The Virus >:(
why is this mod saying an error that with tracing
wth it's not fucking working on Minecraft and minecart patch fix your stupid rtx
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I Agree 💯%
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could you please add dynamic lighting as a feature or support other mods that have it because when i use any dynamic light mods they dont work with the shader
which file do I download ?
whoever downloads it is dumb it has virus and doesn’t work
funciona para patch??
lamentablemente no
Also, why do people keep saying they have a virus nothing is wrong with it
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It looks great! only one issue: the warden looks like mickey mouse XD
thanks alot for the fking computer virus dude
What does the virus do? It works on phones?
sadly, its not the modder's fault, it is caused by them using advertisers that are somewhat shady, but they're the only ones who will give them revenue, because of this, you have to be extremely careful what you click on when trying to get the mods.
Virus and not working
Be careful, make sure the download is a .mcpack file and not anything else like .msi and such. If it begins the download as something else, cancel it, and click download again. Keep this up until it begins the .mcpack download. I got it second try, but it may take a few more.
you kicked on the wrong link, sadly many modders have to result to using suspicious websites for ad revenue which in turn might cause you to accidently download suspicious software when trying to get addons, the best thing to do now is scan your computer to make sure you do not have any malware remaining on your device, if everything is good after a deep scan you should be fine, but keep this in mind next time, make sure you click the right button.
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