SERP Shaders

shaders for minecraft PE/bedrock (Android & IOS, not for Windows 10) for low, medium and high end devices. Give a beautiful view to your Minecraft world and don't worry if your device could explode!

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stability and optimization improvements, 

improved textures for water, sun, moon, and clouds, 

added new custom font, 

added animations for water, 

added bluer sky, 

added new translations, 

improved colors, 

fixed bugs


Supported Minecraft versions


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It says it needs a password
hey, so i downloaded a (im guessing) newer version of the higher quality pack and oddly enough, it doesnt have any shaders in in, but only textures. did i do something wrong?
I remember finding this in your channel even if you didn't upload it to mcpedl yet
BTW it was so good ever since I downloaded on your channel I might end up using this in every world I create and pls also upload the texture pack or don't cuz its found at but it would be better at mcpedl but the choice is up to you
the texture pack is in the process of being rebuilt since I'm doing all the designs again, but I do plan to upload it here xd