Actual Guns Add-on V2.6 (World War weapons, Multiplayer Disabled, Lag Fix)

This add-on adds 60+ items to the game, there are pistols, shotguns, rifles, smgs, dmrs, and other equipment. This addon also doesn’t replace anything, meanwhile this addon is only intended for Singleplayer use and Adventure maps to use. It may not work in multiplayer, it can shoot people, but people can not use the guns full auto. This is a pure Minecraft food bug.


you must use SHIFT OR SNEAK Button to activate the guns.. Just kidding! you need to “eat” the guns or hold the gun on your screen. This may not work for other people, but only works on the host.

There are some problems we cannot fix. the problem is pure Minecraft bugs, not addon bugs, like players not able to shoot full auto.


This addon is equipped with in game documentation. you can access it anywhere by click “?” button when opening inventory, or go to settings and see “How to play” section

The weapons are Kar, Medical Kit, Night Vision Goggles, Scar, Scout, SVD, Parachute, Kriss Vector, AWP, C4, Deagle, M249, Minigun, Magnum, Glock, M3, AA-12, FAMAS, IMI Galil, Flame Thrower, RPG, Explosive, M67, Molotov, Flashbang, Smoke and Poisonous Grenades, P90, MP5, UZI, MP40, M1881 Double Barrel Shotgun, UMP45, Beretta, AK4, Gold AK. Gold Deagle, Silenced and Unsilenced USP, MGL, Silenced M4, AUG, G36C, M200, Silenced Kriss, Burst FAMAS, MG42, PPsh-41, Katana, Ice Grenade, BAR, Sterling Bayonet, KSG-12, Gas mask, Mauser C96, AK-74U, M60, M24 Grenade, M1 Garand and the M16.

To reload, eat the ammo of the gun you are using. You can reload at any time, as long as you have the ammo. For shotguns and MGL, you need to put one ammo at a time.


Pins (throw a grenade)

Inspect (shift with a gun and do not shoot or walk)

Crafting Gold Edition weapons

Tomahawk throwing (can go through walls)

Brass effect

Crafting the flare and gold flare


Currently the guns are only obtainable by using /give @p gun:gunname and use granade:grenadename. You can also do /function help so it tells you all the functions. Some functions may not appear, this is because of Mojang. I don’t know why. But they will work once you press enter! Also, the function only gives the ammo for you to consume, it won’t give you everything in the screenshot.

/function getar

/function getetc

/function getgrenade

/function getmelee

/function getshotgun

/function getpistol

/function getsniper

/function getsmg

/function getheavy

This addon keep sendcommandfeedback true. and make sure you turn experimental gameplay on 1.14

Videos on how to download the Add-on.


If there is ANY bugs, you shall report those to Azoz.


Shotguns need the shotgun in the inventory in order to reload

Multiplayer has been disabled, it will be re-enabled once Mojang fixes the Multiplayer bug.

What is this Add-on about?

This is maybe a an easy question to answer, right? PUBG in Minecraft? CS in Minecraft? or just another copy? No. ActualGuns is an Add-on that brings Guns and Weaponry to Minecraft. The guns that has been added in this Add-on was all Community Suggested, meaning this Add-on is “Community Fun” where you can ask me what guns you want to be added, and If I like that suggestion, I will 100% add it! Your ideas are all heard by Azoz, and that’s a promise.

Instantly Rejected Suggestions:

1. Make the Add-on more “Counter-Strike” ish. This includes skins, tasers, defuse kits, and the bomb exploding in 40 seconds or so. This will never be added, I get the fact I’m a CS content creator, but that does not mean I want to mix CS with this Add-on. Remember, it will not be accurate, and I like things when they are accurate. Meaning, a CS Add-on may be in the workings.

2. Ah yes, 3D. The thing that literally messed up the Gun Community in MCPE. This will never be implemented into ActualGuns just because I don’t like 3D guns that much, I just like 2D more. Also, PixelPoly is making a 3D gun Add-on, so why do I want to copy them? I have more reasons to go about this, but I don’t feel like writing more about 3D as some of you know that I just don’t like 3D in general. 

3. Weapons that are not so popular, but they are used in a popular Add-on.

Credits – Creators:

AzozGamer936 – Main Dev (works)

TheEnderface – Dev (no longer works)

Keyyard – Dev (no longer works)

Credits – Others:

SBawls69Texture Artist

JoshMC Lootbox loot

WindLightLootbox model from CSO

Changelog View more

Bug fixes

Changed and fixed some gun descs

Blood removed, there was a bug that the blood particles would appear in 0 0 0 and it will LAG your world, so be thankful for this change!




Ice Grenade - known as Stun or Tear gas in play test


Sterling Bayonet, a melee and an SMG!


Gas Masks

Supressed Kriss Vector

Mauser C96

While equipping a night vision, the parachute, gas mask, scope will get off your head. This is the same thing if you wear parachute, gas, etc

Added burst famas



M24 Grenade

M1 Garand


Molotov's will now explode on impact

Reduced the lag by removing bullet decals


Thanks to:

justAsh0055 - Reworked the Molotov
R4isen - Allowing me to use the kick code

Bug fixes

Changed and fixed some gun descs

MG42 - CM Suggestion

PPSh-41 - CM Suggestion

Katana - CM Suggestion, can be found in the comments

Ice Grenade - known as Stun or Tear gas in play test


Sterling Bayonet, a melee and an SMG! - CM Suggestion

KSG-12 - Suggestion by a lot of people

Gas Masks - CM Suggestion

Supressed Kriss Vector

Mauser C96 - CM Suggestion

While equipping a night vision, the parachute, gas mask, scope will get off your head. This is the same thing if you wear parachute, gas, etc

Added burst famas


M60 - CM Suggestion

M24 Grenade

M1 Garand - CM Suggestion, has the ping, will not reload until you run out of ammo and you hear the ping!


Molotov's will now explode on impact - CM Suggestion

Reduced the lag by removing bullet decals , removed commands and made the C4 not beep to not cause lag, this has been also tested!


Thank you to:

Ash - Helping me remake the Molotov's behaviour

R4isen - Kick people technique

Golden AK47

Golden Deagle

Golden Flare Gun (supply drop)

Normal Flare Gun (supply drop)


New reload system


Melee weapons: Tomahawk (useable to throw as well), buttefly, karambit, kukri, g10, m9, brass knuckles

New functions

Fixed P90 Desc

Minigun and M249 reloads are no longer that long

Minigun spread has been decreased

M200 with night vision

All snipers have scopes

Silencers - USP and M4A1

Parachute and Night Vision are wearable by right clicking on the item once, to unequip, select the item and right click again

AA-12 and M3 range is now decreased

Fixed AWP and AK-47 names

Added supply boxes

Your guns will no longer reset when dying

Magnum now acts like an R8 from CS:GO, this was by an accident, but because I love the change, I kept it

M200 has better chance of no scoping unlike other snipers

AWP will now ignore walls

AA-12 rate of fire has been decreased

AUG - sneak to make your shots more accurate


You can now plant the C4, and that C4 will now break blocks just like before

Keep Inventory is now enabled (CM suggestion)

Scopes has been removed for a temporary time

M1881 DBS (CM suggestion)

Night Vision Goggles (CM suggestion?)

Changed "Super Kriss" to "Kriss Vector" (CM suggestion)

All guns are now 32x32!

C4 will never ever pop up when making a world now, it has been confirmed by beta testers!

Speaking of C4, you can't "plant" it anymore, you just click and it plants it self, and it will no longer break blocks

Grenades will now drop their corresponding pin

Added inspect animations 

Flame thrower now shoots 2 flames

All guns now have fire animations

Deagle will now break glass

Added AWP (CM suggestion)

Re-added berretta (CM suggestion)

Fixed the bug of the C4 being planted on you when you create a world and apply the pack in it, or applying the Add-on on an old world

Updated guns descriptions 

Added M134 Minigun, you press it for 3 seconds and it will shoot its shots! (community suggestion)

Added M249 (community suggestion)

All textures are now the same old 16x16 that Enderface used, some of them has been changed, though (community suggestion)

Added Kar98 and MP40 as WW2 weapons back (community suggestion)

Added plantable C4's (Beta Group suggestion)

Added scopes (Beta Group & community suggestion)

Added parachute (Beta Group suggestion)

Added animations to some guns

Flame particle is no longer big (community & Beta Group suggestion)

Flame thrower will no longer burn your materials

Grenade pins will now be dropped on the floor

Gun bullets and Shotguns shells will now drop on the ground (bullet eject), this feature was also be implemented in PixelPoly guns by me

Your health is now back to vanilla (community suggestion)

Added medical kit (Beta Group & community suggestion)

More WW2 weapons will be added soon, Melees has been teased in the UI, and 32x32 texture option will be implemented when my texture artist finishes.


I'm so sorry for not paying attention to the Behaviour packs link. Guys, just don't submit something at 4 AM.

The Famas no longer sprays like a psycho. Thanks to "ItsBlueDev" for showing me this bug!

The missing shotgun is now removed from the UI.

UUID has been changed, so you no longer need to delete the old version or the original version to import this one to Minecraft. Enjoy!

After a long time.... Actual Guns has been updated! remember the issues you have in the past? forget about them, they are all gone now. We have a new system installed!


Removed all WW2 type weapons

Textures are now 64x64 instead of 16x16, we are currently using a pack called "Brawl Guns" from java, and those guns you see on screen are all a placeholder for now.

Added Molotov (JKslayer10 suggestion)

Added M67 grenade (ArchDW suggestion)

Couch is no longer is ONLY needed when scoping with a sniper, and ALSO shooting with a sniper. Because you don't want your bullets to go all over the place...right? (added noscope shots!)

Added tag= Red and tag= Blue, tag everyone with "Blue", and they can not hit each other, same goes for Red.

Weapons now have weights

How to Play screen has been updated to feature new contents from the Developers and guns now have an actual description

Reload has been changed: You need to drop your weapon in order to reload - for now there is no "Mags"

M3 now bursts 10 shots instead of 1 only

M3 is now reloaded shell by shell!

Added flamethrower

Added bullet decals

RPG will now sometimes push the player

All players have 100 HP, but the owner doesn't (Minecraft bug?)

New crosshair

Most of bullets will now travel quickly

Snipers and Shotguns have recoil

Added bullet randomness

"Smoke" will now actually cover your screen

RPG bullet will now do less explosion (suggestion from comments)

Grenade models now appear with no pin model, because that's just weird

Added SVD

Fixed all grammar errors in the Add-on

And many more for you to explore!


-Added M249

-UMP45 Now have 25 capacity

-Fixed sounds not loaded on 1.13


This is pure Minecraft bugs, we can't fix it


1. Download both Resource And Behavior.

2. Click The Files

3. Apply the Addon to your world


Supported Minecraft versions


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1,936 Responses

4.38 / 5 (523 votes)
  1. Guest-5183361680 says:

    it crashes in beta version 1.2.7 can you pls fix it before the official release

  2. Guest-3974237220 says:

    Do you think you will ever make 3d guns?

  3. Guest-1096138514 says:

    can other players use them?

  4. Guest-5305305714 says:

    This addon is awesome, btw I have a suggestion, can you add KAC Chainsaw in COD Ghosts?

  5. skategod says:

    can u fix this when my friend joins it disconnects from the server

  6. Guest-8667860813 says:


  7. Guest-9811617413 says:

    In the next update can you add a juggernaut suit?

  8. Guest-5671944345 says:

    Mr Señor Sir Arroz, what would the identifier be to summon a bullet? Thank you

  9. Guest-5900811700 says:

    pls make it 1.16

  10. Guest-9601634155 says:

    O.M.G!!! Idk how you made this but its AWSOMEEE!!! I am working on a Valorant map in minecraft, and i gotta say…i havent seen that good of a mod since now. Like, its perfect! Small details like granade pin and stuff r amazing, and the fact that it doesnt slow my minecraft is also amazing! i gotta say 10/10 my dude.

  11. Guest-6871135839 says:

    Where can i find an older version of the addon that is multiplayer-compatible?

  12. Guest-9347426392 says:

    Do you mind if I use this mod for a video?

  13. LC Studios says:

    You can change all guns to 3D model?

  14. Guest-9842483361 says:

    There is a bug the smoke than comes out of the guns and grenade are purple
    You can fix that in the next update too 🙂

  15. Guest-4465283406 says:

    so uh yea I was wondering will multiplayer ever be enabled again? I mostly wanna snipe my friends :p anyways amazing addon

  16. Guest-3757429860 says:

    What is the multiplayer bug?

  17. Guest-2195801822 says:

    In 1.16 the gun smoke is purple and grenade smoke is also purple. Please fix.

  18. Guest-1730238826 says:

    i love your addon its the best gun addon ever 😀😀😀

    But i do want to know about the PixelPoly 3D guns
    I just want to know were i can look for it
    I never seen a 3D gun addon so im curious to see how it looks

    don’t worry yous gun addon is the best 👍👍👍
    Keep it up 😁

  19. Guest-5823312183 says:

    Wow you work hard on this addon i think its great 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    I have 1 idea can you add a 50cal Machine gun or a M2
    Its just a idea for your gun addon 🙂

  20. Guest-5464072489 says:


  21. Guest-7548135185 says:

    How do you reload when the gun is empty

  22. Bob444445 says:

    One suggestion I want to mention is of you could add armors too I understand if what your aiming for is just guns but overall the add-on is great!

  23. Guest-6949822162 says:

    i love this mod so much

  24. fourgalaxy says:

    one more quick question when will mojang fix the multi player bug cuz in the changelog the multiplayer bug was fixed is tha a lie or what?

    • They “fixed” skins in multiplayer, not food.

      • fourgalaxy says:

        nah the multi player was locked off for the changle log for your addon on this very page

        • I get confused to what you guys ask me sometimes, they ask if the multiplayer bug was fixed, and they refer to the multiplayer bug of people getting kicked out, and sometimes they refer to people can’t shoot. Yes, I locked multiplayer for V2.6 because it’s buggy with multiplayer but in V2.7 multiplayer has been unlocked, its optimised so when someone joins your hotbar doesn’t get replaced and you can no longer see everyone’s ammo, but remember the shooting bug from Mojang still remains.

          • fourgalaxy says:

            ok thanks btw again great addon… and i see ur other comments be nicer to ppl you got fans man dont treat em like crap.

  25. Guest-7472979223 says:

    when will you update this addon ????????????

    • There is 9 more weapons left and 27 skins left to add, if you can’t wait, you can simply join the server and play the beta.

    • PMoon says:

      It will probably be out in a few days, only 2 weapons and 1 skin is left and the final beta test will most likely be out very soon, although I’m not sure on that one, I’m not a dev.

  26. Guest-9793629845 says:

    Hey Make 3D I Like It 2D Noob Also I Found Went i use other mod or no any mod cannot shoot i tested 10 times im dissapointed

    • Pootato111 (PoorlyMoon48452) says:

      “HEy maKE 3d i LiKE it 2D noOb OwO UwU” please stfu, god gave you eyes so why don’t you use them and read, it’s clearly stated that he will not make the guns 3D, wait for PixelPoly’s 3D gun add-on if you really want 3D.

    • Bro, if you want 3D, you can GTFO from my Add-on page. Legit, are you blind or something? are you 10? it clearly says I’m not adding 3D guns. Stop being a retard.

    • Guest-7721700817 says:

      Bro this guy cant read 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
      It says that he will not add 3D guns

      I just love When I see People that are as dumb as a rock
      Im sorry but its true 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Guest-2294921394 says:

    is there going to be a beta version? i joined the beta and i want to be able to play this.

  28. Guest-1632851379 says:

    is there a download link that won’t lead to i cannot download things on it.

  29. Guest-6463371874 says:

    Not being rude but if you removing multiplayer in the latest updates there is like no purpose for this mod to even be played if we cant do any gunfights like i want someone to play with not just myself terrorizing villagers by myself

    • Got some good news for you, 3 NPCs has been added, and multiplayer has been unlocked and fixed all the bugs I can fix for multiplayer. Now Mojang needs to do their part and fix shooting bug.

  30. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Also, can you add the original H&K G36, not the G36C variant

  31. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Nice Gun addon, can i have an invite link to the discord support server for this addon?

  32. Guest-4209307087 says:

    Question. Is there somewhere we can find a full command list for these items? Since in all honesty I’m not sure what the command would be for say…night vision goggles or something that’s more of a type of armor

    • Give @s azoz:night. Also, you need to practise the names for now, because there is at least 100+ items coming in the next update and it’s going to be much harder for you to get the items if you forget their name.

  33. Guest-7339814905 says:

    Just asking, but where did you hear about PixlePolly’s 3D gun addon?

  34. Guest-4625953015 says:

    Since shooting a gun shoots an entity/bullet, does this mean command blocks can be used to give the bullets special effects? Thank you

  35. Guest-9089475744 says:

    how do you reload gold guns

  36. Guest-4956486863 says:

    if the multiplayer bug has been fix this addon would be very epic, and I like that you didnt made the gun textures look 3d it still has that minecraft-ish look to it

  37. Guest-4801920092 says:

    i know this sounds dumb (not a suggestion) how do you close the balisong and how to take off night vision goggles (btw i cant use discord to find out)

  38. Guest-9515568459 says:

    I know that there’s a full auto bug and I’m aware that this is a mojang food bug. But what I found was that in multiplayer the mini gun actually shoots full auto for all players. So maybe there is a way to fix it, like a separate pack where all full auto guns have the min gun behavior. I don’t know if you’re aware of this but either way I wanted to bring this to yoir attention and see if you are able to make something from this.

  39. Guest-4584220659 says:

    hi this addon is great but one thing make it fully survivable maybe you can craft ammo and guns i really like survival and this would make this addon 1000000 out of 5 please think about this…….. and has mojang fixed the multiplayer bug i love playing multiplayer please FIX. any way thanks again srly think about it

  40. Guest-5723968442 says:

    can u make the lootbox more “minecraft-styled” like blocky and pixel

  41. Guest-1002967239 says:

    Would you consider adding a SPAS-12 to this addon as well?

  42. Guest-3088267913 says:

    I got this error. There are also some weird stuff going on in the /function screen. Used this addon in the past and I love it! (I would leave a rating, but the site is being weird with me trying to sign in)
    ui/how_to_play_screen.json: Child controls must have unique names:


    In the future this will be an error and this file won’t load.

  43. Guest-5524800211 says:

    azoz cam you make just one 3d gun just pistol just one pls pls pls

  44. Guest-3617954648 says:

    what is your discord server

  45. Guest-4074503662 says:

    This is an amazing addon! Would gas masks be a good suggestion?

  46. BOSSXIMPORT says:

    azoz can i put a watermark credits to azozgamer936 on ur addon and send it to you and 3d model it

  47. Guest-4903187677 says:

    It’s does no work!!!

  48. Guest-2189654199 says:

    Why am I banned in my account called superlate hey unban me azoz or I kick your idk

  49. Guest-3727548937 says:

    I have 2 questions. Can i play it on 1.16 and can u make so u can find guns and ammo in chests?

  50. Guest-8194804605 says:

    it doesn’t work properly in 1.16 beta if i use another mod it doesn’t fire

  51. Guest-7433046843 says:

    Hey! Can you please make it compatible to the version 1.16? Please

  52. AG turns one year old today!

  53. Guest-1885331938 says:

    Can you make a copy of all guns but double the damage. Also another copy of triple the damage and anothere of 5 times tthe damage. Can you send me the files for these please. Or impliment them in the addon, please and thank you

  54. Guest-8668844820 says:

    Hi Devs may I ask something? how we make ourselves stretch hands like in the older versions?

  55. ChickenGod says:

    Hi! Why does it say texture pack has an error? Please help!

  56. GhostGG370 says:

    can you make a version that works on PC?

  57. Guest-3942168503 says:

    beretta ARX160 maybe?

  58. Guest-6073017997 says:

    Can you add a 50cal gun 😁😁😁

  59. Guest-4510197726 says:

    Why multiplayer disabled i need multiplayer

  60. Guest-1282283052 says:

    Hello Mr creator 👋🙂when is the next update of your actualguns add-on?

  61. Guest-8951821504 says:

    Mr Azoz, I’m pretty sure someone leaked a bunch of your guns coming up, I’m not going to name all of them but just a few. The Ray Gun, FAL, Python, Combat Shotgun. I just want you to be aware of this and I can give you the name of the person I just want to know if you have anyone permission to posy the textures of the guns.

  62. Guest-4754012248 says:

    Amazing addon👌🏻 please keep this up-to-date! Appreciate your hard work🔥 and stick to 2d-models💯

  63. Guest-6020868017 says:

    When will you update the addon ???

    1.16 is out!!!

    • Don’t worry, I have already ported the Add-on to 1.16, but it will take time to ship the update to MCPEDL as there is 70 skins and 13 weapons left to add. If you can not wait, join the Discord and play the beta versions of V2.7!

  64. Guest-9199769507 says:

    It is the best addon that exists on weapons, you resurfaced what DesnoGun left in 0.10.0, your addon is the best currently and my favorite, I admire your work and I hope you do not leave it aside because it has Much future

  65. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Hi Azoz,
    can you please make an ADDITIONAL version of the addon, in which the flamethrower and Molotov will burn blocks like normal fire, and the grenade launcher will destroy blocks with an explosion?
    I want to clear the area of trees using Molotov and destroy pillager outposts using RPG

  66. Guest-2317063662 says:

    Could this work for iOS?

  67. Guest-6785431684 says:

    Can you possibly make it so, when you get a strength potion, the guns deal more damage? I would highly appreciate that. It seems unnecessary, but I am dealing with mobs that are stronger than vanilla mobs. I would highly apreciate it. Thanks for this really good addon.

    • That’s impossible actually, very impossible. But don’t worry, there will be weapons that are VERY powerful in the next update to help you out.

      • Guest-6666462408 says:

        The strength potion was only an idea but if theres another way to make the guns stronger that would be great also. Even though you say stronger guns are coming soon, a variety of guns is fun to use. I still appreciate your hardwork in this addon and appreciate your response. After all it is all in your hands.

        • Guest-6235457034 says:

          I also say this because this is a pretty balanced addon, so making it possible to have a stronger version wouldbenefit peoplenlike me without disrupting the balance of using these guns against vanilla mods.

    • Creator06 says:

      I recommend to update the Addon for 1.16, and please. Use a .mcaddon file other than separating the two sets.

      Thank you.

  68. Guest-5196361613 says:

    I found a bug

    In the 1.16 minecraft update the guns now have Purple smoke coming out of them
    Its not mutch but can you fix that 😁😁😁

  69. Guest-3953284046 says:

    Honestly, i think that the first actual guns addon is better.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make it or 1.16, because the guns are not working.
    The addons does not work, pls update it

  71. Guest-2016829280 says:

    I have a question and a suggestion For the question, is mojangs multiplayer bug going to be in the 1.16 update coming out tomorrow, I am unaware about that since I know you blocked multiplayer but the full auto is a mojang bug and I’m wondering if that will be fixed tomorrow. As for the suggestion, could you add the MK2 Carbine? Or any other rifle because really the only one and I would like to see more variety in that. I also want to thank you for listening to the community and trying to do your needy with this addon, other creators sometimes a abandon their creations but you are keeping it strong. Keep up the great work and stay safe

  72. Guest-8643925555 says:

    I am having trouble getting past adfly. It says its unsafe. How do I get around this?

  73. Guest-4575619934 says:

    creator worked hard

  74. Guest-7726639212 says:

    Can you please add a crosshair, or at least something to make you aim easier?

  75. Guest-9301370030 says:

    Can u please take out the disabled multiple players thing. I want to use this addon and shoot other players.

  76. USSR says:

    I have an Android. Minecraft Pocket Edition I am often thrown to the desktop. It is written on the mod that is suitable for version 1.14

  77. Guest-9636314598 says:

    I have an Android. Minecraft Pocket Edition I am often thrown to the desktop. It is written on the mod that is suitable for version 1.14.

  78. Guest-4152099986 says:

    I have a problem…
    When I use the flamethrower, this don’t show the fire particles…
    Can you fix it?
    And, please, fix the fire spread in settings.

  79. Guest-4974201185 says:

    Is it possible to make it were you can grab it from the creative menu. I know XM guns did this and you hate being similar to other gun addons. I just want to know if you would be interested in doing this or already implementing this.

  80. Guest-4853576848 says:

    way too many comments that means that this mod is popular

  81. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    do you have the map from the addon panorama?

  82. Red Fan says:

    Could you please add the chainsaw, more World War 2 guns, the bazooka, more missile launching weapons in general, as well as possibly civil war weapons? Thank you!

  83. Guest-4291667751 says:

    Hello, some help? I install the addon on my little bother xbox one, is the firts time I do this, but when I try to use the weapons by inserting /give @p gun: and the gun name it tell me sintax error, butttttt i got all the info about the guns in the game, help??? Also I follow all the indications about install and etc

  84. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    I think Molotov should have the texture of a bottle with a burning rag in the neck

  85. Guest-5559659440 says:

    I might have the worst suggestion in your eyes, I know you don’t like 3D but what about just making the grenades 3D? I feel like it would fit better in with this, it’s fine if you don’t after all this is just a suggestion

  86. Guest-1133981574 says:

    Multiplayer is turned off because of Mojang ???
    Can you ask them to make it multiplayer Friendly
    70% of us Downloaded this addon so we can play with our frinds

    I hope you understand

    Thank you 🙂

    • I already understand. Go brag to Mojang, not me.

      • Guest-2908926580 says:

        Its not a brag 😐

        i dont think you try to ask mojang to make multiplayer work

        How is it that there is soo many gun addon and this one dosent work
        In multiplayer

        And you said to a guy that you will make a Soldier AI or somthing

        And im not the only guy who ask about multiplayer just so you know 😐

        • Guest-1667538993 says:

          It is hard to just ask somthing with out a Negative Reply
          Just Like with the Ray gun idea

        • Apparently, Mojang knows about the bug and they are “fixing” it. To answer your question on “How is it that there is soo many gun addon and this one doesn’t work in multiplayer” is because of the Food bug. You can also try any other Add-on that requires the player to eat food, and it will not work in multiplayer. Hence why your friends see your custom items as “Food” instead of “Tool”, if you know what I mean.

          • Guest-4702196475 says:

            Oh ok

            Im sorry i didn’t know about the bug (sorry)🙁

            You are doing a good job 👍

  87. Guest-3355272051 says:

    so, this is an amazing addon, but, i wanted to play with my friend, and hes a mobile… and everytime he joined with this addon on, it kicked him, and sayd. “FishFingers was crushed by azoz”. we were so confused. and he even downloaded the pack when joinign, because he cant join without that. help me.

  88. Dye Brando says:

    Yo. My cousin is super addicted to this addon she even made me download it for her. And i also like this addon. Thats all i can really say:/

  89. Guest-7951986054 says:

    Yo please make it multiplayer friendly

    • If you are talking about the shooting part, I can’t do anything about it. But V2.7 will have a multiplayer test open.

      • Guest-2788183777 says:

        I would like to complain about somethingWhenever I watch the ad for the behavior path and the other path it will bring me to the ad acting like I clicked on something else to that doesn’t bring me to the thing that I’m supposed to go to I press skip ad and it just brings me to something else that I don’t wanna go to it brings you to the app not the thing that’s telling me to download

      • Guest-5563430886 says:

        Make them pack a puchable or upgradable to deal more damage. Making an upgraded version of each gun would do it. You can make them gold or something as a cammo. Please and thank uou.

      • Guest-2544518436 says:

        Can you please make ammo for the ray gun.

      • Guest-4544952860 says:

        Bro I have minecraft v1.16.20 beta and when I install it it says failed to load see output log for more details and when I paste it from file manager and when I activate it says warning of whole file’s error foes this work only on v1.14 or I am doing it wrong pls help me out?

    • Guest-6791141294 says:

      Pls make the gun 3d so it feels more realistic

      • 1. I don’t like it,
        2. You have eyes, you could have read the entire desc before saying anything,
        3. AG has skins, you want me to port over 40 skins into 3D? I don’t think so.

  90. Younggodgamer says:

    hey devs may i have the permissions to use your addon for my map? i will give you guys a credit

  91. Guest-5447971812 says:

    How To get old version that add-on?

  92. Guest-2099761301 says:

    If multiplayer comes back will the guns be full auto ???

  93. Guest-3291112774 says:

    Why is the functions and give command not working I’m in 1.15 and on experimental game play everything works but the those commands what do I do

  94. Guest-3867873962 says:

    The function commands only give you the ammo, not the guns. Please fix that.

  95. Guest-6024293072 says:

    Can you please add more WW2 guns such as the m1 carbine, double barrel Shotgun, Type 100, trench gun,etc. you should also increase the strength of the ppsh and the minigun. These guns shoot fast but even then it takes long to kill. When willmultiplayer be available if you said its coming back? Other than that excelent addon great job cinco estrellas,si señor

  96. A.I master says:

    Message to dumb kids:the actual guns addon are not compatible with multiplayers azoz says mojang need it fix first. if you read this now you know
    This addon will not work on multiplayer.okay?

  97. Guest-6824648040 says:

    Please add armors.

  98. Guest-1912873091 says:

    I love this addon its great 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Will multiplayer come back again ???

  99. FloBoi says:

    I like your guys’s concepts to make this! However, Anytime I shoot a gun that uses bullets (example: Sniper or shotgun), I get multiple error messages of ‘accessing a variable that doesn’t exist: variable.velocity.x, y and z.’ These error messages are intrusive and take away screen room. I’m using 1.14.60 on an iPhone 8+ with experimental gameplay turned on. I would absolutely love to use this add-on in a future map of mine, but I can’t used a bugged version that creates error pop up messages that cause the game to not be played enjoyably. I hope to see it fixed soon!

    • FloBoi says:

      If you’ve never experienced this before, I’m willing to help you solve it by giving you any other information you need.

      • This was experienced by people, but all they needed is to toggle an option off in settings which I don’t know what’s it’s called since for me it’s enabled by default (I say this because I never see these type of messages), so it’s not exactly a bug.

  100. There is a weapon skin event in the Discord! paint the weapons, show them to me, and if they are good, they will be accepted! –

  101. Guest-3834388137 says:

    PLEASE add a direct link to mediafire I really want to use this but it does not work for me without a direct link

  102. Guest-7568234460 says:

    Can you please make 3d gun models?

  103. YellowPanther says:

    Mr.Azoz!!! This addon is so great. May i ask? I want to make a map with this addon and if the multiplayer bug is fixed i really REALLY Want to make a multiplayer map with different arenas to play from. And i want other people to experience it too, yes i will make that map public. Do i have permission to use this? I will credit you inside and outside of the map i would like you’re response

  104. Guest-6301289164 says:

    Hello Mr Azoz 👋Nice add-on🙂can you add some flashlights, Grappling hook,soldiers backpacks please

  105. Guest-6096437362 says:

    I have a few suggestions

    1. Make bullets fall to the ground over range

    2.make bullets change direction mid air zone times

    3. Add incendiary rounds, just normal bullets but they light objects and mobs on fire with contact,

    4, make shotgun bullets smaller and add more of them

  106. Guest-6151662318 says:

    Great addon! Can you add crosshairs or something so you can see were your aiming? Otherwise very good.

  107. Guest-9199881209 says:

    Make 3d addon plz

  108. Guest-9327621534 says:

    i will wait until when multiplayer is working, i will download

  109. Guest-6845067873 says:

    how do you get the loot from lootbox

  110. Guest-8333738502 says:

    Hey Azoz, I found a bug where the flamethrower’s flames don’t have any particles and they’re literally invisible flames. Can you please fix this bug?

  111. ClannishYT says:

    Could you please make crafting recipesmake them in come in supplies crate I know that’s a little out there but itd be nice to to be able to craft the guns and explain how to get ammo

  112. Guest-1461901144 says:

    I meant to add to them bayonet to the kar and m1 add the bayonets like the suppressors btw this is the best Addon

  113. Guest-7606535776 says:

    Da best gun Addon eber , add attachable bayonet to the kar, M1 Garand and ww2 soldier, Yeah I like ww2 and also thermal scope , and normal scope, it’s ok if you don’t add it but it’s recommended for you

  114. Guest-6182403305 says:

    I have a idea you can add a (sniper Soldier , shotgun soldier , and other gun soldier )
    You can remove them wen multiplayer comes back so we can use the guns on enemies

    Is that Possible to doo 🤔👍👍

  115. Red Fan says:

    Is there anyway to change the snipers so that when you crouch they don’t put a pumpkin head on your character? Also if you could add a chainsaw as a new melee weapon that would be awesome. Anyways great Addon!

  116. A new category “Crazy Guns” is now featuring 5 unique guns for the community to vote on, the most voted one will be released to ActualGuns! join the Discord in order to vote for your favourite gun.

  117. Guest-6756112420 says:

    hi, can you add groza in this addon on the next update (sorry for my english is very bad). And why on this update, i cant play on minecraft pe (1.14.60) (ios)

    • Guest-3017501562 says:

      If you want gun will be Added join Discord, draw gun and send it in Discord if it’s will be good it will be added

  118. Guest-6317725414 says:

    Hey I need with the ads, I keep pressing skip ads and it keep making me wanna subscribe to the ads, I can’t download the mod

  119. Guest-6560434321 says:

    Can you make the m1 Garand have the clips visually eject when you run out of ammo like how the grenade pin thing comes off.

  120. Guest-4591050812 says:

    Work on 1gb ram phone

  121. Guest-1478202483 says:

    hi when I try to download the pack on Xbox PS it dose work but when I try to extract the recourse pack nothing happen because nothing is in it plz make a new recourse pack file thanks

  122. Guest-8707389039 says:

    There is a bug in the parachute & night vision, you cannot remove it in your head. It looks like when you remove it the item duplicates. Also the guns bug sometimes you cannot fire it while it is not empty.

    • That’s not exactly a bug, you need to right click again on the item to get the night vision or parachute off, and which guns can’t fire? I tested all, maybe you’re talking about the cool down that is not letting you fire.

  123. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    Nice addon, also the “splitting the files into 2 and giving each of them ad links” will inspire me to make a meme about it

  124. Memables says:

    nothing different happened

  125. Memables says:

    i have not tried it yet but it looks awesome
    “eat the ammo” lmaonot

  126. Guest-2417657627 says:

    Idea for Actual guns🙂:gun scope,armor,
    Pistol Anaconda,electric gun, flashlights🙂

  127. Guest-5025812486 says:

    Can you add some scopes and armor please 🙂that’s more exciting if there’s armor and scopes🙂🙂

  128. Guest-4890214264 says:

    Do you think it’s possible you could ever make it to where you can craft these guns? i’ve always wondered how different he survival experience was with guns.

    • That’s way hard and complicated, so that’s why the flare gun exists.

      • Guest-6696809411 says:

        Can you add sentry guns and can be upgradable using a wrench
        Its ok if you can’t 😶😶😶. And scattergun a weapon from team fortress 2 thats all i suggest 😉😉😉.

      • Guest-7859613504 says:

        Hello, im found bug in my phones self, when i type /function getgrenade and he giving me grenade but i dont know. why all dissapear and button dissapear too and animal..not world..fix this pliss

  129. Guest-1932281367 says:

    too many updates i like it 🙂

  130. Guest-2537614882 says:

    Whenever My friend try’s joining it says “(player name) was crushed to death by Azoz whilst joining world” why did you even waste your time putting this?

    • Why did you waste your time typing this comment when you can clearly read the title? I hate people who just don’t appreciate God for giving them eyes, it’s honestly disgusting.

      • Guest-1048683350 says:

        I don’t agree with you taking out multiplayer even with the bugs, but I have a solution for you my friend. Either keep the 2.5 version (latest version without multiplayer being taken away), also delete the blood texture, since there’s a bug where it summons blood at 0 0 0 of your world. Or you can simply delete the code or file of locking out players, it’s not that hard, I did it and I can have friends over in the 2.6 version.

        • Guest-9604367087 says:

          Also, in the mean time, the multiplayer bug IS NOT his fault, it’s mojangs. Once they get that fixed, he will update it to the current version for when multiplayer is allowed.

        • Guest-6624033918 says:

          Also Mr. AzoZ, I edited the code for my own personal use, I am not going to make it public or use it for any other use

      • Guest-5070685097 says:

        Also yeah, he should be able to read, lol, that I do agree with

  131. Guest-7116451577 says:

    For goodness sake, you making me download this add-on! Now, I don’t want to download this add-on anymore because of that stupid Steve skin!

  132. Guest-9954963950 says:

    Scp guns vs actual guns vs xm guns vs desnoguns who win?

    Of course actual guns

  133. Guest-1628354471 says:

    when i put the command in it gives me nothing

  134. Guest-3405509654 says:

    It works

  135. Guest-5507140333 says:

    I like your addon and can you make a trader ?

  136. Guest-7766812295 says:

    SCP addon V3 guns vs Actual Guns? I personally pick Actual Guns

  137. Guest-9654800127 says:

    buff the shotgun range, the current range is almost the equivalent of attacking with a melee weapon

  138. Guest-4449620349 says:

    Please add the function getallguns

  139. Guest-1445573175 says:

    Can you add some type of AI or maybe another version of the same addon but with multiplayer enabled

    • Multiplayer will only be enabled once Mojang fixes it in the upcoming update. Fingers crossed!

      • Guest-6079939555 says:

        Hey Azoz I’m the guy that asked for the Ray gun last update and im not here to ask again I’m here to ask what do you use to make your add-ons because I want to try to make my own i have tried the add-on maker from the app store but it won’t work so I was wanting to know what you use.😉

      • Guest-4499927002 says:

        hey, it worked perfectly fine awhile ago in multiplayer

        • Well Multiplayer has been disabled, don’t mention that again. As for the ray gun, that’s kinda useless..

          • Guest-9230136979 says:

            I wasn’t asking for the GUN i was asking what you use to make your add-ons so I can make it myself geez tried to be as nice as possible and aren’t you not allowed to give your input on things the community wants to do

          • Try VSC and Bridge. Sorry for replying the wrong way, I get high at 5 AM. About that ray gun actually, it has a very high chance of being added as a “Crazy Weapon”, people voted for it so much that it is the first in the lead!

  140. Guest-4115990194 says:

    Can you pls make AI soldiers for us to shoot at
    Its no fun without any targets 😥😥😥

  141. Guest-1848709270 says:

    Do you think you should add armor in this addon

  142. M.M.16 player says:

    Can you add rocket luncher and chainsaw next update?

  143. Guest-6192353483 says:

    Thanks for removing the blood

  144. Guest-8570651360 says:

    Hmmm interesting but can you make for version beta 1.16 plisss 🙂

  145. Guest-4893148269 says:

    The airdrop mechanic is great for obtaining guns in survival mode, but there is a problem. The airdrops don’t drop many mags from the same gun, but rather various ammo from all sorts of different weapons. Because of this, I often end up with 5 different empty guns in my inventory. So, I was wondering if you could make it so that the airdrops either give more ammo overall or just provide ammo that is specifically for one or two guns so that I don’t run out of ammo so quickly for 5 completely different guns.

  146. Guest-5507845243 says:

    Can you make armor please

  147. Guest-2608832800 says:

    Me: Wow this is a really well made addon, glad I found this!
    Moron who can’t read: I wAnT 3D gUn, cUZ iT LoOK gOod anD is MORe REalIStiC, PweEzE Mr AzoZ, it MaKe ME haPPy

    • Guest-6838877284 says:

      Also I have a suggestion can you please add the 725 (Olympia) from the COD Games, it’s fine if you don’t I just want to see a slightly more powerful shotgun because some of them here aren’t that or strong or don’t feel strong, especially the sawed off

      • Guest-6706291783 says:

        it’s a real life gun, it’s basically I double barreled shotgun, with insane damage, I know I saw one guy say this, the shotguns are to weak, you responded with nah, but they really are, even the M 1881, the damage is too low even at extreme close ranges. I would either like to see a damage buff or a new shotgun implemented. Either way, great addon and I hope that you keep making great work.

        • Guest-1198565743 says:


          • Guest-7179126373 says:

            Can you still buff the M 1881? It’s till even weak at even at very close ranges. It’s. A sawed off so that’s what it’s meant to do, tighten the bullet spread making it incredible effective a short ranges. But in this addon, it’s just not.

          • M1881 shotgun used to insta kill things in beta testing, I nerfed it so when multiplayer gets fixed, I don’t want people to get easy kills with 0% skill. But now it has been buffed just a little bit in V2.7

  148. Guest-9994855879 says:

    Can you make some gun scopes please

  149. Guest-2965055378 says:

    If you play with this addon in multiplayer, it shows their ammo count as well, and does some weird colliding and it’s barely possible to see how much ammo you have because all you can see is your friends ammo. I don’t know if you are able to fix this or if it’s a Minecraft bug, but if you can please try to do it.

    • Don’t worry. Guess what? multiplayer has been disabled in V2.6

      • Guest-7280145511 says:

        Whats the matter annoyed that people that use this mod have friends to play with and you dont?
        Why dont you like multiplayer huh?
        Alot of people get mods like this for multiplayer and this is the only gun mod that works on console

  150. Guest-7752910926 says:

    I found a glitch, that i’m pretty sure you are already aware of but imma say it anyways, when you have a magazine, and you “eat” it. It gives you the gun even though you don’t have one. The silenced guns also have a glitch where when the gun is empty, it takes off the silencer. I don’t know if the first one is able to be fixed or not but im still going to address it anyways. Although, THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST ADDON HERE, you can tell that you and your team put a lot of effort into making this, hope I see more from you guys!

  151. Guest-7423937223 says:

    Mr azoz can you make the gun like the scp foundation gun its verybjice if you do it

    • Just don’t ever ask this ever again.

      • Guest-3868940332 says:

        PwEeeSS MR.AzoZ, I WoUld wOve 3D guN cUZ iT pErRTy in MY biG mEaTY HaND

      • Guest-4185154121 says:

        Okay so I guess I will delete all my connection to you I will unfollow in discord I will unsubscribe you in youtube and I will delete the file and I will tell my friend not to download it anymore

        • I don’t care, nor did I ask. You can go back to XM if you like, I don’t want disgusting people like you who think every gun creator should make 3D guns, that’s one of the most retarded thing I have ever heard from this community, if I inspired many people to make guns, why would I want to be inspired from them? They learnt my code and made what they wanted from it, I’m proud, but I don’t want to dk the same, at least tell me something I want to do that I will not regret later on, you’re clearly new to this community and you also clearly don’t know who is behind ActualGuns. Unfollow me, as I said, I don’t care and I don’t want such fans. Thanks.

          • Guest-2499721182 says:

            So you dont like fans because you like mo ey that’s why you made this mod if the people won’t support you can you get money

          • Guest-5532871959 says:

            Hahah I got you I’m just kidding ahhahah I love this mod just because of 3d guns I will say those to you hahah in just kidding men hahah you fall for it

          • Guest-6353936158 says:

            That was pretty harsh dude.

          • That’s not harsh, trust me in the Discord server this is how we treat people who ask for 3D guns, even if it is a joke.

  152. Do it need experimental gameplay on 1.14.60 ???

  153. Guest-2669736073 says:

    Hey azoz this works perfectly on 1.16 beta no bugs and also will you add armors like camos its okay if you dont add that

  154. Guest-5469888842 says:

    I love this addon, but could you reduce the time on the magnum delay, I know I. Real life it does but I feel like it’s a lot shorter then that

  155. Guest-3243464567 says:

    can you make the magnum ammunition look more like a speed reloader and could you rename the
    magnum a 44. magnum

  156. Guest-2034513042 says:

    This is by far the greatest gun addon I have ever seen, especially reload system for this is far more advanced from any other one I have seen. Also for the multiplayer bug, it doesn’t effect me, I can have friends over and it works fine. If I may suggest something it would be a little more variety in the shotgun category but that’s about it. Keep up the great work! 👍

  157. Guest-5627129779 says:

    Could you pls make it 3d pls

  158. Guest-4415247464 says:

    Do you plan on making these craftable? If so when? Thx

  159. Guest-5748037903 says:

    I have a suggestion for this addon find weapons in creative inventory that does not replace any items and the guns are
    3D In you Hand

  160. Guest-5993060764 says:

    I cant get the minigun or its ammo, btw what is the minigun ammo?

  161. Guest-1549656686 says:

    Way is not working to me I have1.14.1.5 version of my minecraft

  162. Guest-7058139435 says:

    Maybe add back the m1911 there was one
    In the sneak/shift version

  163. Guest-7895408392 says:

    I’m probably not ScottyRus

  164. Guest-5433183407 says:

    the red grenade goes throw then ground for me

  165. No one in my Discord has ever reported a bug when you hold grenades you HUD vanishes, please DM me on Discord AzozGamer936#1337 and tell me what device you have, Minecraft version, and if it’s an Android, iOS, or Windows 10. I can’t help you in comments, I want you to give me full details to see what I can do about this bug.

    • BOSSXIMPORT says:

      azoz plz can I have permission for ur addon for my new esports game ill credit you

    • Guest-7963300798 says:

      I’m planning to do an L4D2 Machinima or animation, may i have your permission?

        • Guest-2052435416 says:

          Hey, it’s me again, the same guy who asked your permission, first off, i will, and secondly, i don’t know why i did it, i could’ve still done it without asking and still crediting you but i guess i wanted it to be different, now i’m working on it and basically wasting my time commenting and one last thing, good luck on working on this addon and it’s the best one ever, Sincerely The Guy who asked for your permission.

    • Guest-1545323854 says:

      A question, how long does it take to update? just asking.

      • I bet you’re surprised now.

        • Guest-5522596760 says:

          And your bet is correct. 👍

        • Guest-8008983365 says:

          And also i’m finally done with my Machimation thing (yes i meant to type it that way bc it’s kind of an Machinima Animation i guess) now i’m done, so i’m gonna ask you a question and maybe an extra suggestion i guess, my question is what inspired or made you make it? Or my other question is, is it really hard to update or make, and my suggestion is either a flashlight on the guns or 3d guns (i’m kidding, i was just mocking the people who ask for 3d guns) my real other suggestion is maybe a burst type of rifle or if there is already one, another one i guess.

          • Nothing inspired me, it’s not hard to update at all, when crouching with a famas and then hitting on the ground once, will turn the famas into a burst fire mode, which is known as “B mode”.

    • Guest-8117555573 says:

      I’ll just ask a suggestion, when you reload and have a full clip, can you make it stop you from reloading again with a full clip? If it’s intentional, ok fine, if you can do it, thanks, if not, I understand.

  166. Guest-5187274277 says:

    The magnam dose not i try to shoot but nothing happens

  167. Guest-8432779128 says:

    For the balisong knife can make it were youu can close it

  168. BOSSXIMPORT says:

    hey azoz this is the best gun addon ever oh ya can I use ur addon for my map for my esports map
    ill credit you right away

  169. Guest-1856012988 says:

    How to open the lootbox ??

  170. Guest-7151887535 says:

    It can play with friend???

  171. Guest-5492772439 says:

    Plssssssssss make a 1.16beta version

  172. Guest-5637054514 says:

    Please, add:
    1. More silenced guns
    2. More gold guns
    3. More melee weapons like:
    • katana
    • chainsaw
    • Tekko kagi (wolverine claws)

  173. Guest-5413971209 says:

    Best Gun addon ever! Much thanks for this. Hope you’ll add stg 44 and other Weapons used in ww2. Expect to have a World war 2 vibes soon. Good job Azoz.

  174. Guest-8919046255 says:

    Can I record this mod on my YouTube?

  175. Guest-2480251304 says:

    When i do /function getetc i get most of it but i dont get is the lmg and the mini gun and for pistols i dont get the magnem

  176. Guest-9711178626 says:

    Uhm How Do You Get The Guns Exactly?….

    • Well if you downloaded the Add-on and enabled both resource pack and behaviour pack alone with the experimental gameplay on, you wouldn’t ask such question.

  177. Guest-3253876131 says:

    I think it may be the game’s faultbut i cant remove Night vision Goggles from my head and the effect from the both the parachute and night vision goggles stay on.
    ( when i take off the night vision goggles it just duplicates it

  178. Guest-6334522584 says:

    When i put the ump in the crafting table it dose not come up with the silent virsion

    • Please read carefully, it’s a USP. not a UMP. To silence, hold the USP or the M4 in hand, crouch, then tap the ground once. To unsilence, to the same thing.

  179. GXholeCraft_Official says:

    I kinda wanna see even more ww2 stuffs
    I reccomend adding m1 garand , those ww2 grenades and a luger

  180. BOSSXIMPORT says:

    azoz im making a 3d gun soon

  181. Guest-2941285084 says:

    i would like to see attachments to guns, like red/green dot sights, scopes, thermal scopes, and bayonets. i would also like to see binoculars. i would also like to see dual wielding with pistols and uzis. a few guns id like to see is a colt m1911, a m14, a sig p320, literally any lever action rifle, and a s & w governor.

  182. Guest-4931086301 says:

    can you have a feature where you can see your players hands holding the guns in first person like the modern warfare mod for java

  183. Guest-9003918741 says:

    how do you make silent guns plz tell

  184. Guest-2744318528 says:

    how do I join your discord

  185. Guest-6365263130 says:

    Can you make mobs have blood since that’s what people are probably shooting and it doesn’t make sense that players are the one who bleeds when this addon isn’t even Multiplayer Friendly.

  186. Guest-5767598302 says:

    Those genade texture is looks so ugly :v, make it more pixel texture

    who the hell make that texture? xD
    i think my sister 6 years old can make that kind texture looks like that

    just make it more pixel style

    ~Your Mother~

  187. Guest-5639375849 says:

    can you multiplayer version?

  188. Guest-1395293503 says:

    can you please make a backstabs?

  189. Guest-2730279922 says:

    the new magazine system i kinda broke when me and friend has gun it shows his bullets and i just don’t know when just better reload please the old system was better bring it back

  190. Guest-1744450695 says:

    love the addon!
    also how the hell do you reply to everyone in that leaves a reply? you get so many! do you just spend all day replying to replys or something?

  191. Guest-8482528029 says:

    why do when I reload silenced weapons, it will be an unsilenced weapon?

  192. Guest-5182215019 says:

    ad a grapling gun

  193. Guest-7040684826 says:

    the resourse pack dosent work

  194. Guest-9700395777 says:

    i don’t see any thing new…

  195. Anonymous says:

    1 suggestion, two words: chicken launcher

  196. Guest-1972880996 says:

    very very good it even works with multiplayer perfectly

    • Showing ammo to other players even though they are not holding the gun and they shooting the gun one by one is not perfect. What’s your definition of “perfect”?

  197. Guest-4978658384 says:

    1. Can You Add Lee Enfield/Mosin Nagand/M1 Garand

    2. Thompson (Tommy Gun)/Sten MkII SMG/PPSH-41

    I just need A MP-40 And A Kar98k counterpart so Im Requesting Does(Its Ok If You Just Add One Of Each Category)

  198. v2.6 is in now available to beta test! make sure you join the Discord server to download it from there.

  199. Guest-5594374982 says:

    I don’t see any blood?

  200. Guest-6336654350 says:

    Im on 1.14.60 and when I hold a gun it starts slowing down my game. Any fix? This was all on a clean fresh world

  201. Guest-5658037255 says:

    I have a idea for more work
    Make everything craftable
    It would be the coolest thing ever

  202. Pro mega gamer 228 says:

    First time it works but later world crashes
    Please fix bug

  203. Guest-2104704394 says:

    Please reduce the textures of the grenades a little bit because whenever I try to hold the character’s hand everything is invisible

  204. Guest-1200338118 says:

    This addon is soo cool 👍👍👍

    But waht dose (not Multiplayer friendly) mean???

    So in multiplayer the guns just dont shoot or waht 🤔🤔🤔

  205. Guest-6094230813 says:

    I’m having a big of problem downloading it when I download it, it says that it fail to download

  206. Guest-5249674319 says:

    If the previous update was great enough, this one is even better! Great job on this. This is literally even better than the gun mods that were made in Javascript. Only left know is aiming, like when you aim in most FPS games

      • Guest-6041075172 says:

        Yes, iron sights. You could start with the basic of aiming, and hopefully you could be able to implement modifications to the guns (a.k.a. a pic rail for most or some of the guns).

        I mean this Addon is really improving at an extreme rate of updates, which is a great thing!

    • Guest-9211339031 says:

      Just i really like this add-on it’s amazing you do a really great job it i have some suggestions

      1. Could you please add the call of duty ray gun bc I’m making this zombie map with your add-on and it would be great to have a ray gun.

      1. Could you fix a bug where when I spawn in the world of will place a C4 and explode my stuff.😤

      That’s all I got for you I really love this add-on thank you for taking the time to make this.

  207. Guest-4110585689 says:

    I know it sounds dumb but how do I import the add-on if it is a zip file

  208. Pootato111 (PoorlyMoon48452) says:

    Holy heck this new update is really good.
    I have a few suggestions.
    1. M16A1 w/ Grenade Launcher, I’m fairly certain this is super hard to implement so I’m not really expecting this anytime soon.
    2. SCAR conversion kit that makes it take AK mags, idk if this is going to do much so I’m also not expecting this.
    3. 50 BMG rifles, I honestly think this is a really dumb idea considering how f-ing powerful the Barret/M107 and Hecate II is.
    4. KSG-12 and Saiga-12, KSG could essentially be just a high capacity shotgun and Saiga could be semi-auto AA-12? Not too sure on this one tbh.
    5. Kolibri, this one is just pure sillyness lmao.
    6. More LMGs, like maybe the M60, HK51 or MG42 idk.

    That’s all I have to say for now. I honestly think this is the best gun add-on and with the edition of melee, I personally have to rank it higher than XM Guns, maybe armor could be a thing but this add-on should primarily focus on guns. Catch you on the next update (p.s I’ve been with this add-on since the first update).

    • 1. Not hard at all. But will take time.

      2. Not possible.

      3. Be honest, we don’t really need that here.

      4. I’m very familiar with the KSG-12, you may see it soon.

      5. Agreed.

      6. I’ll accept both M60 and MG42.

      Xm is dead lol

      • Guest-8733744320 says:

        Maybe, but….this is not end…Actual guns are deaded some month ago

        • XM is dead. Weather you like it or not. You gonna cry? you lost your rice nades and your pumpkin nades, you like an Add-on that is 0KB in file size, like wow bro, and XM doesn’t even listen to you, he doesn’t care about you, stop being his slave. At least be a slave to someone who is actually decent and cares about you a little bit and your terrible suggestions. AG was dead when it was in the wrong developer’s hands, now AG is in a good developer’s hand and now it gets updated very frequently.

  209. Guest-4519712087 says:

    This add-on is amazing!
    I wish that you make the texture more realistic

  210. Guest-8576410256 says:

    Hmmm, it doesn’t seem to work on servers, any plans to fix it going forward?

  211. Guest-8627512750 says:

    I mean the gun in your hot bar what is the name of it because when I do the /function get pistol it does not come up

  212. Guest-5812146244 says:

    Hello azoz this is a great addon but if you can. Can you make it so that if you shoot a the head of any thing it will do more damage like a headshot to geat that more realistic feel. But who knows if you can add this because im not a addon creator. Besides that really good addon. 10/10.

  213. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Very cool upgrade😃
    I like this addon
    I have my final school exams next week, so wish me luck😉

  214. Guest-1755048597 says:

    BUG REPORT: You can reload and get a gun even if you only have the ammo. Also, the RPG won’t destroy blocks (is this intentional though?).

  215. Guest-7927342484 says:

    Could you make a 3D guns mod with reload animation and sound

  216. Guest-1630705172 says:

    Its areally cool addon but I applied it to one of my world and it reset it? I mean its not too big of a deal I have backups in case of this but I think this is a bug that needs to be fixed asap.

  217. Red Fan says:

    I have a idea. Maybe make more guns able to penetrate blocks but instead of breaking blocks they would go trough them? It would be semi realistic (bullets can not break while parts of walls) and good if you accidentally shot at the wall. Anyways great Addon!

  218. Guest-3055112214 says:

    and can you add like a bayonet on to a gun

  219. Guest-3949406628 says:

    how do you get that pistol what in your hot bar in the image

  220. Guest-7113449959 says:

    But can you add an calll for a airstrike flare that summons a bomb above a flare
    And also how do I join youre discord

  221. Guest-8996695125 says:

    Add a Alternate way to get
    The Behaviour and Resource pack
    Ad fly doesnt redirect me for the Resource pack just add like a different link.

  222. This addon is definitely the best gun addon MCPEDL has to offer. The flare guns are awesome, and find a way to integrate this amazing addon into survival. Reloading is great as well, Imlike that there’s actually a limit to how much ammo you can have. Inspect is awesome, and I love the little pin that comes off when you throw the grenade. This addon has done nothing but grow better under your guidance. Is it possible to use modeling similar to the type used in 3d gun addons to make dual-wielded weapons? Because that would be awesome. And yeah, I know that in reality, dual wielding isn’t very convenient, but it would still be so cool. Also, could you make a plane or something fly over whenever you use a flare? That would be cool as well. All in all, great addon 10/10, perfect. Azoz, I had my doubts about you since you hadn’t really released any full blown addons before, but DANG my worries were misguided. You need the gold medal of MCPEDL.

    • Thank you for your very kind input, I appreciate it from the heart. As for dual wielding, that is easy to do, but would require something to be replaced. As for the plane, I could add that!

      • Guest-3355598204 says:

        Cool! Also, I kind of just want to put this out there. Editor, if you’re going to make it so that you can only rate while signed in, make it less of a pain in the donkey to sign in.

      • Guest-9108390573 says:

        Hey might just be me but, i’m kinda getting a GTA feeling, and it’s amazing

  223. Guest-2894502468 says:

    Wheres the supply drop? Btw this addon is one of my favorites thank you for making this addon for us

  224. Guest-5932072423 says:

    Can you add the M1 Garand??? And can you add this feature when you run out of ammo from your gun, you long press the screen with your gun and it will reload?? Thank You!

  225. Guest-2174075963 says:

    Guys if you suggest here it will not fuceking work because azoz had discord and his giving the link of the newest version and his making the 2.6.1 now so join the fuceking discord and don’t suggest here because this is old version

  226. Guest-9163068715 says:

    I love the addon however I would like to make some changes. All snipers and shotguns should be a 1 shot kill or do at least 20 damage shotgun aa12 fire rate should be returned to normal as the normal is 300 rpm which is the same as in real life. Other guns should do at least 7 damage.

    • AA-12 fire rate was too rapid for the user to control. It felt like an assault rifle and not a shotgun. As for your suggestions about snipers, I’m rejecting that. Why would a Scout have the same power as an AWP? doesn’t make any sence.

  227. Guest-3726684633 says:

    I dont know if this is a bug but for somereason my game lags with this mod on. and my pc runs on gtx

  228. Guest-4274307338 says:

    Why did he say he was missing a bag? And then I added the behavior and resource package, and I still couldn’t get the gun

  229. Guest-9808542453 says:

    Hey, do the supply boxes naturally spawn?

  230. Guest-8485187091 says:

    Can you do a direct link to mediafire because adfly is giving me an ad that is slowing down my browser and i have to reboot the page and i cant close it. It keeps giving me false virus warnings Please do another link.

  231. Guest-1096756809 says:

    Please create 3D weapons

  232. Guest-3305203105 says:

    love those new textures, dude!

  233. Guest-9199525497 says:

    Make 3D/4D/5D guns like a SCP Foundation V3 plz ok=) 😀

  234. Guest-5662001711 says:

    The 2.5 update is so freaking good! I have some suggestions as well
    1. Add M1887 lever shotgun
    2.Thompson or the tommy gun
    3.M1903 Springfield
    6.Suppressor for the M200
    8.Add MP5SD or just put suppressor to MP5
    9.add military vests or S.A.S uniforms
    10.melee weapons should have wither effect so its like bleeding
    11. Bring back the barret

  235. ZeroGgamer says:

    I just here to give a 5 star review azoz.

  236. Guest-6069210526 says:

    I used this in a adventure map then all of a sudden any player could get guns with / function so I had to replace this mod with another one. Is there a way to fix that?

  237. Guest-8446035816 says:

    Hey your lucky if you find this comment sorry I can’t give the link BTW I’m superlate if you ask azoz for discord azoz will give the link of his discord but other version of actual guns are deleted because azoz made a new server but you can download the 2.5 and the newest version of actual guns just ask for Azoz

  238. Guest-5217902950 says:

    Is this addon xbox friendly???

  239. Guest-7152925454 says:

    I would like to have a permission to put your addons into my adventure map which you can play with soon, and I will put you into credits also, thankyouuuu!

  240. Guest-1741365823 says:

    Plz add a multiplayer version because i cant find what is making it non multiplayer friendly, and ive been working on addons for a long time (by fixing or changing the code) but i cant find out whats wrong with it. Plz fix this

  241. Guest-1870044646 says:

    Is there a guide on how to properly get the addon on Xbox
    I have the older version but I saw that it requires something else to download and get it to work correctly.
    I love this mod a lot and I hope you see this
    *I am very stupid if you already answered this question before*

  242. Guest-6347669993 says:

    Hey brilliant add on, ive tried making add ons in the past and know how difficult they are to create, So you and everyone else who made this have earned themselves a pat on the back.
    Btw I know it’s not really a gun, and it’s probably been requested hundreds of times but a modern hunting crossbow would be (at least in my opinion) a really epic addition to this great add on.
    And no I’m not 7 years old like everyone else on this website

  243. Guest-3276399600 says:

    Can you please make a multiplayer version so me and my friends can use the addon?

  244. Guest-7543513705 says:

    I love it but could you please add a raygun

  245. Guest-3080942356 says:

    Add the m1911 back. The sneak version has one.

  246. Guest-8315675278 says:

    Dude, can you ditch the adfly pages? I have a STRICT anti-virus and so many creators put at least 50 adfly pages and then it’s unaccessible because such a URL doesn’t exist anymore. I salute the creators that DON’T do this.

  247. Skyrkazm says:

    Good mod, only problem is that everytime I spawn into a world and a player joins they set down a C4. If needed I can send a video of it if you need more details on it. All I know is that where the 2nd player spawns has the explosion of a C4 but there is no C4. So usually I have to do /kill @e to defuse it, lol. Everything else is fine tho, good mod, keep up the good work.

  248. Guest-4696817451 says:

    Hey, i found a bug that really triggers me, and i was wonder if it is fixable. But, if you shoot a bow, the arrow only faces one direction. Can you fix it? Love the addon!

  249. Guest-6866203986 says:

    Hey, there is a weird bug where if you shoot a bow the arrow is bugged out. Is that fixable? Love the addon!

  250. Guest-8623029525 says:

    Can you add 3d models to the guns please?

  251. Guest-4114961101 says:

    Can you please make it so you can’t see the parachute and night vision goggles in your hand when you’re wearing them.

  252. Guest-3943001454 says:

    can you fix the steve skin in the beta version on the next update?

  253. Guest-1656842993 says:

    This mod really pushes the limit on how addons can be made. I’m kinda curious though, I’m no programmer but is it possible to make the addon have a seperate button for firing the weapons? I imagine like that other gun mod (but it’s in Javascript) where you can aim and shoot seperately with each of the designated buttons.

  254. Guest-6287323698 says:

    Ok guys this is a gun mod….not a cod or a cs go mod.Stop saying can u add vehicles planes or jets if youre looking for that stuff find another mods.AND ALSO READ THE DESCRIPTION PEOPLE BEFORE DOWNLOADING! (Btw nice mod Azro)

  255. Guest-4869526545 says:

    the m3 shotgun is broken

    when you first get the gun it reloads but not after that

  256. Guest-9187433923 says:

    Hi Azoz, this addon is great. But there one big bug. When I play with friends, only host can fire automatically. So my friends can’t fire automatically. They fire only one bullet. Can you tell how to fix that?

  257. Guest-9728515923 says:

    Please make it have an animation so that the mini gun is under the character’s hand pointing forward as in the current animation so that instead of standing on the character’s arm it is on the tip of the hand pointing forward
    if you want to know + or- how to make a 3D weapon talk to me by email
        [email protected]

  258. Guest-1304094604 says:

    could you please add an ammo reloading system because the one you have now is broken. I could easily duplicate and have infinite guns by realoding the aa-12 for example, the throwing out 19 of them and shoothing the last one. it will give me 20 and now i have 39 aa-12s

  259. Guest-5637042608 says:

    can you make it so the revolver and the DBS only drop the shot rounds when it’s reloading to make it more realistic

  260. Join the Discord to get beta access to v2.5!

  261. Can you add mob with gun that attack player or mob Just like police and robber and you can give any gun to it please?

  262. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Please fix this bugs:
    1.Sometimes guns “sticks” to the slot in hotbar, and i can’t move it to another inventory slot, or throw out
    2.Sometimes game crushes when i throw machinegun m 249 on the ground, or put in the chest
    3. AK47 have name “AWP” and after reloading it gives me sniper rifle “”
    4.At night, it is inconvenient to constantly change the night vision goggles and weapon in main hand. Please make it so that you can put your night vision goggles in your left hand, or “eat” them for use

    • 1. Not a bug, and this mechanic will be changed in the next update.

      2. What’s your device?

      3. This mechanic is not a bug, and will be changed because a new reloading system is coming.

      4. Not possible at the moment, but I sure want that to be done.

  263. Guest-4897028420 says:

    Love the addon may even be the best addon i ever played but i was wondering if you can add a ray gun

  264. Guest-7755402341 says:

    Hey Addon Did Work But When Ever I Fire A Gun The Gun Would hoot Once And Never Come Back just gone from my inventory

  265. Guest-7956884472 says:

    hey, can anyone help, when i put in /function getallguns, it comes up on the screen just like the name of the addon and stuff, but dont actually get any guns

  266. Guest-7058815737 says:

    Hey, I absolutely love your addon. However, I would really like to use it in a survival world, so would you be able to make custom crafting recipes for the guns, or some other way to obtain them (mob loot, fishing, structure loot tables, etc.). Thanks so much! PS: I understand this is a major undertaking, I just think it would be amazing to have them in a world and may help the addon become even more popular!

  267. Guest-3129795478 says:

    Make all of the guns able to break :(glasś):

  268. Guest-3129795478 says:

    Make all guns able to break :(glasś);—

  269. Guest-3129795478 says:

    Make all guns able to break :(glasś);

  270. Guest-3541839939 says:

    can you make more guns able to penetrate things.

  271. Guest-8942355712 says: