Amplified Biomes - Full Access!

In this Minecraft Addon, Amplified Biomes frequently generate in the world. 

Epic floating Islands and strange outcrops will immediately draw your attention as you enter these Biomes.

There are 67 custom amplified biomes!

Full Access Now Available!

This addon adds 67 custom biomes that will generate in the world. 

Have Fun Exploring the Unique Worlds that you create!

These custom biomes will generate quite frequently in the world and do not override any vanilla biomes.

You can choose to download the full version, where all of the biomes generate, or individual biome bundles! This way, you can mix and match different packs together, just by activating the biomes you want! 

For the full experience, have a blast with the Complete Edition!



Select version for changelog:

  • Updated links to correctly redirect to our new Gilded Bedrock website!
  • Added Discord Link


  • Click the Download Link.
  • Access Our Website.
  • You can then download the addon!

Do not redistribute! You are allowed to use this in videos, servers, screenshots, and other public content as long as you credit us!! Thanks!

Paste this text to credit us:

Created by Gilded Bedrock 

Find at more at

Note: Make sure "Creation of Custom Biomes" is toggled on in Experimental Gameplay

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Make Sure Experimental Gameplay is on, as this is adding new biomes!
This addon really is a game-changer! I’d recommend using an Adfly link for more support though
This feels pretty nostalgic because of the generation of the terrain
u should use linkvertise since no one really have money to spend rightnow
I know you need their support via patreon but im gonna be honest, using patreon is gonna be your biggest loss because its pandemic right now and people really need money now but using linkvertise or Adfly, you are not only gonna get support to them and also helping them to earn money for their needs so please let this be a lesson to you and also to all of addon makers dont use patreon. Use Linkvertise or Adfly
Good point there
I wanted download complete edition version but why patreon? You should use linkvertise instead of patreon. I have money but i don't have credit cards.
Why patreon? Deleting this addon was the worst mistake :(
Yo alcance a descargarlo
Thx for mcpedl being such a great website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very good Addon But One Thing Is Bad

Patreon subscription (I Mean Patreon Better Than Linkverse Or Adfly But They Use Ad or Premium To get it but patreon didn't So You Could do Support link Instead? Because It Decrease Some People To Download, Cuz Subscription, However This Addon Still Very Good.
Linkverse and adfly Have Change To Get Virus Instead but patreon do not have it
(I don't Sure Cuz I Don't Know About Patreon Much)
유 료 적😅👎🏻
PLEASE CHANGE THE LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is this addon compatible with other addons that include structures?
Seriously the complete bundle is locked behind a patreon subscription? Think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that.
Agree!! So much hype, and then Boom!!! Paid addon 😭
Shame, It’s really their loss. Losing out on pretty much all of the downloads they would’ve gotten, especially in the time frame that the pack is on the front page.
hey can you please make it so you can download the full version without patreon :((
I LOVE IT!! Thanks a Lot my friend!!! Btw, the next update is coming after 1.17 releases? Or later!?