Published on December 21, 2021

'98 Nissan Sileighty / Sil80

What happens when you’re a 180sx owner in the 90’s and addicted to drifting? If you're smart enough, you'd realize that if you were to crash your car, repair costs would be expensive due to the complicated popup headlight system of the 180sx. So what do you do then? This is what many 180sx owners realized and this very car in this addon is their answer. Sil-Eighty. Essentially everything you’d love about the Nissan’s (S13) S-platform, be it it’s handling, tuning capability or design, but now with a combination of both the S13 coupe and the 180sx, all in one package. The solution for those who want an elegant, sporty and affordable to repair drift car, as well as a solution for those in dilemma of choosing between the elegant Silvia S13 coupe and the sportier 180sx fastback.


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DO NOT OPEN THE HOOD ON THE KOTE X SIL80 I'M WARNING YOU. but fr tho well-played ashminggu. bravo
Add 180sx revised
Pls add some motorcycle like sports
off-road scooters motorcycles I really like you're mods
when are you going to make a city bus?
Thank you. But you can do 240SX?