Published on October 10, 2021 (Updated on September 05, 2022)

The Ty-el's UI Pack

The Ty-el's UI Pack is an UI treatment pack for Vanilla UI, which add some features, tweaks and, also new clicking sounds(!), to make your experience somehow better but still keep the original Vanilla feelings. Compatible with most texture packs from internet or from marketplace, or some resource packs that can improve your gameplay, because why not?!

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v1.1.0 (103)-2022.09.04-(r1.19.22):
Minimum Minecraft Version required: v1.19.10


This update took me 8 months to do, I'm very sorry because of lacks of updates before...
* Notice: As of this version, "Quick Loot" is now called "Quick Move", this doesn't change quick loot function, this change is to match Vanilla, and compatibility with other container screens.
* New BETA feature is included in this update: Item Lore Viewer! With this, you can see all the information of the SUPER DUPER big and long item lore inside a scrolling panel, best in Skyblock servers! Additionally Item ID AUX viewer for add-on creators and some other (probably) useful technical information of the items too!


- Pack now supports even more languages:  
Deutsch (Deutschland), Italiano (Italia), Polski (Polska), Svenska (Sverige), Türkçe (Türkiye), Русский (Россия), Українська (Україна), 中文(中国), 中文(繁體), 한국어 (대한민국)
(Thanks Tentex#0807 (Discord) for Turkish translations, @theqwermc (Twitter) for Russian translations and @YangTuo_zi (Twitter), @student_2333 (Twitter) and @mascot_fox8888 (Twitter) for Chinese (Simplified) translations!)
- Improved Español (España) translations (Thanks to @sebasxpert (Twitter)!)
- Added 3 new subpacks: Default Vanilla, Performance and Ultra Mode. More info in About Ty-el UI/Subpack Features.
- Added Compatibility Mode to some packs. More info in About Ty-el UI/Compatibility Mode.
- Updated and changed many screen designs for Ore UI Aspects update, an upcoming UI update for Bedrock Edition, and sure, with a bit of remixes
- Progress Bars (World Loading bar, XP bar and Boss Health bars, also Smelting Progress and Fuel Progress in Furnace Screens, and Brewing Progress and Fuel Progress in Brewing Stand Screen too! That's a lot!) now have a percentage label next to it. Now you can see the exact percentage of world loading progress, or boss health, or your current XP progress, yes, XP!
- Added the Search feature to Play/Worlds Screen and Settings/(Global Resources/Resource Packs/Behavior Packs/Storage) Screen, which can help you search for your worlds and packs faster (The search feature in Play/Worlds Screen only allow up to 50 most recent worlds to be searchable, due to bad performance issues ;-;)
- Added the ability to hide and show not downloaded packs in Resource Packs Screen
- Added Item Highlighter to Chest Screens, which can help you find items with specific names in very untidy chests! (And it's cAsE sEnSiTiVe!)
- Added the search text box to the Marketplace Screen header, which you can search for contents faster than before, anywhere!
- If you press and hold any item slots, there's "Take Custom Amount of Items" indicator on top of the item slot, so you can see how many items you are about to move or use.
- Added Recently Played World Suggestion feature to Play Screen
- Added Container Mode Switcher to some container screens
- Added Server Info panel to Pause Screen for some selected popular servers
- Added Quit Confirmation Popup to Pause Screen to avoid quitting the game accidentally
- The "Save and Quit" label in Pause Screen now automatically changes to "Disconnect" when you are in servers, ONLY available on featured servers!
- Added Inventory Mode, Drop Items and Destroy Items functionalities to Pocket UI screens
- Added HUD Mainhand Indicator for showing which items you're holding, how many of them, and its durability if possible
- The title text in Server Form Screen and Popup Dialogs now automatically deletes the following text blocks start from beginning: "§l", "§0", "§8"
- Added back the Mute All Chat toggle to Chat Screen for faster hide chat
- Added Purchase Confirmation to Marketplace, and Purchase Lock to Dressing Room Screen, this will help you not to buy any items (either Minecoins or real money) accidentally. (Free items won't be affected)
- Added Skin Type Switch buttons to custom imported skins in Dressing Room Screen. This will help you change skin type, either Steve (Normal) type or Alex (Slim) type, easier without re-importing new custom skin files!
- The Screenshot Location info in Screenshot Screen now shows exact file path
- Due to the change above, I added "Show Screenshot Location" button to Screenshot Screen if you want to see the screenshot file path, for privacy
- Added Three Dots Menu to Play Screen and Profile Card Screen, which has some useful navigations in there
- Added variables to _global_variables.json for pack customizations:
 + "$tyel_dialog_accent_color" for changing the dialog top bar accent color in pop-ups and dialogs (Only available outside Default Vanilla Subpack, except Server Form Screen)
 + "$force_auto_place_on" for forcing Quick Move feature always enabled when opening containers (A warning button will show up in Play Screen if you enable this)
 + "$pause_quit_confirmation_popup_enabled" for enabling or disabling Pause Screen Quit Confirmation popup feature
 + "$use_black_death_background" for using Black Death Background (set this to false for original red gradient death background)
 + "$server_form_dialog_size" for changing my pack's Server Form Dialog size
 + "$recent_world_suggest_enabled" for enabling or disabling Recently Played World Suggestion feature
 + "$scoreboard_sidebar_bg_alpha" for changing Scoreboard Sidebar Background Alpha
 + "$hud_percentage_text_visible" for toggling HUD Percentage Text visibility (on XP Bar, Boss Bars)
 + "$use_hive_andesite_counter" for using Andesite Counter when on The Hive (Featured Server)



- Enabled New Touch Control Schemes toggle for non-beta/preview players!
- Redesigned Server Form screen, now it's no longer a dialog window (maybe yay)
- Moved Hide HUD button next to the hotbar chooser, and it supports Lefty control scheme too! But to avoid pressing it accidentally, I made that button only usable when double tapped it.
- Removed the question mark button from Inventory Screen!
- For Accessibility reasons, Hide HUD button, Pause Player Lists toggle, Drop Item buttons and Destroy Item buttons now have a white border when hovering it
- Toast popups in Dressing Room and Persona Screen are now located on top of the screen, with animations
- Made screen transition animations a bit cleaner (probably)
- Added back the Realm Feed button to Pause Screen (only visible when in Realms), because Mojang Studios forgot to add it back :p
- [Default Vanilla] Play Screen's tabs now have smaller horizontal size, but minimum size is fixed in a specific value
- Now you can use the controller (≡) Start button to open Start Screen sidebar, Settings Screen Quick Settings and Three Dots menus
- Added TTS supports to Quick Craft button
- Moved VSync settings to the bottom of Settings/Video section
- Changed default location of HUD Utilities to bottom right
- Added Enable debug HUD option in Settings/Creator section to temporarily hide or show Debug HUD (Beta/Preview only)
- The Upscaling and Ray Tracing toggles in Quick Settings screen now only visible if your devices support Ray Tracing
- Extended maximum frames cap for Custom Panorama to 500


- You can now create your own Ty-el Theme
- You can now add custom panorama with child controls for special effects, texts, etc., with additionally theme metadata
- More info in "Ty-el Theme Instructions.txt" in pack folder



- Made start screen sidebar exit background size bigger
- Fixed the Invite Icon on Play/Friends tab not visible
- Fixed Wake Up Label Panel (used to show how many players are sleeping in multiplayer worlds) in In Bed Screen not showing
- Added gamepad helpers to About Ty-el UI screen
- The command block state icon in Command Block Screen now has a black border line
- Changed Start Screen Feedback button name to "Submit Feedback"
- Button focuses for About Ty-el UI and Quit Game buttons in Start Screen Sidebar now work correctly
- Fixed the HUD hotbar is not visible in survival mode
- Fixed content log errors related to focus navigation mode
- Miscellaneous screen backgrounds, UI improvements and bug fixes



 + Invisible Touch Circle, because v1.18.30+ added RenderDragon, which makes shaders no longer working, and this feature was made possible by shaders ;-;
 + Hotbar Toggle and Cycle Hotbar Items buttons, because these buttons may not be usable if the New Touch Control Schemes feature is enabled



Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

It's really nice, but it makes the items in my backpack not show names.
Hello, the author. Can you post the last version of a resource package you released on mcpedl? I can't use the latest version on MCPEAL on 1.19.2. Thank you
Eto pa q sirve
using this pack removes item tooltips in the inv for some reason? if its a bug can you fix it??
This is really amazing ❤️
I need to download all the packs that you put in the download section?
Hi just saying a request its just a quick one
Can you Please Make a texture pack the Removes the difficulty picker i need to fix this bad habit of mine i would be very thankful if you did
I LIKE MC MODS1234567890 November 05, 2022 at 1:49 pm
Can you make a new update? The global texture options get glitched when I enable the pack in 1.19.41
I like the pack but I don’t like how a lot of it doesn’t transfer well to updates. I understand that you can’t help that, but I would like you to please make a pack with just the useful stuff and leave the details out or tell me how I can edit it to do that for myself. I like the drop items and quick switch buttons for moving items, and I like the chat buttons because I work with commands a lot and the auto fill and previous/next buttons make it easy to use commands over and over. I don’t care for the quick setting but I wouldn’t mind it in a pack with the other two things.
I love all the other stuff to but it’s just not good if ever update breaks the pack and the whole thing becomes useless, because it has useful things I just think it has too many things. So if you could please help me edit the pack to just have those things or make a new pack without all the other kool stuff I’de really appreciate it.
Unfortunately, it's not working properly in version 1.19.40. 😥
I will fix it as soon as possible, but currently you can download v1.1.0a for better experiences and no pack errors
Perfect! I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for your support!
Can you fix the problems in update 1.19.40? Thank you
This ui pack doesn't support 1.19.40
HolA soy otoniel
Works great but any way to change the hud size? The sizes are too big
You can try changing "GUI Scale Modifier" option in Settings/Video.