Published on August 24, 2020 (Updated on January 13, 2022)

The Ty-el's Vietnamese Language Pack

Are you Vietnamese and when you're playing Minecraft you have many troubles about you don't understand English? You're on right way! This pack is created for you to help your gameplay have more experience and no worry anymore about not understanding English. (mostly matches Java version of Minecraft!)

Credits: @tlgm2308 (Twitter), @fromgate (Twitter) (download original Minecraft Unicode font pack here, remade), @CrisXolt (VDX UI translation supports) 

Preview Trailer

(Some translations may varies in the future)


- More than 10,000 of translatable translation keys are mostly translated and matches Java version of Minecraft Vietnamese with more than 95% accurate!

Start screen


Video Settings screen, with RTX unsupported warning messages translated


Achievements/"All" Tab screen (Notice: achievements are untranslatable)


Loading screen with random loading messages translated


Longest item name in this pack, Waxed Weathered Cut Copper Stairs


Bucket of Adult Leucistic Axolotl' item name


Chat screen, with wrong command syntax and executed command messages


Profile - Emotes screen with playing Exhausted emote, how bad i am..


Realms Plus - Realms Plus screen

- Fully translated How to Play sections

Villager Trading in How to Play section


Creative Mode in How to Play section

- Supports Chemistry Mode (can be enabled by turning on Education Edition in World Settings)

Material Reducer screen with Nitrogen name on screen


Lab Table screen with Bleach name on screen

- Text-to-Speech supports!

Accessibility Settings

And more!

Things that can't be translated:

- Achievements (because it saves online in-game so i can't translate it) :(

- Marketplace Contents

- Realms terms, EULA, purchase info

- Credits, Ending Messages 

- Addons & custom translation key in different resource packs (that's apparently)


This pack follow Minecraft translating rules, which means, special names like Creeper, Redstone, Realm(s), Ghast, Piglin... will not translate, and Minecraft Java Translation Project, but with some exceptions (like Axolotl or Chain (block name)... ).



This pack comes with 4 varients of font type (4 subpacks) you can edit it in pack settings.

  • Minecraft Seven Font (left page) and Unicode Font (right page)

Minecraft Seven font is remade from Minecraft Font Pack by @fromgate (Twitter), keep your Minecraft experiences nostalgic with some small changes.


  • Minecraft Seven (Smooth version)

This font is the smoother version of Minecraft Seven font, very good if you are using high-resolution texture packs or want a cleaner PvP experiences.

Crafting in How to Play section


Multiplayer in How to Play section

How to change font (Restart game to apply!)

Step 1: Press Pack Settings ⚙ button next to the Deactivate button


Step 2: Swipe the slider

Swipe the slider to "mojangles" in Pack Settings to apply Minecraft Seven font (default subpack)


Swipe the slider to "mojangles_smooth" in Pack Settings to apply Minecraft Seven (Smooth) font


Swipe the slider to "unicode" in Pack Settings to apply Unicode (Remastered!) font


Swipe the slider to "none" in Pack Settings to apply "none", and place your custom font pack on top of Vietnamese Pack in Global Resources screen if you have it

Step 3: Exit Settings and Restart game!


• Unicode Remastered font, supports all language that using Latin characters

• Minecraft Seven Font supports mostly all vanilla language available expect: Japanese, Chinese and Korean.



The Ty-el's Vietnamese Language Pack now supports VDX UI (VDX Java UI) by @CrisXolt with a downloadable patch pack!

I know many players use my pack with VDX Java UI, but not perfectly translated 100% in many screens, so I created this patch pack to help you somehow.
It is not built-in in main pack, so you need to download another "patch" pack (file named Ty-el_Vietnamese_VDX_UI_Patch_v1.x.x.mcpack), in Downloads.
Make sure you placed this patch pack higher than the original Ty-el Vietnamese pack, it can be like this:

Known Bugs

  • Minecraft Seven font in Unicode characters maybe get "smoother" or bolder/weird than normal, this can be fixed easily by changing game's GUI scale or switch back to "unicode" or "none" font.
  • When using Minecraft Seven font (or Smooth) subpack, you may see font in chat screen (or chat in hud) sometimes underlined or randomly bolder. To fix it, try change line spacing to ×1.0, and/or change Chat Font back to "Mojangles".
  • Contents (except Realms Plus) in Marketplace/My Content screen is not loading, that's a Minecraft bug. To be able to view "My Content", please change game language to any Vanilla languages. If you done that, to continue using the pack, just change game language to Vietnamese again.


Creator's Notes

- You can use and edit my pack, but only for personal uses, but uses in your modified APK/APPX/Custom,... are prohibited! Also pack reuploads contains my language file but got modified are also prohibited!

- For content creators (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter...), if you make contents about this pack, make sure you credit me in your description and ONLY USE MCPEDL LINK FOR DOWNLOAD LINK, DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINKS OR 3RD PARTY APPS ARE HIGHLY PROHIBITED!!

- This pack currently supports on both Official and Beta version of Minecraft 1.17.30 and higher. (Subject to change)

- Vanilla Experiments translations are not final and can be changed.

- Original translations and texts from
Microsoft and Mojang, AB. All rights reserved!

- If you have anything I translated wrong or not translated, please contact me or comment in this post. 

Select version for changelog:


Base Minecraft Version: r1.18.2 | b1.18.10.27

  • Added Minecraft Beta v1.18.10.27 Translations
  • Fixed "Pearlescent Froglight" translated wrong

Submission updates: fixed some paragraphs


How to download files:

1 . Click on a file in Downloads.

2 . Verify "I'm not robot" and wait for progress bar is 100%, click Download. (You can skip this if you have MCPEDL VIP)

3 . Choose your file you want to download.

How to install Mcpack:

1. Download file with "mcpack" extension in Downloads.

2. On iOS, press Open in Minecraft (or press More... and choose Minecraft), on Windows 10 click the .mcpack file to install to Minecraft, on Android, the .mcpack file can be one-tap-install via an explorer app that supports .mcpack file.

3. Open Minecraft > Go to Settings > Go to Global Resources > Choose Vietnamese Pack

and Activate it.

4. (Optional) Press the Pack Settings button to change font you want (scroll this page up a little bit to see instructions how to change font).

5. IMPORTANT!! Restart Minecraft!!

6. Go to Settings again > Language > Choose Tiếng Việt (Việt Nam).

How to install Zip: (for Windows and Android)

On Android: Make sure you changed File Storage Location to External to be able to install Zip.

1. Download the "zip" file in Downloads. (Or if zip file doesn't appear, download Mcpack file and change the file format to zip by renaming it)

2. Put the zip file into your Minecraft resource packs folder:

  • Windows: %localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP.xxxxxxxx\LocalState\games\com.mojang\resource_packs\

(Type %localappdata% in Run window ([Windows Key] + R) or on Address Bar in File Explorer)

  • Android (pre-1.18): /storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/resource_packs/
  • Android (1.18 and later): /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.mojang.minecraftpe/files/games/com.mojang/resource_packs/

3. (Optional) Unzip and delete the zip file.

4. Open Minecraft > Settings > Go to Global Resources > Choose Vietnamese Pack and Activate it.

4. (Optional) Press the Pack Settings button to change font you want (scroll this page up a little bit to see instructions how to change font).

5. IMPORTANT!! Restart Minecraft!!

6. Go to Settings again > Language > Choose Tiếng Việt (Việt Nam).

Notice: Everytime you activate or change subpacks, make sure you restart the game to avoid some font bugs or didn't change font.

If you update this pack, make sure you remove this old pack before updating to the latest version.


  • Tyel_Vietnamese_v1.5.5.mcpack (332.23 KB)
  • (332.23 KB)
  • Tyel_Vietnamese_VDX_UI_Patch_v1.1.3.mcpack (5.22 KB)

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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t hỏi nhá nó có dịch mấy chất hóa học ở bản education edition ko nếu có thì càng tốt tại t biết 1 chút tiếng anh nhưng ngu hóa :))
Bn ơi mk dùng gói này ở phiên bản 1.16 đc ko?
Rất tiếc là pack chỉ hỗ trợ bản 1.17.30 trở lên thôi, nếu bản cũ hơn thì lỗi rất là nhiều, xin lỗi vì sự bất tiện này
Bn ơi gói này mình dùng ở phiên bản 1.16 đc ko?
Tôi không thể tin rằng bạn có thể làm tất cả những điều này. Công việc tuyệt vời! Tôi thậm chí không thể tưởng tượng được việc cố gắng dịch từng bit của Minecraft. Nó phải được rất nhiều công việc! Có 5 sao! (For the english users, I am saying, "I can't believe you can do all this. Great job! I can't even imagine trying to translate every bit of Minecraft. It must be a lot of work! There are 5 stars!!"
damn t tưởng bro la người nc ngoài :))
Can you make a UI themed from the New UI possibly coming in 1.19 The Wild Update?
Also, I don’t speak another language normally other then English, but this would be very useful since Minecraft doesn't have some language choices, this is a suggestion, but I would not use it, if you could make a texture/UI Pack that makes it so words are not censored that would be…. Kinda cool?
About censored texts, I know it's possible, but I don't like bad words...
Pack này hỗ trợ phiên bản 1.18 chính thức chưa nhỉ
Pack vốn đã hỗ trợ 1.18 rồi nha.
ngoài đăng gói ở đây bạn còn cho phép web nào đăng gói này không?
Thanks for making this pack. Although im Vietnamese and know English very well, I'd rather to use this pack ;)
bạn ơi mình có thể xin file mojangles font Việt hoá được không ạ? Mình cần nó để làm video, mong bạn đồng ý❤️ btw pack tuyệt lắm luôn
Tôi không có hỗ trợ file font ttf Việt hóa. (Trừ font Noto Sans có sẵn trong game)
Ad ơi hình như gói Tyel_Vietnamese_VDX_Java_UI_Patch_v1.0.4 bị lỗi tôi cài vào không thấy có tiếng việt cả phần ngôn ngữ cũng không có liệu đây có phải lỗi không ạ
Có vẻ như là bạn không có sử dụng gói tiếng Việt gốc rồi, phải có sử dụng gói gốc đó thì mới có thể sử dụng gói patch cho VDX UI, trình tự gói thì giống như trên ảnh ở phía
Nicely done. You made people understand more. Keep it up! Also I would be very apriciated if you make the lolcat language.
Phiên bản TV 1.4.8 không tương thích vs phiên bản MC nx. Vào Minecraft chỉ thấy dấu X. Mong ad cập nhật gói TV đi ạ.
Sr ad mình tải nhầm phiển bản gói TV nên dẫn đến ko tương thích. Phiên bản này vẵn tương thích vs sr ad nhìu:
your pack is very nice.
bạn làm ngôn ngữ lolcat đươc không?