Amethyst Armor, Tools, and Spear Addon! [Items no longer duplicate!] [1.19.30]

Amethyst armor, tools, and an amethyst spear (using the 1.17 Amethyst Shards that Minecraft added to the game) without using the player.json file! I am sure this addon would be the perfect addition to all of your survival and adventure worlds!

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v2.3 changes:

  1. Spear Special attack animation has been improved
  2. Amethyst Spear will no longer damage players when PVP is turned off
  3. Amethyst Spears will now have a longer attack range 4 >>> 6
  4. Tool Fixes:
    • Amethyst axes can now strip wood
    • Amethyst axes can now break Mangrove Roots
    • Amethyst shovels can now make grass path
    • Amethyst shovels can now break Mud Roots
    • Amethyst hoes can now create farmland
  5. Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed the Trident Riptide bug
    • Fixed the double player_entity bug
    • Fixed the shrieker bug
    • Fixed player_entity inconsistencies when dying
    • Mobs would no longer prioritize picking up items
    • Amethyst armor abilities now work in peaceful mode
    • Fixed texture swapping
    • Amethyst hoes and shovels will now play sounds when being used
  6. Slightly modified MCPEDL page


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Please make sure to comment on any problems or suggestions you have about this addon!
Hello, I'm Liuran from China. Can I send this Addon to the game forums in China? I'm sure many people will like this Addon.
everything is very good, although the complement for what is amethyst is very good, something easy to get, but I love it, one thing to highlight It is that the spear closes the game for me when I want to use it, do you know why it happens?
I play on version 1.19.30 :D
Update the warden🤗! Many enchanted books don't work on tools, such as efficiency and luck! Please add crystal texture and
So I concluded that you are cool😆
Didn't think anyone would actually read it 😁
Hi, I found some bugs:
- Textures from your add-ons are broken, armor, weapons, etc. are invisible (I'm playing on mobile phone)
- Your custom shovels and pickaxes don't break some of vanilla blocks faster (like tuff, calcite, clay) I know, that it's quite easy to fix that issue, I hope you will fix them in future updates
Thank you for letting me know!
For the textures bug, are you sure you activated the resource pack?
This comment has been removed
cool items
the addon is incredible but I feel that the only thing that stands out is the amethyst spear one suggestion is that the amethyst armor had an ability like the one in the nederite expansion that would increase the weapon damage when having the full set of armor
I actually haven't really thought about that, thank you for the suggestion! 😁
thank you for taking your time with the community, it would also be nice if walking with the amethyst armor made a sound
I do think that would be really cool, but it would likely not be prioritized! 👍
Keep it up man! As I was digging through some of the addons code I saw a couple of lines which made me excited thinking that more armor sets and items are coming in the future. High-quality regularly updated stuff! 5/5
Thank you for your compliments! 😄
(Although I do have some "hidden" item names in the files, some of the sets in the code might not make it into actual addons!) 👍
CartoontRainbowKid May 07, 2022 at 7:50 pm
hi, Good addon
I made a Chinese language file (.lang), can I put it in the resource pack?
Sure! if you want to you can email it to me at [email protected] and I will put the language file in as soon as possible! 😁
So just wondering, the amethyst spear is pretty good but do enchantment work with its special ability

For example does sharpness increase how much it’s jab does or does unbreaking lower the e amount of durability it takes when it uses the special jab
Enchantments do not work on special abilities! I should probably state that somewhere in my mods 😅
Also I think you should do a redstone mod. This one could add components that can also interact with your armor and tools mod and maybe even your copper golem mod.

An idea for a component is scale block. It would be similar to a pressure plate but instead of seeing if anyone is on it it will send out different amounts of redstone pulse depending on what armor the wearer is wearing and how much armor they have on.
This item could also work with the copper golem. Another item is the hit register. It will send out redstone pulses depending on how much damage you deal to it when you hit it with a weapon. These are just some ideas for future addons.
It should support 1.18. I just haven't updated the MCPEDL page yet! 😅
I had a funny bug happen after I updated 1.17_Amethyst_v2.mcaddon (Linkvertise).
I was testing it in a creative world and I noticed the amethyst spear was in it even though it wasn't supposed to. When I used it, it just spawned so many tropical fish everywhere all at once. Im guessing it retextured the tropical fish spawn egg
Well that wasn't supposed to happen 😂