Published on July 19, 2023 (Updated on July 20, 2023)

Advancements + (Compatible with all addons and scripts)

This is a simple function pack that adds advancements to your worlds! This is a java parity feature that's desperately needed, as for multiplayer servers and players use this to keep track of their progress. My pack gives you advancements without sacrificing other mods!

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Changed mediafire file to a folder for easier access to updates and older versions.

Added YouTube Video showcase

Current version: 0 . 0 . 3


  • Changed achievement messages to better match java edition
  • Added the advancements: Blow em Up!, Rip and Tear!, Let him Cook!, and Stone Age
  • Fixed some bugs causing some advancements to not properly show up or spam chat and possibly earrape players
  • Added a function that allows Operators to remove advancements from themselves (/function remove_ach)
  • Added support for all Minecraft versions back to 1.19.60
  • Added Java advancement sound when acheiving certain advancements
  • Fixed a minor bug with Cover Me in Debris advancement

Planned changes: 

  1. Add more advancements
  2. Automatic dimension detection
  3. Add a chatevent command to track current advancements and clear advancements in the future. (WILL BE IN SEPERATE FOLDER!!)
  4. Will take suggestions for more in the comments or in the discord (listed above)



Supported Minecraft versions

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Can u make one with vanilla Minecraft Java advancements cuz I’m in PE (Pocket Edition)
i thought it's Herobrine addon.
muy bueno el adddon puedes añadir el lenguaje español para los logros porfa
He means, can you add the Spanish language to the advancement pack
TokitaYomi よみ July 24, 2023 at 12:03 pm
nvm i will test if This work and should update this message as soon as possible
TokitaYomi よみ July 19, 2023 at 11:28 am
bro pls 1.20 ps i cant update this to newest version so pls support 1.20 pls
It does support 1.20? Bro just update, none of the addons here update to downgrade for older versions of the game.
Look in the mediafire folder. Version 0.0.2 fixes this issue. I recommend updating your game and not pirating minecraft.