32Ks, Glitched/Illegal Items, OP Mobs, & More

In this world you spawn outside the entrance of a Woodland Mansion and there are chests, inside the chests are maxed out 32k enchanted Netherite tools and Netherite armor, (and other weapons like bows, tridents, etc)

 In addition to the armor and tools chest there are 2 chests with illegal items, one of the chests has illegal items that are obtainable in creative mode or with commands, and one of the chests has glitched/unobtainable items. 

there is also 2 chests with all spawn eggs. And a chest full of useful utility items. All items will automatically refill when removed from the chests. 

Another chest has all enchanted books at their max vanilla level. The last chest has all potions in their normal and lingering variant, in addition to all tipped arrows.

 Also there is 3 levers with signs, one spawns adult zombies inside the mansion with full netherite armor and a sword and totem, one spawns the same zombies execpt they are baby zombies, and one spawns skeletons with maxed out bows, armor, and totems.

 And the last thing is a teleporter to a bedrock box which serves as a PvP/Testing Area, which also has a teleporter back to spawn.

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Update 1:  World created and has been uploaded to MCPEDL.com

Update 2: Changed download link to a Mediafire link so I can track the number of downloads on Mediafire



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