Published on March 24, 2024 (Updated on June 12, 2024)

DtA Badlands Only World by DtA MC or Devansh Trivedi

Creator 💫 

This Addon fully made by DtA MC or Devansh Trivedi 🇮🇳 

Any problem you can contact me on discord 🤠

DtA_MC 💫

"DtA Badlands only world" is a Minecraft map designed by "DtA MC" that immerses players in a vast badlands biome. With its vibrant terracotta hills and sprawling deserts, it beckons adventurers to explore and conquer. It's a realm where creativity meets survival, challenging players to build, thrive, and survive in a beautifully harsh environment.

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  • Add new poster
  • Add new file
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Fixed big issue




This mod is protected by copyright, and redistribution without my specific consent is strictly prohibited. You are allowed to make videos of this mod, but in return I require you to give me proper credit. Please include my name and a link to the mod's official download page in your videos. For any other experiments or questions, it is suggested to contact me directly.


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