Published on September 21, 2023 (Updated on September 20, 2023)

Amixi Practice PvP World (Hive's Knockback and Duel)

Have you ever wanted to practice pvp with friend in servers such as the Hive but no one is online? I have a solution for you! Introducing Amixi Practice World, the first map (i guess) to bring the Hive's knockback feeling into singleplayer world. You can practice with bot or play against it in a Boxing match!

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  • Hive's Knockback
  • Properly working custom commands
  • Practice and Duel with Bot
  • Decorated maps


  • Release_ver_Amixi_Practice.mcworld (1.9 MB)
  • (1.9 MB)

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This is a good map! The only thing that could be added is more customizability. There could be other gamemodes apart from normal PvB, such as Sumo or PotPvP. Aside that, this is a very good map! Congrats!
thank you! this was my first try with my knockback addon so i tested it with a gamemode purely for comboing such as boxing. im currently making a new map with more gamemodes and improved knockback, this map was a test project. anyways, thanks for your feedback