Published on July 26, 2023 (Updated on January 16, 2024)

Amazing Challenges New Upd 1.2.1

Amazing Challenges is a map where you have to go through various interesting physical and logical tests.  the map promises to be varied and unique, including due to a special passing system.  you have 4 parkour levels, challenges and puzzlesMap created by Lopio and Atom44ik.You can also see screenshots of these levels below.

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Added New Versions support!

  • Improved challenges system
  • Fixed issues with puzzles
  • Improved level design

If you found issues or any other problems of the map, please write it in the comments.



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Map is eh. It has easy challenges, parkour, and puzzles. There was no challenge at all. Not to mention how short the entire thing is. Final complaint is one of the puzzles didn't work because of missing redstone.
The map is quite good but, it's too short and there Doors are 1 block where they should be