Published on June 23, 2022 (Updated on November 02, 2023)

The Ty-el's Settings Overlay UI Pack - THE LEGENDARY COMEBACK! (1.20.40+ only)

The Ty-el's Settings Overlay UI Pack is a small UI treatment pack for Vanilla UI, unlike other UI packs, this pack adds some magical screen properties and tweaks to the in-game Settings Screen to get Camera Perspective toggle on HUD (YES!), FOV slider (it’s ZOOM in vanilla with no mods!), and more! The pack only works for devices having Touch capabilities, and compatible with almost every texture pack in the world too!

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(Release Date: November 2nd 2023)


It was just 10 days to turn the old Settings Overlay pack (v1.0.0) from usable to completely unusable in the latest stable version (which was the version 1.19.10), and I was suffered that, why it broke so quickly... After a little more than a year later since the initial release, version 1.20.40 of Minecraft introduced the “Customizable Controls (Experimental)” feature for Touch controls. It changed a lot of touch settings and realized that the tiny issue in pause screen I see every day, is gone. And I suddenly revisited the abandoned Settings Overlay pack, with some small changes, it surprisingly worked again! And that’s why this update is here, with even more quality-of-life features, and bug fixes!

  • Retextured all custom Settings Overlay buttons to match all other top buttons’ new look and feel.
  • NEW! Quick Settings menu, which replaced the Show Settings and Close Settings Overlay buttons, but both buttons are moved to the bottom of the Quick Settings menu, and, there’s more…

      + NEW! Gamemode Switcher, similar to the same Gamemode Switcher (F3+F4 menu) on Minecraft Java.
      + NEW! FOV slider, it’s ZOOM slider but on bedrock!
      + NEW! Content Log History button, good for content creators to debug!

  • I’m glad to say that Settings Overlay now works on any touch control modes, yes, finally, you can now enjoy Settings Overlay on any of your preferred control modes!
  • Reduced the time to load Settings Overlay by adding just a little tweak to screen properties!
  • Settings screen content toggle now works on safe zone areas.
  • You can now interact with the original Settings screen without interacting with the world in the background, but it’s still bugged when interacting with dropdown backgrounds, please note that in order to close dropdowns, you need to press an item on it, and not their background.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Settings Overlay on Realms (hopefully)
  • Further optimized in codes and performances, it feels more stable now.

And that’s everything in this “resurrected from the dead” update, I'm really sorry, players, I hope you like this update... ;-;



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Before commenting things related to bugs or troubleshooting's, please read the "Important Notices" and "Known Issues" sections first, there are some known bugs that I acknowledged and could not be fixed. And make sure you have Minecraft v1.20.40 or newer, there could be some errors if trying to use in older versions.

If for some reasons the HUD is not showing when Settings Overlay is enabled, try putting the Settings Overlay on top of everything in Global Resources, but please note, the major downside if doing so is that the background in the main Settings Screen might be overridden!
Do you need to turn on the experimental feature to use this one or not? (Just curious)
Add it in 1.20.10+ pls
you can add the chat controls too please? this is one of the best textures
this ui pack is so underrated I love this
This work in 1.20.50?
yes, it should work on any version that is newer than v1.20.40
it doenst work on beta:(
which beta version are you playing with?
Ty. It works on my 1.20.60, I can change the FOV and the perspective of the character. :3
(中文) 這個非常的好用,推薦使用手機的玩家,可以直接切換視角和模式(雖然旁觀者模式有不可修復的bug),但是很推薦大家使用。
This comment has been removed
This is very easy to use. It is recommended that players using mobile phones can directly switch the perspective and mode (although the spectator mode has unrepairable bugs), but it is highly recommended for everyone to use it.
Aku pengen addon keren
pls upadate for 1.20.50