Published on October 03, 2022 (Updated on September 29, 2022)

10 Sides Of Nether

10 Sides Of NetherIsn't it the time to do some parkour?Playing a parkour map in Minecraft is fun. Unless it's super hard. So, we are presenting you 10 Sides Of Nether. A Minecraft map that is fun to play, fair hard, and looks great. It looks beautiful. You can enjoy this map on 10 different levels. This map was made with love.

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Great map but you should make the level 9 more easy. It's too hard. Level 9 is more hard compared to lvl 10. Other than this, It's a great map. RECOMENDED
This map is so good . I suggest every one to play this map for one time .
Great presentation and the map was good but lvl 9 and 10 is not easy. Atleast for mcpe. Although, it is a great map. Keep it up guys.