Published on December 23, 2020 (Updated on May 24, 2024)

Advanced Minecraft Currency Addon (Obtainable in Survival Worlds)

Using trading and ores for currency is obsolete!

We all know that trading is a common event in Minecraft. Whether you're with friends or villagers, foes or communities, once you surpass the basic neanderthal way of playing, (moving out of the wooden age), you will most likely be starting to trade and commerce with your peers.

Alas, trading is primitive. It's unreliable, and it's rough. Nuggets and Gold fluctuate in value, and are a strain to find. That's where AMCA (Advanced Minecraft Currency Addon) comes to play. 

Re-establishing and creating economies has never gotten easier! By simply establishing a mint, and using the various materials, you can start printing in-game currency! From monopolization to circulation, capitalism or inflation, you can't go wrong! As well as this, you can use anvils to add a PIN code to the money, to prevent forging. 

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-added new discord link
-fixed manifest errors

-added new recipes for 1.21


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