Published on August 26, 2021 (Updated on November 16, 2023)

A Mercenary's Revenge [Full Release]

A Mercenary's Revenge is the story about one mercenary (you) on a quest to get back at those who wronged them. The story starts out with you playing through a flashback building up to the climax. There will be tests, trials, and bosses to defeat. Can you make it through and defeat the one who betrayed you?

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  • Fixed issues due to Minecraft version update (again)
  • Minor Fixes
  • Minor Changes
  • Minor Additions

If you have issues or bugs please let me know I really appreciate it!



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I decided to replay the map to check it out again and, man, was it fun once again! The story, mechanics, and building are all wonderful in their own ways! The map was fun to play, (except for a few parts, which I'll explain later) and actually had me spending the time to strategize and use my gold wisely!

The new world download seems to have a few new bugs:
- The two wardens of Meteor Four are invincible. Why that is, I have no idea.
- Speaking about the wardens, when they are forcefully unalived (using commands or /effect to give Strength 255), sometimes the command opening the door won't activate.
- After unaliving each wave of enemies in the final battle, nothing happens. Literally. No dialogue, no donated explosives, nothing. Instead, I had to use /setblock to place tnt on the gold blocks to do the boom boom.
- Not sure if this is a miscalculation of his health, or a bug, or if it can't be fixed, but Roger's health in his 1 on 1 fight is much higher than it actually is. I was expecting around 10 rounds of his fight considering his healthbar was still above half, but no, suddenly I smack him once and he goes down. This isn't really a problem however, just a sort of misleading gui element.

But regardless of the bugs, I think this is one of the best, if not THE best, adventure map MCPEDL has to offer. Not even Kingdom of Avon had this much immersiveness with the player! Honestly, adventure maps are the most time consuming map genre out there, this adventure had quite a lot to offer in such a small workspace. Big props to you, Zippy! Thank you for giving us a wonderful map!
Thank you so much for commenting on the map, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have released an updated version fixing many of the issues that you listed. Thank you for telling me about them!
El mejor mapa que he jugado con diferencia, hoy en dia se ven pocos mapas tan buenos como este, ademas de que es gratis. Espero que el creador siga creando mapa tan buenos como este. Lo recomiendo a todo el mundo.
Hi, i just finished this map today, i just want to say this map is AMAZING but i want to report some bugs
First of all:-
In Chapter 3 Meteor four
The Wardens are invincible they won't die so i had to use creative to break out
In Chapter 5
The Watch tower was saying it's Locked
Even after completing the puzzles defeating the pirates and navy soldiers
So i had yo go in creative to break the barriers and progress through
2. After Commodore Rogers traps me and Kieth comes to help me i killed all the mobs but Kieth wouldn't give me any explosives
So i had to creative again to get them
3. In the final battle on Commodore Rogers
Final stage he won't die i even used strength 999999 250 but still he wouldn't die
So i had to use /kill to kill him
At the end i was so happy to see my name on The Wall of Champions but i had to cheat to get there :(
So could you give me any hints to complete the puzzle
Thanks for the Amazing map
Just your average MCBE player July 15, 2022 at 6:59 pm
Also, for some reason, the game doesn't progress when I kill all the enemies in the Structural Integrity Battle event on Chapter 5 and I just get stuck! I really need help! I'm playing on an Android on 1.19
Do you have performance mode enabled?
Just your average MCBE player July 15, 2022 at 4:56 pm
Why are the Wardens on Chapter 3 invincible? Because for some reason I can't kill them
Best map ever took me 121 mins
great map!
this map is very awesome!!! 20/10
I loved this. Epic story. Mechanics. Puzzles 10/10. Can be slightly laggy but I guess that was what performance mode was for
Best adventure map I have ever played 10/10. Loved the story, mechanics, and maps. so good!
For the spiders in the attic quest, you can click on the button above the Owner to get the prize multiple times.
start making custom modded items and stuff for map
A masterpiece of a map! I normally don't leave reviews for these kinds of things but this one deserves it. It's so well made and beautifully written! Great job!!!