A Simple and Normal Parkour [BETA]

Are you sick of all of these parkour maps these days? 

Are you sick of those long-a😂😂 levels that you just want a normal parkour map? 

Then download this map! 

Starting on V4, A Simple and Normal Parkour is updated monthly cuz i am working on a new parkour/puzzle map. 

ASNP is a 5 level parkour map. That’s it. 

Lobby (or the most unimportant place in any map) (and got overhauled on 2.0) (but stil outdated screenshot) (and it’s this addon) :

Level 1 (the beginning of any parkour ever):

Level 2 (yeah pretty unbelivable right?):

Level 3 (this is where you lose your braincells off):

Level 4 (known as the hardest level to any parkour ever):

Level 5 (or the chill level of any parkour):

Level 6 (still hard, not as hard as y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶p̶e̶e̶p̶e̶e̶ level 4):

Level 7 (chill level but not as chill as level 5): 

Level 8 (more like you just jump around and get to that other platform but it’s honeyblocks):

Level 9 (that feeling that you go to the nether): 

(oops forgot the screenshot) 

Level 10 (owie):

Level 11 (not really a parkour level):

Level 12: 

Thanks for playing room (again, the most unimportant part of any parkour map and it’s in beta so shut up if you complain that there’s no decoration):

(i don’t have the updated screenshot but if you played this map and watched the trailer below you’ll get it anyways) 

Since this map is in public beta, please request new ideas for the new levels at my twitter @NotJayJayGaming


Changelog View more

Starting on V4, A Simple and Normal Parkour is updated monthly cuz i am working on a new parkour/puzzle map. 

V3 Update:

  1. Added 4 new levels

Other changes:

  1. New trailer that's straight from my channel
  2. Improved "thanks for playing screen" 
Today's changelog:
  • Added 3 levels
  • Added more decorations
  • Added MORE unnecessary features 

Grammar changes only (cuz i don't use grammarly, **** **). Map remained original. 

changed the thumbnail so it can pass by the moderator 


It's a zip file and use your common sense too

If you're gonna showcase this make sure that you credit me in the description or else I'll take it down


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