Amethyst UI Pack [1.0]

Are you bored of having the same old gray color in your Minecraft?  Would you like to have another type of interface in color and updated to the latest version?  Well, wait no more because today I bring you a package that improves the aesthetics of the Minecraft interfaces.

This pack brings a more vivid and friendly color to your interface, going from a gray color to a purple color similar to amethyst blocks.

The package will bring you comfort and maybe a new feeling when you play survival world, creative world, server world and so on.  A new background color in the game interfaces and some more details that will make your experience incredible.  [updated for 1.20.30, compatible with current graphics engine].


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1. The trident item and texture were modified to match the amethyst block

2. The ui folder textures were modified to match the amethyst block and its color

3. Changed the title and icon of the pack to match the color of the amethyst block

4. New resource packs of other colors coming soon.



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Could you make a Night UI pack? So that the color is approximately RGB(0, 0, 50)? I've been looking for something like this for a long time, but apparently no one has done it.
thanks for the suggestion, you can send me more details by private message on discord 👏
Me gustaria uno de lapizlazuli
And you will have it mate, only I am already developing a different one ☀️
yo, it would be cool if you made a ui just like this but make it somewhat vanilla. Like the hotbar is vanilla colored and the ui matches normal minecraft.
Thanks for the comment, I'll take it into account 😀