3D Armor

This is a simple model package.It only modifies the model of the armor part to make it look more three-dimensional

It is recommended to use any 16x texture pack to match it to achieve the desired effect.


Please place them on the texture pack.
3D armor and dlc are indispensable...

Thank you for downloading and using..
You can use my project and show it,but don’t modify or move them.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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29 Responses

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  1. nwnwpncab says:

    Can you please make the armor smaller

  2. ThE_GamEz says:

    How i can make that style of textures? Thats textures are cool 😎

  3. Guest-8668012534 says:

    3D Tools addon next???πŸ‘πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ŽπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  4. Guest-8687756790 says:

    Did anyone notice this adds 3d arrows??

  5. Guest-2824097893 says:

    I like this, but it makes the player look big. Especially for the helmet.

  6. DTechGamer says:

    Dang! This is AWESOME!!

  7. EclispeNetworkTeam says:

    This pack is amazing for so many reasons. The reason I am commenting is because I would like to request permission to modify this. What I want to is fairly simple I want to replace the diamond armor with the netherite as I find it awesome and its color will be changed aswell. As far as the other stuff goes it will remain the same. The textures and stuff will be put into my official pack for my server I have been working on. Full credit will be given to you, your name will go a board showing off the other creators that helped and your name/work will go into a book explaining what you did. While the server will take a couple of more months if you want to I can send you screenshots with proof of the credits. Thanks for this awesome pack and please send your response!

  8. Guest-3679136259 says:

    Please make armors for minecraft dungeons in one addon

  9. Guest-2906814608 says:

    What about the elytra?

  10. xanion says:

    The changes to the models add a very nice detail, especially when used with a texture pack since it uses the shape of the new textures!

    It must have taken a lot of testing to get this working, since you used features from two different versions of the model definition files. Great work!

  11. Alekgaming02 says:

    The armors are so big how can i fix it, i love this texture btw

  12. Guest-8636576713 says:

    Update pls!!!!!!!! Netherite armor

  13. Guest-4183791228 says:

    Wheres netherite

  14. Guest-8669018258 says:

    please create 3d weapons

  15. Guest-6938796695 says:

    good work with this texture,I am aware that it is not easy to make such a texture for bedrock but it would be great to see the netherite armor on this texture. I would also love to see a 3d texture of the weapons of the game

  16. Guest-6066689576 says:

    how to you add the textures of a texture pack that you’re using to the 3d armor

  17. Guest-1532068000 says:

    It’s interesting, could you add netherite armor

  18. Guest-5020808649 says:

    Ok then im sry 4 asking

  19. Guest-2237985288 says:

    Hi i like this mod and cant create mods like this but i challenge you to make the Davinci vessels mod for minecraft pe.

    If u actually did i would be amazed

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