Published on December 03, 2020 (Updated on November 21, 2021)

Advanced Machinery v5

This addon adds 30+ new machines: sieve, lava generator, combustion generator, power core, void miner, solar panel, and mechanical furnace, and more. The energy in this addon is called RF (redstone flux) and it is transferred to and from machines wirelessly by the power core. The power core can hold up to 100,000 RF and it automatically collects and sends it to machines without needing wires.



  • Combustion Generator - 24 RF/s - Input Coal
       Generates RF from coal (1 coal = 25 seconds)
  • Solar Generator - 4 RF/s
       Generates RF passively
  • Lava Generator - 30 RF/s - Input Lava Bucket
       Generates RF from lava (1 lava = 40 seconds)
  • Void Miner - 20 RF/s
       Generates ores using RF (1 ore/10 seconds 200 RF)
  • Mechanical Furnace - 100 RF/ore - Input Ore
       Smelts ores and doubles them using RF (100 RF/input)
  • Power Core - 0/100,000 RF (Sneak interact to remove)
       Receives and transfers RF to all machines within 30 blocks
  • Sieve - 0 RF/s - Input Gravel
       Separates useful materials from gravel, dirt, sand, or soul sand
  • Barrel - 0 RF/s - Input Leaves
       Turns leaves into water
  • Matter Converter - 100 RF/block - Input Cobblestone/Sand/Obsidian
       Turns cobblestone into netherrack, sand into soul sand, and obsidian into crying obsidian
  • Auto Farmer - 20 RF/s
       Farms crops in a 7x7 area
  • Cobblestone Generator - 5 RF/s
       Generates 1 cobblestone every 5 seconds (25 RF)
  • Vacuum Hopper - 10 RF/s
       Collects all items in a 7 block radius
  • Water Wheel - 2 RF/s
       Generates RF passively
  • Crusher - 60 RF/block - Input Cobblestone/Gravel
       Crushers cobblestone into gravel into sand
  • Chunk Loader - 0 RF/s
       Loads chunks in a 4 chunk radius, maximum of 5 in a world
  • Conveyor Block - 0 RF/s
       Crafted with 3 iron ingots, they are magenta glazed terracotta
  • End Cake - 0 RF/s
       Teleports player to the end
  • Spike - 0 RF/s
       Kills entities above it
  • Bio Generator - 20 RF/s - Input Natural Items
       Generates RF from saplings, logs, leaves, seeds, and apples
  • Steam Generator - 30 RF/s - Input Water
       Generates RF from boiling water
  • Dragon Egg Generator - 60 RF/s - Place below dragon egg
       Generates RF from the dragon egg
  • Chopper - 20 RF/s
       Chops trees when placed below the dirt block they grew on
  • Fisher - 15 RF/s
       Fishes when placed above a water source block
  • Passive Spawner - 20 RF/s 
       Spawns passive overworld mobs above it every 10 seconds
  • Nether Spawner - 30 RF/s
       Spawns hostile nether mobs above it every 10 seconds
  • Hostile Spawner - 30 RF/s
       Spawns hostile overworld mobs above it every 10 seconds

New Machines

Auto Sieve - 30 RF/block - Input Sand/Gravel/Dirt/Soul Sand Sieves faster and automatically

Advanced Solar Generator - 10 RF/s Generates RF passively


Important Info

  • This is for version 1.17.10+, it might work on other versions but I havent tested them.
  • The power core is needed for every machine that uses energy and controls the power of machines within 30 blocks.
  • Multiple power cores should be able to work in your world, but you should only need 1 per 30 blocks.
  • All machines that receive an input can be interacted by right clicking or tapping on them with a specific item. They can also receive item input from items above it, but if it is busy then the items above it will be deleted.
  • Does not use player.json file, compatible with any addon
  • More Machines coming soon, recommend machines I should add in the comments, on my discord, or on my youtube.


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+ bug fixes

+ changed some of the item recipes into block form


Advanced Machinery Bugfix

 + compatible with ore seeds

 + compatible with ore trees

 + added 1.17 ores

Supported Minecraft versions

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4.62 / 5 (66 votes)
This is more of a bug report the smelter can smelt most things only ores
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Can you remove the particle that solar panel produce cause it make me so lagg
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Chunk loader is not working for me since the latest update. I no longer receive message "x/5 chunks loaded" when interacting, but still receive "Chunk loader disabled" message when interacting. Was working fine until update 1.17.34
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hi! does it work for 1.17.30?
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THe passive should cost more RF then the hostile.
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Great mod! Just one machine i want to recommend though, and that's an auto crafter (for example, you shift click it with the item you want to auto craft then connect a hopper/drop items on the machine to auto craft it). Thanks!
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Summons weird entities called "vatonage.spark" and lags the entire world , making it unplayable.
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Please make the sorter be able to take all of the blocks & items like flint
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good addon a question you can put as cables that connects to the machines and that has a limit and you have to put a type of power box that lasts longer I would appreciate it
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What r the drops for sieving soulsand
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I love your adding man!! And every update always something amazing is added can’t wait to see what’s next
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are you going to update your packs on your website with this or no
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This add-on is awesome its almost on par with Java Mods. You are an awesome creator of addons Vatonage!!
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Podrías agregar tolvas, o máquinas que puedan mover los objetos, en ves de usar la terracota, y demas
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